View Full Version : Windy Sunday Night Owl

April 4th, 2016, 02:35 AM
Roaring winds! Did they shake your nest today? They did here! In fact the nest was creaking all day in the gusts up to 56 mph. Yikes.

I got more progress accomplished on the Easter Egg Hunt sampler and I am pleased with that. I substituted some different American birds for the bluebirds (a robin and a goldfinch). I thought back on my projects in general as I sent some photos to my aunt's friend, and felt pretty good about the stuff I made this winter. I accomplished a lot of fun making stuff.

Hope everyone else is having a nice night! @,@ Hoot hoot!

April 4th, 2016, 04:24 AM
We've had a few nice days, up into the low 70's!! Tonight, it started pouring down rain, so if there are any nightowls out here, they are drenched!

About a month ago, I saw a hummingbird in our yard! MM went and bought new feeders and filled them and we've been watching them quite often, and I have not seen another. That's not to say he hasn't! One morning he came home from work, about a week ago, and he saw one then. He said it was a big bright green one.

Well, tonight as I barbequed, I saw another!!! It was about 7pm when it flew in to feed. This one was little, with bright green on it's chest along w/a red triangle. My friend told me it's an Anne Hummingbird. Now MM thinks I need to build hummingbird houses....me? I think he needs his head examined!!

April 4th, 2016, 04:54 AM
I love hummingbirds, but I seldom see any. I suppose if I put out a feeder that might change. One year we fed finches with thistle seed bags. Our neighbor still does. I figure that birds have been building their own houses for eons, so who am I to interfere? :) When we fed them bird seed we got a lot of sparrows on the ground and I was looking at them hopping around in the garden. Suddenly a hawk came flying in BLAM! in the middle and killed one! Freaked me out! lol It happened very fast.