View Full Version : Hoot Hoot, Night owls Tuesday

April 5th, 2016, 11:07 PM
It's not dark yet at 7PM which is nice! I haven't done any sewing this week. Every so often I go into a little slump and sit around in my bathrobe all day and this has been one of those weeks. Today I did get dressed and DH and I went out for lunch and do a little shopping. We also got a wild hair and decided to go to Portland tomorrow to see our little granddaughter. She is so darned cute and it's been a month since we saw her.

When we get back (only going for 3 days) I need to get started on cutting and piecing the backing for my quilt so it can go to the quilter. I hope you all are doing well!

Claire Hallman
April 6th, 2016, 12:04 AM
Bathrobe days are good, enjoy. Seeing grandchildren is even better.:D

April 6th, 2016, 02:21 AM
Neller enjoy your visit with your DGD.Maybe when you return your slump will have gone away.I have a lot of days in my pj's,I don't work or drive so I spend a lot of time alone which can get depressing.Hang in there.

April 6th, 2016, 03:37 AM
I'm living in my jammies as much as possible. Love it! I'm still stitching on the Easter Egg Hunt sampler. I'm putting some Amsterdam buildings in the picture so it's going to be extra personalized. (I love Amsterdam and the Netherlands.)

The Bulls lost again and even the Warriors lost again at home! :O So that sucked for me, anyway. Steph just was not hitting his shots.

I'm not going to have to ferry my buddy around tomorrow. Yay! I want him to save enough for an old car so he can drive himself around. I'm not seeing well enough to drive at night, especially in rain like we had tonight. So I'm glad to stay home. I hope everyone is enjoying their projects.

April 6th, 2016, 03:38 AM
Working on a lap quilt for the local dog pound auction. Trying to finish the ironing and my stupid iron died. Luckily, I have a travel iron so I can finish. I will pin it before bed and quilt and bind it tomorrow morning. Goes to the charity in the afternoon. Spent $140 at the LQS today to get the backing and batting for this quilt and the material for the cowboy baby quilt I am making my nephews soon to be baby. Will post pictures when I get done.
Other than that I did laundry and cleaned half the house today. Washed all the knickknacks and dusted. The dust was so thick I had to use a wet rag. Should be ashamed of myself but sewing is so much more fun than cleaning.
Well, back to ironing. Have a good night. Laura

April 6th, 2016, 03:49 AM
Laura, you are soooo right about sewing and dusting ! I have decided that this next fall, I am going to hire a housekeeper to come in and do the heavy stuff. I no longer like doing all the wall-washing, window washing etc......I used to love doing that. Not now, I would much rather sew ! In fact, I have thought about turning the dinning room into a small paper crafting room so I can make the sewing /crafting room, just a sewing room. We hardly ever use the Dinning room except for holidays and we could do without it even then, as most of the time I am not holding the holidays any more.( The kids live out of state,( except my DD ) and don't come home every year now ).
I only have ironing to do tomorrow....and then I can sew after I finish that ! YAY !

April 6th, 2016, 04:29 AM
I finished sewing on the buttons for the iron caddies! Photos tomorrow in the daylight!

I'm headed for the nest. Catch up with y'all tomorrow!

April 6th, 2016, 02:02 PM
Have a nice visit with your granddaughter. :icon_wave: