View Full Version : Hoot hoot! Friday Night Owl! @,@

April 23rd, 2016, 02:09 AM
How are the night owls/larks? I'm about ready for bed. Three NBA playoff games tonight and they were pretty exciting ones. I thought the Celtics and Hawks were going to break out in a fist fight any second...they were decking each other pretty well with fouls, anyway.

Went to a funeral for an old gentleman from church this morning and got some gardening in after that. Most of the last year's stems are cut down and bagged up. My buddy mowed the dandelions off so the lawn looks better. My prairie shortgrass lawn is never going to win any awards for looks. It does require way less care over the season, though.

No stitching yet again today but I did get a chart in the mail today and when my olive green linen comes in I can start on the Strawberry Fields project. I also got a Halloween chart and am getting more embroidery floss for two other projects. Stop me before I shop again... :)

How are you? :icon_wave:

April 23rd, 2016, 02:25 AM
Hoot Hoot! Good Morning Night Owls !
I had a Drs. appt. today and when I got home ( the appt. was 45-50 miles from my home ) I was sooo tired. So, I took a nap, and slept way too long !
So, I am probably up for the rest of the night. I probably will go to Jo-Ann's when they open. I want to see if they have the magazine that mhaggerty posted here on the forum about a quilt block called "Puff Pastry".....I hope Jo-Ann's carries that magazine, otherwise I will have to wait until Monday until I go back to the Dr. and then I will see if the magazine can be found in that town ( which is a larger town, and they have a lot of book stores. The one book store we had closed about 6 yrs ago.)
If I find the magazine at Jo-Ann's of course I will purchase some fabrics to make the Puff Pastry Blocks.....I am thinking about making a pillow for a friend who has a new home.
I also want to look at fabrics to see if there's something to make a quilt from Rob Appell's /Man Sewing newest tutorial here on MSQC.. I really liked that quilt, I think my grandson would love that design but in a different fabric though.
Well, I need to get busy cutting out blocks for another project I have been working on.