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April 4th, 2016, 06:56 AM

Hello Folksies!

If you would kindly substitute the word Monday for the word Friday in the above, then you would be on the same page as me. Almost! The last few weeks have been a blur of never ending activity culminating last week house and dog sitting for my DD. My Sis stayed with me the majority of the week; the rest of the nights it was just me and the pooches - Lady, Cheyenne and Max. Steve's youngest son, Austin, who is supposed to graduate in May (notice I said supposed) was not in any daily attendance, but rather, in typical teenage fashion, making an appearance to adjust his tarnished halo now and then. The closer it got to their return, the more frequent his presence was felt, smelt and seen.

Teen age years. While I am not an expert, having 3 teens all at once allows me some qualification that entitle me to say with confidence that the teen age year suck. Those years are painful for everyone involved. Zits, crackling vocal chord, stinky B.O. and the ablility to manufacture oil give way to expressing one's self in the most outlandish or homely way. In an effort to make that statement that I am so unique, they make themselves an object of awe - not in a good way. I know, I know, not all go through this. I sure know a lot who do. Most all go through the various stages of You just don't understand, you don't get it, I am so much smarter than you, I am hipper than you, you have never been as cool as I am, I will never be as old as you, and on and on and on. It is during these years we hope we have taught them that if all the kids they admire jump off the bridge, they would not need to. To establish individuality does not mean to self mutilate and etc.

I told you all that to tell you that Austin is a fine young man who has a ways to go before he is totally and officially tolerable. That's okay. He is always respectful even if he is a bit arrogant. Like I said, with 3 teens at once - two of them boys, I can handle arrogance. One day he will appreciate the joy of being an adult with special ninja buzz kill abilities as I do.

Sis Cathy and I enjoyed our fill of Netflix, wine and Easter Chocolates. We laughed, of course, that is like telling us to hold our breath for more than 15 seconds. The dogs were all taken care of with great affection and love. I finished Tyler's quilt. I was going to give it to him for his second birthday but since they may be gone by June, I left it draped over his bed.


I also finished the huge kingsize lifetime achivement quilt and the ugly tie quilt. So, as you can tell, I have been quite busy.
Sarah and Co arrived home late late late Saturday night - they haven't sound a house yet but they are thinking over one or two in particular. This week I intend to sleep, clean my house, sleep some more and then putter in the flower garden.
Blessings to all! Happy Monday. SMILE!!


April 4th, 2016, 07:10 AM
Morning and Woo hoo April is here! I am excited...if you couldn't tell....

I spent most of the weekend spring cleaning; I didn't get all the house done, but there is a huge difference.

Now that Ashley and Conner moved out, I can begin setting up a sewing area again. The table with machine is placed, the ironing area is set-up...now moving and organizing the plethra of fabric will be the next challenge. Then, organizing all of the UFOs!

We found a lovely used daybed at a consignment store and started refurbishing it for 15 year old Halona....heavens, Blondie...I totally understand about those teenage years! Those years makes a Mother question their sanity!


I caught Dottie and Oscar enjoying the spring weather while all the windows in the house were open! So cute!


April 4th, 2016, 08:00 AM
Good morning and it is nice to have you back Blondie. I have had a busy few days. On Thursday we surprised Maizyn for her birthday. She was so happy to see us. On Friday we swung around to my brother's and picked up the sewing machine. It was in a cabinet but he built me a portable cabinet instead. What a job he did. It is beautiful. On Saturday we went to an auction sale. There were two pvc quilt frames but I did not win them. I did win some fabric. I have been through it and have kept quite a bit. At the bottom of one of the bags, I found a Olfa rotary cutter and a 6" square ruler. There was also Olfa cutting mat but not like one I have seen before. It will do as a little rotary mat. So I have been re-organizing my sewing room as well. Yesterday I replaced the cpu fan on my laptop with success. It was not an easy job, but I followed a You Tube tutorial. The fan was actually the wrong one but I was able to take the little fan from the new one and put it on the old one. There were at least 24 screws and they all back in. I am very proud of myself for the first time EVER!!

So today I will continue cleaning. I do have to work tomorrow and then a meeting in the evening.

Have a great day everyone.

April 4th, 2016, 08:03 AM
Morning Everyone,

Blondie I LOVE Tyler's star quilt!

Sherri, glad you are setting your sewing room up again. Daybeds are wonderful. I had to get rid of mine a few years ago to make room for cabinets in my sewing room. I miss it, but I needed the storage area more.

Jeff called off work today. It seems he hurt his hip over the weekend while we were working in Cuba.

This is countdown week to when my MIL and SIL will come to visit.

Wishing everyone a blessed Monday.

Ginny B
April 4th, 2016, 08:43 AM
Good morning everyone. Yup, it's Monday and vacation time is over for me. We had a great time visiting ds#4 in Georgia. It was a nice, relaxing time as well as getting to see very interesting things and, of course, spend some time with my son and his girlfriend Mandy who is a sweetheart.

Blondie, love Tyler's quilt and, having raised 4 boys, I can definitely identify with the teenage angst stage. Sherri, have fun setting up your sewing space again. Monique, wow! replacing that fan! Amazing. I wouldn't even attempt it. Ouch, Barb. Hope hubby feels better soon.

Time to get the day moving along. My eldest son is here with his dog so it's time to give my granddog his breakfast before getting ready to head out the door to work. They stayed here while we were away and took care of kittie and watered my plants. :)

Have a wonderful day everyone.

April 4th, 2016, 08:59 AM
Howdy Folks, I'm up to my eyeballs in work, as is the norm for a teacher! I am taking a class for re-certification and my final project is due on Sunday. I'm also dealing with papers that need to be completed for grades to be due.

It's mayhem... but DH took the kids out to dinner tonight and to play so I could have the time to focus. I'd better not waste it away!! ;-)

April 4th, 2016, 09:30 AM
Good morning everyone, Blondie joy to see you again in the forum and listen to your happy stories during these days Monique has encouraged us to spend joyfuldays and share our work, Today we are in April and 4 which is the birthday of my DGD 10 years, as time passes, yesterday celebrated her party and had a great time she had fun and liked all the gifts, so today its class it has been two-week Easter break and have to start studying. Blondie the quilt on Tyler is very beautiful the stars I really like in my first quilt I made a star because it was for my DGD called "IZAR" which means "Star" in my language, and Im sure you will love Tyler and it will be a great memories of you. Well I hope that everyone is doing the things you need and have a happy day, sending smiles, prayers and greetings

April 4th, 2016, 09:33 AM
Good morning! Yep, it's Monday...all day long. I'm starting a new eating plan today....prayers for my sanity and DH's safety in the coming days would be appreciated. LOL! My nose and eyes tell me pollen is high here but I've taken an allergy pill that should kick in soon.

It's guild sit-n-sew Monday. I'm still making strip sets of batiks for my version of a Fence Rail Diamond quilt. It's my portable project. Have a great day!

Jean Sewing Machine
April 4th, 2016, 10:03 AM
Good morning all! April 4 is a special day for me, because even though I am a widow of 10 years, today is the anniversary of my wedding day in 1964. 4-4-64 was the date, we celebrated our 40th anniversary on 04-04-04. Unfortunately we only were able to celebrate 42 years together before he passed. I have good memories, and of course, those teen years with 3 kids will always remain, mostly for some of the outrageous things they did! But they are all fine people, great parents and I am proud of each of them.

Need to get going on some sewing projects! Just need to decide which one gets priority!

Hope you all have a great day!

April 4th, 2016, 10:13 AM
Hey GF, So happy to see your smiling face and read your early morning Hello. As the mother of 3 sons I know what you're talking about although our boys were never quite so annoying/frustrating or challenging.

Trapped in our 'office' right now as plumbers have the hallway blocked while they replace the water heater that conked out yesterday. Reinforced my supply of coffee before they arrived. HA, as if being coffeeinated enough will prepare me for the shock of the bill.

DH is doing fine, never would know anything had occurred a few days ago but we'll be following up with the doctors in a few days. Barb, hope Jeff feels better. The rest of us have plenty to keep us busy for the day so lets get to it and don't forget to SMILE!

Grandma Nan
April 4th, 2016, 10:29 AM
Nothing particular to say this morning except that it actually snowed here last night--April 4 and its turned cold again. This is a quilty, crafty busy week for me. I am prepping for our guild meeting on Wednesday night - I joined the BOM and am a little behind on my block for this month. Still finishing off the Mariners Star surrounded by a circle of Flying Geese -all done in paper piecing. Crazy but its almost finished so that will be my day today. Tomorrow is my heart pillows day, we make pillows for people who have heart surgery to hug when they cough-it protects their chest incision. As mentioned, Wednesday is Guild nite, Thursday I am in a FMQ class all day, Saturday I am taking a class at the LQS and Sunday afternoon one of the other LQS is having a customer appreciation, silent auction event. Thanks to Jean Sewing Machine and River Momm coming to shop here, I have a few extra Quilter Dollars to spend at the auction. I wanted them to come back for the auction but they donated their earned Quilt Dollars to my stash.

You can see by my schedule that I definitely will not have any time to cook or clean this week. Some may say, thats too much quilting but I say, bring it on-you can never have too much fun.

April 4th, 2016, 10:37 AM
Morning all. Back to work and getting into my routine of popping in here before I actually begin my work day. I am running late in everything today thanks to Mother Nature's snow dump! Just rude! Doesn't she know it's SPRING! I had to use a shovel to clean off my car! And honestly, on a Monday morning!? I know I shouldn't complain as this winter has been incredibly mild but I just can't help it...it's supposed to be SPRING!

Nothing much new. My brother, SIL and niece came for a brief visit yesterday. They live in PEI and were dropping off my niece to her aunt's in Toronto. She is going to be a dental hygienist and will start school in a couple of weeks. I am excited to have her visit for a few weekends over the next 18 months! She has turned into just a lovely young woman and I adore her. Liam loves her also so it will be nice for the cousins to bond over the next while.

No quilting yet for me but I did watch a few tutorials and am thinking of starting a new project this summer so will see how that goes. Hope you all have a fantastic day. xox

April 4th, 2016, 08:42 PM
So many wonderful check ins here on the day thread!

The weather here has been chilly with a decent breeze all day and alternating from sun to down pour. I spent the morning in the sewing room and finishing off laundry. It was time for the throw rugs to make a trip through the washer.
Currently I am dealing with recorder practice by the 10 year old. Ack! Where are my sound canceling head phones???? Even the cat wants outside!
I have a lasagna in the oven, so back to the sewing room for now.
I hope you all have had a good day!

April 4th, 2016, 10:17 PM
It's late in the day. We had a gorgeous day with a high temp. of 82 deg.! I had a busy morning doing laundry, changing the bed, & hanging the pillows outside to air in the sun for a few hrs. Love that fresh air scent after they've been outside. This afternoon I attended a Windows 10 class sponsored by our local sr. center. I posted another thread requesting feedback on what people like or dislike about W-10. I'm still sitting on the fence. I found ~40 min. to do some FMQ on the latest quilt. Time now to fix a late supper.

Good to see Blondie back. Yes, I remember those teen age years. That brought back some memories!

April 5th, 2016, 04:02 PM
Blondie - beautiful quilt! :icon_wave: