View Full Version : To Hoot or Not To Hoot @.@

April 10th, 2016, 05:24 AM
That is the question! @,@ I am still stitching a strip of Amsterdam canal buildings into my sampler. I am really liking designing my own embroidery. It makes me feel more creative than I usually am able to be. Most of the times that I change patterns I screw it all up.

Whoo hoo, the Bulls beat the Cavs tonight! :icon_woohoo: Way to go guys and coach Hoiberg! :icon_kiss:

Hoot what's up, if you are up! :)

Judy, USMC
April 10th, 2016, 06:04 AM
In and out of bed several times tonight ... no hooting for me. Hope others fly in!

April 10th, 2016, 10:07 AM
In and out of bed several times tonight ... no hooting for me. Hope others fly in!
I also was up and down during the night, keep getting a cramp in my right leg.

Claire Hallman
April 10th, 2016, 12:48 PM
I was up several times, the grands were spending the night, one fell out of bed [maybe] and ended up in our bed. Nice sleeping next to that little warm body.

April 10th, 2016, 04:52 PM
I missed the party last night. We had a full day of house and farm chores. We were wiped out.

April 11th, 2016, 04:16 AM
Yesterday, I ventured over to Hancocks. They were packed!!! I went looking for vinyl, which they don't always have. A gal on another forum had been to the one by her house and she said all home décor and vinyl was 80% off! At mine, it was just 20% off (our Hancocks is the #1 store in the nation), and the vinyl was marked $5 a yard (plus the 20% off on top of that). The only caveat was you had to get five yard cuts! I looked thru all their vinyl and managed to find a couple pieces of vinyl I wanted that were 1/2 hard each and they found two small pieces of fabric I liked and walked out spending just $11.

While I was at Hancocks, MM, Tyler, and Tiffany were about 30 miles away getting free firewood. Somebody Tiffany works with had a couple Douglas firs taken down and had it cut up in rounds and offered it to us. Now, last weekend we got some other free wood and it was all cut and split, but still wet and they brought it to us so that was real sweet. The three of them worked all day yesterday, coming home with a big pickup load, a midsized pickup load and a carload and went back today for more! I went today, but MM did not allow me to help because of my neck and back issues. We were there probably five more hours before he and Tyler were too exhausted to go any further. We headed home and got it all unloaded (the same amount as yesterday). There is at least three cords of wood in our yard, maybe four. The worse part is that it still needs to be hauled up to our lake, split and stacked. Going to be a lot of work, but it will last at least three years, probably longer.

The weather started cooling off today and I don't think it got into the 60's. The last three days it has been in the 70's, so it seemed almost cold!

Last night, Mel wanted her hair trimmed up and I offered to do it for her and she agreed!! I told her I would use my Flowbee. She had no idea what she was in for. Jamie, Tyler's girlfriend had never heard of one either and she stood in the bathroom door watching intently and declaring it one of the most brilliant inventions ever!! Mel was thrilled and told me I can do it again in a few weeks. I was one thrilled to death Grandma!

Getting tired listening to MM sawing logs in the other room, so I'm heading to bed as soon as this recording is over.

April 11th, 2016, 05:03 AM
Oh wow, Flowbees! I remember them! :D

I discovered a way to embroider with a half-stitch and spent about two days undoing the work it took me a day to put in, but am now finishing on part I picked/cut out. I had to reweave a thread in as I accidentally cut a linen thread out, but it worked well. That area is a solid block of stitching so it won't show. This is the third time I've redone this one building. I'm still having a good time. I'm still thinking on if I want to add a bridge or not.

This is the idea: