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February 25th, 2016, 03:05 AM
I was out for a week or so dealing with the in-law situation. It was supposed to be a fun week at the beach for the whole family. 7/8 of us had a good time. Once I took Blondie's advice and shifted my thinking to make it a good trip for Emily and Jaiden and just accept that for the week I was pretty much staff for the rest of the family, it was better.

I also found out that my grandmother has been in the hospital for a week with breathing problems. They pulled 1.8 liters of fluid off of her lungs. That has her breathing a lot better but we are still worried about what caused the fluid build up in the first place. April seems like a long time away before we can get down there to see her.

I haven't gotten back into the sewing room yet. I spent the first few days back home putting stuff to rights and trying to catch up on all of the laundry.

We also had our first baby's goat born for the year. She is a cutie, but she will be a single kid until our next batch in March, or even April if we had some not take. I'll upload some pictures a little later.

I hope everything is good in your forest!

Judy, USMC
February 25th, 2016, 03:26 AM
Hanging on to my tree for dear life! 60mph winds, gale warnings, tornado watch - and a very high bridge that I had to drive on today. Luckily no electric problems - but surrounding counties had thousands without power due to downed lines.

Stitches from the cyst removal came out today and again a sore ear. Going to bed early because I know when I toss & turn it will wake me up.

Glad the week worked out relatively well (no pun intended) and hope you got to make some great memories with Emily & Jaiden.

February 25th, 2016, 03:31 AM
My forest is just poopy......

Just got a message from my best friend, who lives in the Marshall Islands, that they are not moving home this summer as planned. :( She will be here in June for a visit, go back and then they will both be here in December for a month. I've seen her four times in five years and Pat is not happy! Her husband got a job and the contract starts in two months and lasts a year. I'm not liking him much right now.

We did have a fun afternoon. I picked up the youngest grandboy after school, as his parents were in New Orleans. They should be landing right about now. Anyway, today he is nine, but the next time I see him, on Saturday, he will be ten! He is certainly all boy! And his giggle just makes me smile! When we got home, Steve Harvey was on and Hillary Clinton was his guest. This little guy took one look at the TV, saw her and said what is Hillary doing on TV? Did you know she's running for president?!? I don't know why she thinks she will win, she is a bad person and she has done bad things. This is coming from a fourth grader!!! He gives me such joy.

I'm now waiting for my laundry to dry and then will go to bed so I can get up and go to Sew Expo in the morning. I might just go again on Friday! I'm in that kind of mood right now.

One day soon, I hope to share a big secret with everyone........

February 25th, 2016, 03:51 AM
Hoot it's windy here now 50-60mph and lightning too.Cathy I'm glad your week with the inlaws turned out ok.I'm sorry to hear about your Grandmother though I'll keep her in my prayers for a speedy recovery.Judy hang on tight don't let the wind get you.Pat I'm sorry your friend won't make it for a while.Try to have a good time at the sew expo and take in some sights for me.I hope everyone has a good night.

February 25th, 2016, 06:15 AM
Still raining here but so far no fierce winds but just in case this Night Owl is keeping an eye out from her tree hole nest, I hope Judy and Joan are doing the same before they get blown away. Glad to see Cathy's back - hope your DGM keeps improving. Can Spring be far behind as Cathy's first 2016 goat has arrived?

Tonight's dinner was beef stew with potatoes and carrots, a favorite of DH's that I haven't made it in a long while. Been disappointed because while the meat fell apart it was hard and stringy instead of tender. I tried again today with some certified Angus chuck beef and it was pretty tender. Now I'm sorry I didn't buy a larger piece of meat as there is only enough leftover for DH's lunch tomorrow.

So Pat, what's with the cryptic message? You got us guessing.