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April 27th, 2016, 11:53 AM
I need to replace my flip cell phone and don't know which would be best - Smart Phone - I Pad - or something else?
Would want to be able to access the internet also.

Any suggestions as the best features of the different items available and also approx. cost. Right now I have a limited plan with TMobile, for $30 a year I have about minutes for the year plus what ever minutes leftover from the previous year. I have relied on our land phone and the cell was for when I'm out and about, for emergencies or power failures. Time to get with using the cell more often but I promise I won't have my eyes on the cell 24/7 especially when I'm driving. We do have WiFi with our cable hookup.

April 27th, 2016, 12:14 PM
I like my consumer cellular phone. Cheap and no surprises. They have smart phones.

April 27th, 2016, 12:23 PM
Love my Android smart phone. It is an LG Optimus Pro. I use it when I am at DD's to surf the web and even shop. (she has a secure network) I really do prefer the androids over the I-Phones and I-Pads, I believe they are more user friendly and have more available apps for them. They aren't cheap, but less than the Apple products. Go through your current provider and let them set you up. The cost of your phone is included with your monthly bill. Since you have WIFI at home...you probably don't need a lot of data added to your plan (doubt you will be playing on line games while out and about). Hope this helped some. I am paying almost $400 a month...but that is for 4 phones and a lot of data. You can probably get one for less than $50 a month.

April 27th, 2016, 01:13 PM
I also have an LG but I really miss my iPhone...it was just WAY out of my price range atm to get an apple. I think if I had to do it over again, I would have gone with SAMSUNG instead of LG. Liam has the samsung and really likes it. There are some features on my LG that drive me a bit batty. BUT I am a tech junkie and I spend a LOT of time on my phone. Be sure you are clear on what you will be billed every month. I was told $60 and my bills have been almost $90 due to tax and the "tab" fee (which is the cost of the phone). The guy who sold me the phone was not very clear. I would not use him again. I agree with Marilyn...if you have WIFI at home and won't use it often, you shouldn't really be paying more than $50 a month. I don't have a land line so use my cell for everything so I guess I can't complain at what I pay. Good luck with your search!

April 27th, 2016, 01:18 PM
I agree with Laura....I have an iPhone with Consumer Cellular. I am not one that talks on my cell phone, it was purchased for emergencies in case someone wants /needs to get ahold of me and I am not home. I also purchased the phone due to my chronic illness as well.
I looked around a lot prior to going with Consumer Cellular. I was on a plan with a friend for $70 per month thru Verizon and my monthly bill thru Consumer Cellular is a little less that $43.(this includes the cost per month for the iPhone 6s ) I will admit I had unlimited text & talk with Verizon Wireless but the amount I use the cell phone paying $70 per month is in my opinion ridiculous.

Depending if you have a iPad, I would go with an iPhone. If you have a Galaxy Notepad, then I would get a Galaxy Phone.

April 27th, 2016, 03:02 PM
I have republic wireless. You can only get it online. We replaced two expensive to us US Cellular lines at $110 per month and our home phone which was $58 a month with three phones. Our monthly bill is $30 for the three phones. The home phone is $5 per month because it only uses wireless no cell data. My and DH's phones are $10 a month each and then there is the tax.
Unlimited talk and text. Wireless data free. If you use data from cell you can have a gig for $7.50 per month but I find that most of the time when I'm out and about, except in the car, there is wireless service available.
Just go online and look up republic wireless. No contract. You do have to buy their phone...$129

April 27th, 2016, 07:59 PM
My son has a Galaxy S7 and loves it. My sister has an IPhone. She loves hers.

I've had my Nokia Lumia Windows phone for a few years and while I love it I can't get the apps an android or an iPhone can get.

April 27th, 2016, 09:14 PM
I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 for a couple of years now. My last phone was a Galaxy 3 and I loved it too. I even have a Galaxy Note 3, but it's not a phone, just a small tablet. Still very useful too.

I'm thinking about getting the new Galaxy 7 but I'm still on the fence. My phone still works, but I'm a gadget geek. I'm trying to resist. If you want to check out the Galaxys go to SAMSUNG GALAXY S7: Full Specs, Price & Review (http://www.igalaxys7.com/) They have a pretty good site with comparisons of the all the Galaxy hardware.

April 28th, 2016, 12:04 AM
We have all land line phones at our house. I have one flip top cell phone that I carry in my purse for emergencies. It's a 2000 model; I don't have any plans to replace it. This costs me ~$14.00 a mo., but I have limited 30 free min. & texting costs extra. But it serves its purpose.

April 28th, 2016, 04:23 AM
I have an iPhone 6 Plus ... Easier on the mature eyes:). But I've also owned Samsung phones and thought they were awesome as well. If you go with an Android platform, I'd definitely get a Samsung. Whatever smart phone you choose, it's important to accept the software updates they send you. It keeps your phone running smoothly. If you're looking for comparisons between the iPhone vs Samsung you can search google with those exact words and it will bring up several sites stating the good vs bad in both models. CNET is one I always look at for reviews on any new technology product. If you have wifi at home, you will need a very small data plan. I have wifi and use my phone constantly for the Internet ... I barely use 1 gb of data a month. None of our family has landlines anymore so our cell phones are our only communication device. Most plans regardless of the provider ... Verizon, sprint, t mobile..don't charge for texts or call minutes. It's the data they ding you for if your plan is too small or you don't have wifi available. I only use data if I use my phone outside of my home's wifi or someplace that offers free wifi. Verizon is the most expensive.. In my opinion.. But I keep them because their customer service is better (and I've used T-Mobile and Sprint).. And whenever I travel (rarely) or go on quilt retreats ( a lot:) .. Everyone always borrows my phone to call home .. Verizon also offers free classes on how to use your smart phone. The other companies may offer that as well .. I'd definitely ask ... It really helps to have someone sit down with you and explain how these smart phones work ..I still discover new things I can do with mine. I have patient young adult children thankfully who help me. 

Iris Girl
April 28th, 2016, 05:41 AM
In our house we all have tracfones pay as you go we get great service and don't pay a huge amount. Everyone likes them with no issues. We also switched our home landline to a straighttalk home system. Talk about the best thing ever. We were paying almost $50 a month for basic service on out landline, rarely made long distance calls, with this home system we pay $16 a month for the exact same service and got to keep the same number! I would never pay $400 or $600 for any phone service. I am not a phone talker and can't satnd those people that have the phone glued to their ear 24/7

April 28th, 2016, 06:39 AM
For the past several years, hubby and I have had StraightTalk service. In our area, and nearly everywhere we travel to, we have had good service. Per phone, monthly charges are less than $47 including tax for unlimited everything! We've had a few different phones over the years. Loved the LG until I broke the camera. Now we both have Samsung Galaxys. Mine is a Galaxy 3, his is a Galaxy 5. You do pay for your phone upfront, but I worked out the cost of the phone/service by the month before I bought and it was still less expensive than the major service providers when you figure their prices the same way. I love that it is unlimited. I spend more time on web than talking with mine. Hubby is the opposite.

When I switched, I started up the StraightTalk a month or so before canceling Sprint so I could make sure I was happy with it before canceling. I set it up to autopay so I don't have to worry about them shutting it off if I forget to pay it on time.

April 28th, 2016, 06:48 AM
We use Tracphone and have been very happy. Recommend you select an Android system version 4.2 or later for the most functionality. Really great value for the money spent (we spend $100 a year per phone with triple phone, text, and data minutes that roll over every year.) The phone price ranges from $20-$60 depending on which one you pick.

April 28th, 2016, 07:59 AM
Jeff and I have Samsung Galaxy Core Prime android phones and love them. We pay $149 a month with no contract....Verizon is our carrier. I use my phone when I leave home, but mostly for texting my DD and Grands. I like that I can read the Forum and open my emails wherever I am.

I know it's a big decision but you will be so happy with some of the new features.

April 28th, 2016, 08:45 AM
I had an I phone and got talked into switching to a Samsung Galaxy. I hate it. When this one goes kaput, I will go back to the I phone. Much more user friendly, in my opinion. I know others feel just the opposite.

added - I also rarely connect to the net from my phone. The kids eat up all the data, so I just use mine for calls or a text here and there.

cv quilter
April 28th, 2016, 08:42 PM
We use Tracphone and have been very happy. Recommend you select an Android system version 4.2 or later for the most functionality. Really great value for the money spent (we spend $100 a year per phone with triple phone, text, and data minutes that roll over every year.) The phone price ranges from $20-$60 depending on which one you pick.

This is what DH and I use, each one having an Android system. Only problem is having to buy more minutes if we still have LOTS of service time left. All in all, it works out really well for us.

April 29th, 2016, 01:29 AM
I'm another Samsung Galaxy user. In general I have found that people tend to prefer whichever their first smartphone was, so I think that can make it difficult for Samsung users to switch to iPhone or vice versa. We get used to what we know. I agree with others who said if you have an iPad it probably makes more sense to get an iPhone - it should be more intuitive to learn to use it. My suggestion would be to select your carrier first (price and coverage in the areas you will use the phone most often) and then select your phone. These days most carriers have some version of iPhone, Samsung and LG (three popular ones mentioned in this thread.) Tracphone often has good prices. Cricket might be another option if they cover your area. Since you have wifi in your home, that will help keep data costs down. For what it's worth, I really like my Galaxy - fairly easy to read (I'm at the age where my arms are either too long or too short, sometimes at the same time...) and decent sound quality. Camera is fine (though I much prefer a real camera rather than a phone....) and I was able to customize pages so that it's easy for me to find the things I use most often.