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April 29th, 2016, 03:38 AM
Anyone try this and have it refused?

Lovethispic.com (http://love-this-pic-dot-com.tumblr.com/post/119721118008/money-saving-mail-hack)

I once got some fabric in the mail and it was literally a ball and the post office actually sent it. I lost the picture in computer space.

April 29th, 2016, 04:57 AM
No, but this is a great idea !

April 29th, 2016, 09:33 AM
I've read that some quilters have stuffed yards of fabric into those flat rate envelopes. My PO is very picky, tried to send some swap blocks in a heavy duty business size envelope and they refused it saying that that envelope was for paper. Repackaged the blocks in a 6 x 9 envelope made with the same heavy tan paper and it was accepted.

April 29th, 2016, 10:15 AM
good to know

April 29th, 2016, 10:37 AM
I have seen altered flat rate boxes refused so don't be surprised if some post office refuse them they are supposed to. Then again if you get one that does not care and want to argue with you some will let it go thru. Mine always refuses altered USPS boxes and won't let you overfill their envelopes

Sheep Farmer
April 29th, 2016, 10:46 AM
Yeah, my PO refuses these, too. :(

April 30th, 2016, 12:56 AM
No..this is not going to go through any PO that I know of. It is still subject to busting open, because it is not made for that amount of anything. Those Flat Rate envelopes are not to be altered, and should never be thicker than 1". If you want to get a LOT of something into a package, try a padded flat rate envelope. I can get 8 yds of quilt fabric in one of those. And they only cost about .45 more to ship.

April 30th, 2016, 03:49 PM
My concern is that the thing would be torn open by the time it reaches its destination. The boxes are much sturdier, and if you're sending a gift or especially something truly valuable like FABRIC, you really want it to get there in good condition.

April 30th, 2016, 06:58 PM
I'm betting my PO would refuse that altered envelope. If I send out Christmas cards that have a bump... like an embellishment of a button or bow... they have to be hand sorted and they charge me 20cent EACH more to mail them.