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April 5th, 2016, 06:42 AM

Hello Folksies!
Tuesdays are generally MY day. Mondays not so much - I generally have so much running around to do, phone calls to answer, people to rescue - y'all know how it goes when you are a Daughter, Wife, Mom. I had plans to do nothing at all this week - and there again, y'all know exactly how the best laid plans can go. But Tuesdays . . . aahhhh. I ain't saying a thing about my plans so then they shall be my secret. SSHHHHH!

Smile everyone. Smile a lot. If you need practice, I'll be around to make funny faces at you.


April 5th, 2016, 07:00 AM
Morning Blondie so glad to see you .
Not much going on today, had injections in spine yesterday shot most the day as I was sedated, so slept the day away. Have my class today, need to run errands for my sister. Just got here moved here from southern CA. Gladto have her here. Can help her out as she is extremely limited in her mobility. My wonderful sweet brother-in law is helping sell her condo , found her a darling handicapped townhomes here, and went down and moved her. And even found a way to help her get into her truck and went and picked up a used jazzy my found in local newspaper.
Hope you all have a fantastic day. Cecelia

April 5th, 2016, 07:17 AM
Good morning everyone. Another brisk day today. And here I thought Spring was springing. We are expecting snow tomorrow. UGH!!!

Yesterday was a relatively quiet day. I did not do much at all. I finished clearing the sewing room. I found some book panels that I will be offering up in the I don't want it group. Just need to take some pictures. AND I received my order from MSQC ALREADY!! Boy that fast, so I emailed them to thank them for the fast delivery and got an immediate response back. COOL!! I ordered the Lilacs fat quarter bundle that was the DD. Just beautiful fabric.

I work today and then have a meeting tonight. I did some hand sewing last night on the placemats I have been working on.

Today is Sadie's 13th birthday. YUP a teenager, God help us. LOL!!

Have a wonderful day friends.

April 5th, 2016, 07:34 AM
We are a Tuesday this week had to be not to leave home and put everything in place, because these two weeks of vacation have not left much time for arrangement home, but I have one of my cats a little sick, does not sit well the food, so I have to go to the wet, I hope itīs nothing important, although already 11 years are anough, hoping that everyone will have a happy day sending greetings

April 5th, 2016, 07:47 AM
Morning Everyone.....Jeff is going back to work today sore hip and all.

Yesterday I cleaned the sewing room and put a new cover on the pressing board.

I need to put a shopping list together and figure out the rest of my week. Tomorrow I get a haircut and may go from there to food shop in Houston.

Wishing everyone a blessed Tuesday with hugs....

April 5th, 2016, 09:49 AM
I kind of like Tuesday's, too!

I do have a couple if goals fir the day....

The first us to get my youngest grandson's I SPY quilt top sewn together... I started working in it yesterday, do should be able to get it done today...

Second goal... Get clean sheets in my Bev, and clean my bedroom... I'm afraid it's too easy to close the door, and pretend that took diesn't exist..,,until bedtime...

Tuesdays ...for unknown readons....often end up being bread or cookie baking days for me... Don't know why...

Wishing everyone a wonderful TUESDAY!

April 5th, 2016, 10:38 AM
Sometimes I'm just too quick, packed away my Winter weight clothes so what happens? Temps are low and snow predicted for the East this weekend! This is not our week. Someone said problems come in 3's - Sat. my cell got wet and died, Sun. water heater died and yesterday the kitchen faucet lost pressure. Somehow cell fell out of my purse onto the driveway, rained overnight and cell wouldn't work at all. DS#2 took it apart, dried it and after sitting overnight in a bowl of uncooked rice it worked once and then kicked the bucket. Water heater was almost 10 years old so it was replaced and American Standard is sending us a replacement part for the kitchen faucet. Good thing I put the sales receipt with the faucet manual or they would have charged us for the replacement spray head.

Computer phone calls from prosecutor's victim's office began again to let us know that the guy who stole our GPS was being moved from one county jail to another. We had to put in our pin number to acknowledge we received the message or the calls would keep coming every hour or so. Background, over a year ago some guy was breaking into cars during the night and stealing whatever he could, he got our GPS. He was caught with over $40,000 worth of stuff, our cheap GPS wasn't kept as evidence and it was returned to us so we had nothing to do with his trial. Then the calls began letting us know every time something happened with the petty theft's case - got them to stop but every time he goes to the bathroom they begin again and our pin number doesn't work. Hopefully this is the end as we asked them to removed us from the victim's list. Not only were the hourly calls annoying but if we weren't home to pick up the phone several long messages filled our answering machine. DH was in the hospital a few days last week and it was very important that we get important messages.

OK, rant over and hoping to have a Good Day,128794

April 5th, 2016, 11:20 AM
Good morning.


I have taken a likeN to this scrappy pattern. This is so cute, I'll shop my stash and see if I can pull it together.I could have a little piecing project, to work on in my down time.

I've been TRYING, to get a new organisation set up. Putting my contact's, notes and other stuff, I need to keep up with.putting it all on this tablet.....my son set up for me...because , I can see so much better, on here, than on regular pen and paper....... lol.....it's just getting it on here.....might take me a while.....if not forever....

I'm having my morning coffee.....as always....


She was less than two here......and this was one of her graduation pics.
My baby, Kelci, is about to have a B'day, 23 the 14th , she is my sunshine.
She likes paper piecing. I may order her a new cutting Matt. I think she really likes mine. ....The round one, it is a nice matt. I've been very happy with it.
We have always tried to do something special on their B'days. We couldn't do a lot most of the time, so Christmas and birthdays , we made a little special.

This is a fun favorite of her in band, and game day's, She was soooo funny.
Look at the Big SHOES .....

Hope you all a grate and wonderful day.

April 5th, 2016, 11:35 AM
Good Tuesday Morning all! DH is having some back pain today so he is relaxing on the couch. He's been fed, watered and meds are taken so I have a short break before getting to the daily stuff.....laundry, cleaning etc.
Yesterday, we received news that DH had great GD #7, her name is Avery Michelle, born in NY by c section. I'm almost done with her baby quilt. Should have it finished by end of week. My sewing time is limited!

DH is improving somewhat on increased dose of Namenda. He is more alert, more active when he doesn't have back pain. His memory is still not good, but the leg swelling is improving slowly on Lasix. His appetite is much improved and he is gaining weight slowly! Last weight he was 155 lbs, still 40 lbs away from his usual weight.

I hope all are surviving our recent blast of cold that wasn't welcomed at all. I was hoping this spring was really here!
Hugs to all. Wishing you happy, sunny days!

April 5th, 2016, 01:07 PM
Today is cold and brisk here in southern VA. Being a northern raised girl, I LOVE it! The sun is out the breeze is blowing cool, the trees are green and the dogwoods and red buds are in bloom,not to mention the daffy's which are just about done. The flowering trees were exceptional this year. Light jacket and your good to go! I'm just not going anywhere today, though. LOL. I am sewing,after I vacuum. God Bless all, feel good today.

April 5th, 2016, 02:45 PM
It sounds like Allie and I have about the same things on our schedule for the day! The sun isn't making as much of an appearance today as it was yesterday, and it seems even more chilly.

I have some buttons to hand sew on, and the iron caddy will be finished. Then I can get to the last couple of sample projects for sewing class. The kids are doing a great job with the new projects. One of the girls is working on the burrito-style pillow case, and she is nailing the French seams.

I am also starting to get our stuff set for our trip next week. I have to find out if Missy needs an ID card to fly. If so, we need to go get that tomorrow! Em wanted to know if we were going to spend the night. Uhhh, yeah, 10 of them! Apparently she didn't quite understand how far we were going, and for how long. Now she is worried we will have a tornado while we are there since she saw the reports while we were watching the news. Ugh. This kid has a serious case of the "What Ifs".
I need to top off the coffee and get on with it. The carpet isn't going to vacuum itself!

April 5th, 2016, 03:07 PM
So glad Blondie is back! I've spent the morning in the kitchen making chicken soup from scratch. DH has so many food allergies, that I have to cook everything from scratch for him. This batch made 9 qts. That will last him for a while.

I'm still working on the FMQ of a UFO baby quilt. Almost done with the main part of the quilt. Still need to do the border. I'm determined to reduce my UFO pile!

I'm waiting for help from a computer guru friend for a problem with my printer. I keep getting a paper mismatch msg. I can't print anything off the computer. It will make copies, but no printing. Grrr.

Mostly sunny here today & 75 deg. Yest. we had 82! Now that was nice! I had the front screen door & 2 windows open for several hrs. But it still gets cold at night--usually into the 30's. With our uncertain spring weather patterns, we still could get snow in this area even into May. It's unusual, but it has been known to snow even into June.

Have a great Tuesday!