View Full Version : Hoot owls Monday night!

April 18th, 2016, 10:10 PM
Hoot Hoot!! I had such a great day yesterday! DH, my dad (is that DF, since DD is for daughter?) and I drove down to Moscow, Idaho to the Paulouse Patchers Quilt Show. It was a gorgeous day and the Paulouse (gorgeous rolling hills of wheat) were spring green and so pretty! The quilt show was marvelous, I took so many pictures of inspirational, beautiful quilts! I have a hard time posting photos here, but if you want to friend me on Facebook, my name is Nancy Neely and the pictures are posted there. My profile picture is a quilt block so you'll know which one I am.

I am especially drawn to bright colors and batiks, so I think I will concentrate on those for a while. I have a batik jelly roll to make Jenny's Single Irish Chain that was in the latest issue of Block and I also have a lot of batik charm squares that are supposed to be a plus quilt.

I also joined the Fat Quarter Swap group. Are any of you doing it? I picked out three fabrics I really like and I hope whoever gets them likes them as much as I do! Are any of you doing the swap also?

Today was a day of getting shopping done. Tomorrow I am going out to the sewing room again and get busy, now that I am inspired!

I hope y'all sleep well and have a great day!

April 18th, 2016, 11:23 PM
Sounds like a wonderful day! It is amazing to me how many different kinds of quilts there are...and it seems like so many of them inspire me! I'll never live long enough to make them all. :) Our weather was beautiful over the weekend and today - I wish I could've stayed home from work to do something more fun - no windows in my office. Things are beginning to get green and the bulb flowers have bloomed but I'm waiting for the leaves on the trees to appear. My DS cleaned out my flower bed today on his day off from work, so in another couple of weeks I think it will be safe to put some flowers out. I am working on the three bags from one charm pack for gifts. I have two quilt tops in progress that need borders. I hope to finish up those projects this week. Have a good night everyone!

April 19th, 2016, 01:54 AM
The Owls are out early tonight.Nancy it sounds like you really had a great time at the quilt show.We had one here a couple of weeks ago but I missed it because we had to go to a funeral.I hope to make it to the international quilt show in the fall in N.H. we'll see.It was a beautiful weekend and day here today so I haven't sewn anything since last week.Does anyone know of a good place to look for border fabric for the 60 degree table runner?I've been looking and haven't seen much that I really like.

April 19th, 2016, 03:43 AM
I am looking online for fabrics ( like I need more fabric ! ) . My PC isn't working right, so I am using DH's PC. It's so different. ( he has Windows 7 ....I have Windows 10 ) the monitor is smaller etc. We do use the same style keyboard, so that's a plus ! Not sleepy, so I suppose I will be up for quite awhile. I spent some time cutting fabric tonight too.

April 19th, 2016, 04:26 AM
Hoot, Hoot, Don't know if anyone else is still around. Nancy, Glad you had a good day at the quilt show. Would love to see the photos of the quilts but didn't find your Facebook page, boy there are a lot of Nancy Neely's.

Looking forward to the new Block as I love Irish Chain quilts and I'm sure Jenny's is a beauty.

Still half asleep so pardon me if I doze off now and again.129462