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Sandy Navas
November 26th, 2011, 10:32 AM
But, if my feeble brain is working at all I think it is Saturday. Isn't it strange how changes in our schedule can really flub up everything we are doing?

I sure hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving day and didn't overeat - I managed to keep the pounds off - I think!! That has been my main concern (anyone need a few pounds I could send your way?). Of course there has been a discussion in my family about leftovers - seems last year the kids didn't take enough home to keep them happy for a couple of days. So, this year I made certain I had an adequate amount to send home with them. I even cooked an extra turkey breast just to send with them. So they took out two huge boxes of food. Wonder how long that will last them. My refrigerator is slowly finding space again. I did make a wonderful turkey soup last night and boiled the bones down to strip the rest of the meat off. We usually make empanadas (little meat pies) with the left overs so I'll be doing that soon.

I made a list yesterday of projects that I must get done before Christmas and was totally blown out of the water. So I did manage to finish one yesterday; got another one that will be strictly hand sewn ready to work on in the evenings. Pulled out the fabric for a couple of the others. I have a backpack to make for DD's God-Daughter, complete with embroidery, plus five portfolios for the DGDs - that will be a production line though. I'm filling them with notebooks, paper, school supplies, etc. - always needed since they are homeschooled - I'll slip in some art supplies and they will love them. We are doing pretty much a handmade Christmas this year.

Think I had best get on with my day and see if I can cross some of those projects off my list.

Hugs to all who need them, special prayers for those on my list, good health, love, and lots of good vibes being sent to all.

November 26th, 2011, 10:50 AM
Good morning Sandy, sounds like you will be a busy little beaver in the coming weeks. Aren't we all?

Well it is finally nice to get on here this morning. Haven't been on here since Friday. It was sooooo slow that it felt like I had dial-up again.

There isn't much happening around here. I did start another bag yesterday. I will get that one finished today. Another black & white one.

I hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving.

November 26th, 2011, 11:42 AM
Good morning!!!! I t is sunny and quiet here at my home. the family is slowly waking up. I also had a few moments when my eyes first opened where I could not remember what day it was. I love having a few days extra off from work. Most of my kids where able to be home for the holiday---that is always nice. My oldest lives in California and was not able to make it in. Oh well, 4 or of 5 is not bad.
I have been looking at all of my projects that I need to finish for Christmas gifts. I have been working really hard to make them and finish them. Putting the binding on is not my favorite part---but I have making myself do it. I am working on my niece's quilt now-----I am at the part where I have to figure out a quilting design-I told my daughter that I need her ideas. Wish me luck.
I also came across this project called a 10 minute table runner---I love it. i made one already. I am planning on making a few as gifts for people at work.
Well--have a great day everyone!!!!

stitching woman
November 26th, 2011, 12:02 PM
Good Morning lovely ladies! It a gray rainy day today and I am having a hard time getting started putting away Thanksgiving decorations and getting started decorating for Christmas.
Finished a quilt top that I have been working on for over a year and now it is ready to quilted, be glad when that one is finished. I have a few small projects to finish and think all the sewing will be done for the holidays. Nena I love the 10 minute table runner makes a nice quick gift.

Hope everyone has a great day and love, hugs and prayers for all.

November 26th, 2011, 12:07 PM
Hi everyone... What a hectic thanksgiving day... Instead of cooking and eating my chicken dinner planned for two (as a turkey is just a little too big!) I ended up in pain... really bad abdominal pain - like very bad cramping.. doubled up for 4 hrs from 10am till 2pm I finally had to convince myself it was worth a trip to the ER (after my husband had been trying to make me go for the last hr!) 5 hrs then spent in ER with my hubby and Tilly on thanksgiving.. They took my blood and put me on a IV fluid bag thingy and gave me a cocktail of drugs to make everything better... I finally felt better around 5pm but the doctor was not happy with my high white cell blood count so he told me something is stressing in my body and because of where I described the pain he sent me for a Ultrasound....to check to see if I may have a gallstone! AT 25!!!

WELLL I have friggen MULTIPLE - I am absolutely panicking - I really dont want to have one move and get stuck then have my gall bladder removed OMG! I cant imagine it - I feel sick to the stomach - The doctor said that its soo very rare for my age of 25 to have one! let alone multiple!!! He thinks I'm extremely fertile and from the pregnancy its happened - as I've had plenty of blood taken before hand and they never found anything. I dont know what to do I feel really lost and I know its not like cancer or anything but they are there inside me and I cant get them out without having to endure pain in the future which he said im most likely going to have! GREAT!!!!... and if I get pregnant and during the pregnancy one gets stuck.. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO! I cant undergo a surgery and I would be in "excruciating pain"

Has anyone had gallstones or had the operation - ALSO my cramping had NOTHING to do with these gallstones! can you believe it - I wouldnt even have known about these if I didnt go to the ER. I've been in such a downer I really need my mum and I'm so down that she isnt coming here for christmas anymore - I cant believe it its just my luck it would have been the first time my mum would have come to my place and I could have cooked etc and hosted a lovely christmas I had soo many things planned. I know my stepdads health is important but I cant express to her how much I really wanted her here as I dont want to make her feel bad.

And now this to add to everything.... far out My lifes a little upsidedown lately - I cant even go to bed early the night before thanksgiving I had a more cramping that lasted from 9 till 11pm then we went to bed then there was a massive HIGH SPEED chase down my street 8 police cars 2 fire engines and 3 ambulances as the lady drove off the road and up a grass verge about 12 yrds from the road... CRAZY driver!

oh well I have read a little in the forums that everyone else isdoing good or not so good so best wishes and you are all in my thoughts xxx I hope my weekend gets better my husband is coming up to his final scholarly paper days so fingers crossed he breezes through it.

My stepdad is still struggling - these two bacterias just wont go away! the docs say he will be in over christmas too! can you believe it - something like this just puts your whole world upsidedown - my poor poor mum - gosh I wish I was there for her! I cant wait to get home I will be back in sydney on January 30th - YIPPEEEEE

Love and hugs too all xx

PS havent been in much of a sewing mood these last few days :( in a little flunk

November 26th, 2011, 12:21 PM
Kizzie, so sorry to hear you were in such pain. However, what a blessing that it showed a problem you weren't even aware of and that it can be fixed, even if it is surgery! This is good news. Are there herbal treatments for gall stones? Perhaps they can be dissolved somehow? I don't know, just a thought. We will keep you and your stepdad in our prayers and thoughts! Big cyber hugs to you. Megan

K. McEuen
November 26th, 2011, 12:27 PM
I've not had the surgery Kizzie, but have many friends that have. About 8 months ago a friend of mine (23) had his gall bladder removed. It's not such a bad surgery, they do it with scopes and 4 tiny incisions. Be careful of what you eat, greasy or spicy food can sometimes set it off.

We did a 4 pound turkey breast for Thanksgiving since there is just 3 of us. Now I'm wishing it was a bit bigger since it's gone.

November 26th, 2011, 12:42 PM
Happy Saturday, everyone. Yes, Monique.....the sight has been slow. They must be getting ready to make the big switch...or maybe even have already. Got right on this morning.

Sandy...sounds like you are going to be a busy beaver! Backpacks are a great idea! You are such a good mom sending your kids home with 'care packages'! Kizzie....I am so sorry you are having these troubles. It is a million times worse because you are here and your support system (mainly Mum) is over there. In nursing, we used to say gallbladder problems often occurred in a 3F woman...'Fair' (coloring), 'Fat' and 'Forty'......But anyone can get them. I hope the discomfort straightens itself out. Do you notice any particular foods that are more troublesome? Karen is right, though....nowadays they have much more simpler ways of removing the Gallbladder, laproscopy is a great invention! Hope your stepdad is doing better, too. Feel better soon, my Dear!

Hope to get started on my Christmas TO-DO list today, too. Maybe it will help to get into the spirit a bit. Have a great day.

November 26th, 2011, 12:46 PM
Has anyone had gallstones or had the operation - ALSO my cramping had NOTHING to do with these gallstones! can you believe it - I wouldnt even have known about these if I didnt go to the ER.

I am sorry to hear this. Back is September I had my gallbladder out! It is really not that bad. I however did not have gallstones. I am only 37 but my gallbladder was not functioning. I went in for out patience surgery at 1:30p.m. and was back home at 4:30p.m. I had very little side affects after surgery other than being allergic to the pain medicine that they gave me. I just changed to Tylenol and all was fine. I hope all goes well for you. Good luck!

November 26th, 2011, 12:53 PM
Kizzie! This is such an unfortuntate situation but as I understand it having one's gall bladder removed isn't as bad as you may think. I don't understand how being fertile relates to gall stones. What did the doctor mean? Did they figure out what was causing the cramping? I'm hoping your are feeling lots better by now. Try not to get too worked up over all of this. Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. You'll get it worked out. Remember, surgery won't be that bad if that's what you need. You're young. You'll do fine. Keep us posted.

Claire Hallman
November 26th, 2011, 01:11 PM
My sister had the same problem shortly after giving birth but that was years ago and removing gall bladders has gotten very much easier. My son had some severe pain problem sporadically over the period of two years and they thought it was kidney stones but finally realized it was a rotten gallbladder. He had it out and has been fine ever since. Like others said, stay away from greasy food [pizza is a culprit] and you can probably put it off for a while but getting it out is the best solution for long term. Hope you and your step father improve quickly.

November 26th, 2011, 03:18 PM
Kizzie, so sorry that your TG was spent in the ER in pain. The good thing is that you found out about your bad gallbladder! The surgery isn't that bad hun, with the scopes it's really an fairly easy Outpatient surgery. You're just really missing Mum and your family has so much going on right now. It's all just a bit overwhelming for (((you))).

Before you have the next baby, you definately want to take care of that gallbladder but you can do that once you're home with Mum to take care of you.

Prayers for you and Step Dad.

Love, Ruby

November 26th, 2011, 04:11 PM
Little Kizzie... I've had the old type gallbladder surgery and my DD had the new one that's referred to as "band-aid surgery" where it's done laproscopically. Although it's not fun, the new technique for gallbladder surgery is much easier on you and your recovery is complete in about two weeks. I remember my surgeon telling me that I fit the profile of a classic gallbladder patient: Fair, female, fertile and forty (I was 36), but I fit all the other criteria. Being fertile has someting to do with gallstones. Hon, I hope you're feeling better and that it's a l-o-n-g time before you need surgery. The new technique is done more often that you would think on pregnant women...my daughter's was done when she was 7 months pregnant and she did fine and carried her baby to term. You are in my prayers....Big Hugs, Barb

November 26th, 2011, 04:51 PM
Hi everyone. I've barely been on since Thanksgiving because it's been so slow and then wouldn't take my comments. Was having forum withdrawals!

Sandy better get sewing, you've got a long list.

Kizzie - I had my gall bladder out before they did it laproscopically (sp?) but have never been bothered since. Once it's gone, it's gone, no problems. My DH had is appendix out in Aug. and was back to work (construction) in 2 weeks. don't worry, it will be okay. I'm sure you are worrying enough about your step dad.

My DH is gone hunting so I just bought a pricy turkey breast to have for myself and son. Went to get it cooking only to discover it was boneless chicken breast (they were mixed in with the turkey). I guess it was pricy because it was local grown organic. Also, we were out of the stuffing I thought we had and I'd forgotten the cranberry. Oh well, the chicken, potatoes (grown in our own garden) and green beans made a nice and tasty meal. And I did remember the pumpkin pie which is my DS's only requirement. I'll be doing the full turkey dinner maybe next week, after my DH is home.

Got the spare bedroom (previously junk room) all painted. Now DH can put the flooring down and I can set up a nice sewing area. Just in time because I have allot of gifts to get done for Christmas. Can't wait to get out of the basement!

Hope everyone has a great day,

November 26th, 2011, 06:15 PM
Kizzie, I was told that it is common for the gallstones to show up after a pregnancy since everything is skwooshed up with the baby needing some space. I had mine out about a year after I had my daughter.
I would suggest you get it done soon since you have multiple stones. My first attack came after eating cheese fondue and I wanted to die. I put it off for over a year. My gall bladder had several and over the year they had backed up into my bile duct. They had to snip open the sphincter muscle at the end of my bile duct to get all of them out of me. Not real pleasant to go back in for that procedure the day after you had the "band aid" surgery.
The other thing they don't always tell you is about how your body handles the flood of bile when there is no "time release" function left. For the first few months (at least) after you may have trouble digesting your food. I would suggest being near a bathroom within 30 minutes of eating. Sorry for the unpleasant discussion, but nobody told me, and it is something to know.

I hope everybody had a good time over the holiday. We didn't go out shopping yesterday. I really didn't miss it. I might have wanted to pick up a few things at JoAnn's sale, but didn't want to wait in the lines for cutting & purchasing. My husband fired up the smoker and did 4 chickens and a turkey. We figure that if we are going to use the propane, we might as well fill the box and thereby the freezer. I am going to sew some today and then break down the cooled chickens and turkey.
Catch you all later! Cathy

November 26th, 2011, 06:59 PM
Gall bladder problems? I would have it out if they suggest it. My sister was in severe pain and even though they suggested she get it out, they wanted to order an MRI to make sure that was the problem. Twice the health insurance she had turned her down for the MRI and by the time they finally approved it, the day before she was scheduled to get it out by the band-aid method, she was in such great pain that she collapsed at work. That evening they gave her some kind of drug (can't remember the name of it) - it was supposed to get rid of the pain and knock her out. Didn't do either. A gallstone popped out of her bladder and hit her pancreas which put her in ICU (she had to be put on a ventilator so her body would not work at all so the pancreas could heal itself) with a 25% chance of living through the damage that had been done. She is a walking miracle today. It took 2 years of being off work - spent about 2 months in ICU - lost about 50 pounds and they finally took her gall bladder out after another year and a half.
I am not trying to scare you - just know this is nothing to sneeze about. If they suggest you have it out, get it out sooner rather than later. I know quite a few people that have had theirs out and it is an in and out surgery - you'll be feeling better in no time.
I'll put you in my prayers for no more hurting sweetie.


November 27th, 2011, 12:56 AM
Wow Sandy, I'm with you, not sure what day it is! I worked Thanksgiving, got off at 11:00 PM, got up at 5:30 AM on Friday and my 2 daughters and 1 of my grandaughters drove 100 miles to DesMoines to do the crazy Black Friday thing. We got home last night about 10:00 PM and I'm exausted. All day I've been baking cookies, making the noodles for the broth and getting the turkey ready for the oven. We're having our Thanksgiving tomorrow, (Sunday, I think...I hope tomorrow is Sunday...lol) and heaven help me, I think I'm ready to go back to work Monday so I can get some rest! I did take an hour or so today to play with my new machine and it stitches and embroideries beautifully...I'm totaly in love with it. I'll post pictures of some of the sample designs I'm doing, but it may be next weekend before I can actually get them on here.
Hope everyone has a great weekend, or whats left of it...