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March 28th, 2016, 02:34 AM
Oh my!

The kids had a great time hunting eggs at my aunt's house today. We had most of the family there. My cousin is working dispatch for the State Patrol. (Pat knows that drill!) He's pulling 12 hour shifts to cover holidays and vacations, so he missed the fun.
Eric wanted to help liberate the chocolate eggs from the kids' baskets! My aunt found some eggs with little Lego men inside. The kids loved those, but not quite as much as the change my mom put in them! I think the 2 girls ended up with about $10 each. Jaiden made a killing. I'm guessing he raked in $15 at least!

Eric also brought home a tub of Jelly Belly Beans from the Costco trip that netted the chicks. I love those things! I purposefully did NOT buy any so I would stay out of them. Well that plan went to crap as soon as he pulled the seal off. I am trying to limit myself to one handful per day. Ugh!

I'm tucking into the nest here in a few. I hope you all had a chance to connect with friends and family.
Hugs to my quilty friends! Cathy

March 28th, 2016, 02:46 AM
It was a quiet Easter here. My DD was with her in-laws...and my other children live out of state. I normally don't travel to their homes on Easter. I do go to the other three's homes about every 6 yrs.....they come home occasionally, so that's nice when Christmas & Thanksgiving comes around.

March 28th, 2016, 02:55 AM
Sugar, are you feeling better? I hope so!

Done skulking about here. Off for some Zzzs!

March 28th, 2016, 05:26 AM
I discovered tonight that almost all the ties I put in my lap quilt had come loose, so this time I redid them the right way, going through the fabric twice in the same spot. I also left tails about an inch long instead of trying to cut them right near the knot. We'll see how long these last. I'm glad I never tried to launder it with those failing ties! My other comforters all are lumpy in the corners where the batting shifted already. I don't need another one with that problem.

March 28th, 2016, 06:58 AM
No jelly beans to snack on but that was on purpose - just too tempting to grab a few each time I pass the bowl. Oh OK, each time I detour pass the bowl. We did had a nice early dinner at Outback with DS#1 and I had my Easter treat there, a big slice of cheesecake. It was too big to eat so I took the leftover half home for later and it tasted just as good with a cup of tea.

OH, Where is our back scratcher? I'm itching in between my shoulder blades and can't reach that area to scratch. It's almost 6am and I don't want to wake up DH so maybe I can rub up against the back of this chair. AHHHH, that felt good.

March 28th, 2016, 08:42 AM
Wonderful dinner with the kiddies and gkiddies.....except for our eldest DGD who is in her second year at JMU and couldn't get home for Easter this year....we were all hoping she would come walking through the door and surprise us like she did last year, but it just wasn't to be. We really missed our girl. But we had a lovely time with the other 3 gkiddies and their parents.
I hear you on those jelly beans May.....we sat here after everyone left and finished off what was left of those tasty little things. Might need to skip WW this week - LOL

Going out to lunch with some HS/childhood friends today - looking forward to catching up with them. We generally get together with them every few years.....like in the same area, just too busy with our lives to do it more often....silly hiuh???

March 28th, 2016, 02:19 PM
There were 11 people in my house, including MM and myself! Our son in law, Rob, is in the army and getting ready to leave on a one year transfer to Honduras, which will be unaccompanied. I told him that I would fix him a dinner of his choosing before he left. He wanted to have it on Saturday, but Tiffany and Alex were in San Diego, so MM asked him if yesterday would be okay with him.

I brined and smoked a 12 pound brisket on the Traeger and MM cooked and eight pound turkey breast in the oven. I also made potato salad (Rob and MM LOVE mine, much to my daughters dismay) and tried a new recipe called Frog Eye Salad. The smaller kids were not sure about that and proclaimed they did not like it, even though they had never had it! I think they each had three helpings of it!! MM made chocolate lush for dessert which is always a huge hit.

Pretty sure I overdid it yesterday as I slept like crap last night and every bone in my body is making its presence known today! MM wants to run over to the mall to look at something, so I suppose I need to get out of my pj's soon so I can go with him.

Oh!! We have been redoing the half bath (paint, new vanity and sink, flooring) and finally finished it on Saturday. I still have to painted the trim around the window and make some new curtains. Tyler's girlfriend Jamie went in there before others arrived as she came from work and wanted to change and she really liked it. We did not mention it to anyone else and nobody went in there!! Finally after dinner, MM told the girls to go in the bathroom. We were both disappointed with their reactions. Tiffany had wanted MM to leave a piece of the old floor exposed because it upset her that the old floor would be covered. I told him there was no way that was going to happen and convinced him to cut a section of the old flooring out and we would frame it and hang it on the wall. He thought that was a good idea and agreed to it. Well, when she was in the bathroom, she was looking high and low for this exposed flooring and could not find it and said how funny it would be if we would have framed it. It was then that MM told her where to look......I have to admit, our little framing job is pretty cool and she was happy with what we had done.