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November 21st, 2011, 07:59 AM

Good Morning Quilty Sistahs and Brothahs!
I am sooooooo ready for some ME time. Won't be much of that this week ~ still have a few moments here to spend with some of my most favorite folksies.
The weekend was interesting. After work on Saturday, I ran to the grocers to get a few extras for the big Turkey Day thing this week. Got into the check out line and realized that my wallet was not in my purse. Yikes and red faced! Drove like the wind home, praying that the erstwhile wallet would be found there. Nope, nada. I was totally freaking out. Having helped many blue hair ladies backtrack to find their lost things, I tried the "where was I when I last saw it" trick ? Good grief! These gals are contagious!!!!!!!!!!! I finally went back to the salon, and there it was with my bank deposit. Hmmmm, seems as if I were just a wee bit anxious to leave work! Me? Nah. Okay, I just fibbed. I was foaming at the mouth to leave work.on Saturday. Anyhoo, after finding my wallet, I drove back to the grocers, hoping that my goodies would still be there in the cart. While walking across the parking lot, somehow, (still trying to figure it out) I fell. And I mean fell hard as in seeing stars hard. Kinda knocked the sense into me. A nice man saw this happen and rushed over to my stunned self and helped me up. It was the first time in my life I think I ever thanked the good Lord for strong bones and the excess cushion of love around my hips. I scraped up my knee, I am oh so sore on my hips and my bad bursitis shoulder and elbow are also screaming but other than that I am jes' fine as a frog's hair. I even managed to make some chocolate rum balls at Mom's Saturday night. They are supposed to age several days before imbibing, I mean eating. Okay, I cheated. Some of the rum went into a coke zero and I slept well.

Another wonderful tidbit of news arrived in the mail on Saturday from our water company. Seems as if our drinking water is tainted with something I cannot pronounce. I need to google this and get over my anger and fear. This is the very same water company that made me pay for a $1300. water bill without proving to me where the water went to.

Oh my, re reading this and thinking what a rant! I do enjoy my Mondays. Perhaps this one more than others since it will be just me and my Sis today. I do not intend to answer the phone. I do not plan on doing anything but whatever I want to do. That includes sitting in the corner and sucking my thumb if I want to. And of course, I can still smile. Hope you smile today as well.

November 21st, 2011, 08:08 AM
^I recommend more RUM(preferably with the chocolate added) as a cure-all Blondie!

Today is dull and grey, BUT the baby slept well last night, woo hoo!

Off to do some housework and things....need to wrap/deliver a wedding present for a friend too. I got her a cool multi photo frames that are bookends too! She has 2 new step kids and a daughter of her won so thought it would be a nice way to display her photos.

Off to feed the young man.

Have a great day everyone! :)

November 21st, 2011, 08:30 AM
Good Morning! Blondie, I hope you have a wonderful day with your sister...sounds like you've earned it! I'm glad you're OK following your fall.

Kilted Quilter, your gift for your friend sounds very nice...a great way to start a blended family.

It's a soggy day here and I'm still walking crooked like a pretzel. I'm debating on whether to go to work today, but I'll probably limp on in.

I hope it's sunny and bright where you all are today! :icon_cool:

November 21st, 2011, 09:00 AM
Morning everyone! Blondie, so thankful you weren't hurt more in your fall. I cringe when I think about it--pain going all the way up to your shoulder. Ugg....

Busy day for me. I have my tax course to teach and then a meeting for work. It's time to gear up for tax season. As that time gets closer and closer I'm gonna find less and less time to be on the forum, not to mention time to quilt :( . But, it's my opportunity to earn some good money, so I won't complain. I still have a couple of tuition payments to make for our kids, so the money is definitely needed.

My mom seems to be holding her own, thank you Lord. She can no longer walk and is using a wheel chair, but she's still with us and for that I give thanks. We're taking this one day at a time, and who knows, maybe shes stubborn enough to stay with us for a while longer. All 4 of us are headed back to San Diego for Christmas and we're hoping she'll be around for our kids to see one last time.

Have a great day everyone. Do some sewing for me, OK?

November 21st, 2011, 09:14 AM
Goodd Morning!!

A foggy morning in our area...reminds me of the moors in England. DH is having his last cup of coffe before he heads out for work. I will be doing laundry today and trying to squeeze in a little sewing.

Blondie, what are you doing falling??!!! That really scares me for you....glad you found your wallet. You were just having one of those days. Bless your heart!

My jellyroll from MSQC arrived Saturday, so now I can continue working on my Luna Notte quilt. I had to take an hour or so yesterday and dig out my sewing room a bit. I have a sashiko machine that I hadn't touched in at least a year, so I got it out and diddled with it so I won't forget how to use it entirely.

I guess everyone is making preparations for Thanksgiving. We are sharing our Thanksgiving meal with our new neighbors. They will not be getting together with their family until Christmas. This is the lady who loves quilts but can't sew a stitch....maybe a convert here!

I'll check in with you a little later...wishing you all a good Monday....Hugs

November 21st, 2011, 09:34 AM
Good morning everyone.

Oh Blondie it hurt me just to hear about your fall. Take care of youself woman!!!!! Need me to kiss your booboo??? Seriously, I am glad you were not hurt too bad, it could have been much worse.

Martha, you are in my prayers that your Mom will still be with you at Christmas.

Myrna, hope you get straightened out soon. Feel better my friend.

KiltedQuilter, you are so thoughtful. I sure am glad to call you friend.

Barb, are you going to try and get her addicted too. Just remember to tell her there is no cure.

I had a very quiet weekend by myself. I made two charm pack totes that you can see in show and tell if you want. I think I will make another one today. All the ladies in my life are going to get one for Christmas this year. Money is tight, and nobody really NEEDS anything. So all the ladies are getting something homemade. I made relish this summer and they are all getting a jar of that too.

My DIL is going to Seattle this week for Black Friday so I have given her my xmas list. A walking foot for my sewing machine if she can find one. I have no idea where she will be shopping.

I know all my American friends are going to be busy this week in preparation for Thanksgiving. Don't forget to find some YOU time as well.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

November 21st, 2011, 10:01 AM
Good morning,

Oh Blondie, so glad you weren't injured and that you found your wallet. The rum should help with the aches and pains.

Sounds like a lot of you had some tough times so prayers for you all

DS and I won't be doing anything special for T-day. DH will still be gone hunting in NY. I'll do a turkey dinner in early December. I plan to be painting the spare bedroom. That is if the darn taper ever finishes. He's coming back Tues. evening. I told him I needed it done, dry and ready to paint on Thursday. This is costing way more than I expected (especially considering the 1st coat was already done). This is a huge room and I need to prime and paint it. I want to be done on Sat. because this is my "while you were away" surprise for DH. I always do something while he's gone: paint a roof, get the garage roof on, dye my hair, get a tatoo. These are the kinds of surprises he gets when he gets home.

Everyone have a great day and, as Blondie says, SMILE.....:)

November 21st, 2011, 10:24 AM
Poppin in to say a quick good morning. I have a short work week and a extra long weekend. Blondie we all have one of those where did I put that moments dont feel today and as far as the rum goes well after your day it was well deserved. Turkey day well I don't have to hold it in my house this year so we will be going to my parents and then later that night it looks like I will be prepping for the black friday shopping. My mom and sister are dragging me out!!!!

November 21st, 2011, 11:02 AM
Hi everyone!

I for one am glad it is Monday. A little cleaning and then straight to my sewing room to continue on with making Christma spresents. I'm stuck on wall hangings and tablerunners, which are always welcome and no one has any Christmas ones, but I hadn't thought of tote bags! Add that to my list! Thanks, Monique!

Blondie, do you think God is telling you to slow down? Oh, I guess that's what the rum is for!

Martha, I'm so happy for the sake of your family that your mom is doing better than anyone expected.

Myrna, I laughed when you said you were walking crooked like a pretzel! That would be something to see! I hope you feel better soon. Let us know what you're walking like every day until you're walking like a human. What could be next, I wonder?\

Nancy, You will need to show us a picture of this room being "painted" so we know you're not really home watching You Tube quilting videos.

Barb, I hope you make some good friends out of your new neighbors. Great neighbors are worth their weight in gold If they are thin maybe they're worth my weight in gold!

KiltedQuilter, I love babies more than anything. Mine all grew up so I have to borrow for baby time. I'm a kick-ass grammie. Can I say that here? Well, it's true.


November 21st, 2011, 11:04 AM
Blondie, happy to hear that you weren't hurt by your fall. Have a great week and a truly blessed Thanksgiving. We have so much to be thankful for.
Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all of you my friends!!!

November 21st, 2011, 11:06 AM
morning all. blondie honey.....uffda...rant away we listen....
since moing back tomymoms i have not sewed....perhapsdue to my thyroid being out of whack. still in the wacky zone..but i have an area in basement for cutting. now to find place to set up sewing machine....iwas working on DD quilt. all pieces are together. and cut ready to assemble......just dont have gumption to move forward.....weird.....

stitching woman
November 21st, 2011, 11:07 AM
Good Morning everyone. Blondie I am sure glad you did not break anything with that fall. seems like you had a bad day going there girl. Hope today is smooth as butter for you.
Well the last week has found me coming and going and not much time to even check in here, have pop in for a few minutes here and there but need to do a lot of catching up.
I have finally gotten all the blocks finished for my quilt from hattie's finished and ready to set together. This has been a terrible quilt to work on hopefully the setting won't be as bad, have it laid out on the living room floor and am not moving it until it is sewn together.
Hugs to all and prayers to those who need them.

November 21st, 2011, 11:10 AM
Howdy! Blondie....you are such a hoot! I always managed to smile/laugh reading your posts....except when it is about you falling or losing your wallet! Glad everything turned out all right and that you have a chance to take care of you today. Thank you for your smile, too....you are an inspiration to us all. Nancy, will you be alone for Turkey day? If you can sew and do what you want, will that be enough to make up for it???? Martha, you are an amazing woman, too! Always see the bright side of the coin. What a wonderful attribute! Monique, glad you are feeling better! Keep sewing, Girlfriend! Barb, if anyone can make a convert, you can! Your enthusiasm is contagious! Myrna, hope your back improves real soon. Enough already, huh?

I hope to get some sewing in today....got real pooped yesterday with the grandgirls, but loved every minute of it. We crafted, made cookies, played hide and seek, took a nature walk..........on and on. It will take me a couple of days to recover. Maybe should spend that time in my craft room, communing with my machine, Eh????

Have a good day.

November 21st, 2011, 11:26 AM
Well Blondie that must be going around. It seems on Sunday right in the middle of Sunday school I got up to close the door to start class and low and behold my shoe ( unbeknownst to me) was under the rug and I tripped and almost fell right in the middle of the class room floor, but me being Mrs. Graceful staggered around until I was upright!

I sure hope all the aches associated with your fall go away soon. Have fun with your sis today! ;)

Sandy Navas
November 21st, 2011, 11:40 AM
I can't believe that everyone is falling and falling apart here. Sending glue and padding to all who need it. Hugs and prayers for everyone. Having a pre-Thanksgiving lunch with Li'l Sis and Big Bro and their respective spouses today. Lunch yesterday at the nursing home with Mom and all her friends. Here's a shot of my Li'l Sis, Mom and I:


Now if I'm away from here for too long this week, I do hope everyone will remain safe, happy, warm and wonderful until you see me again. Busy week!

November 21st, 2011, 12:43 PM

Good Morning Quilty Sistahs and Brothahs!
I am sooooooo ready for some ME time. Won't be much of that this week ~ still have a few moments here to spend with some of my most favorite folksies.

Another wonderful tidbit of news arrived in the mail on Saturday from our water company. Seems as if our drinking water is tainted with something I cannot pronounce. I need to google this and get over my anger and fear. This is the very same water company that made me pay for a $1300. water bill without proving to me where the water went to.

Blondie, send me what is on your letter from the water company. My husband is a hydrogeologist and does cleanup for contaminated water. I can find out from him what it is and if it is a concern. Glad you are okay after your fall. Grandma always said candy's dandy, but liquor is quicker - so sounds like the rum (sans chocolate) worked!

November 21st, 2011, 01:04 PM
Good morning all,
Sun came out today after it rained the entire day yesterday. Odd weather for us getting rain this early in the year.

Hope everyone heals up for Thanksgiving day, sending hugs to all.

Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer for my Shelby. Taking her to vet today. She howled in pain last night and when we looked at her, she has some sort of black ugly growth on her leg that looks real angry. Hope it's not bad and that it can simply be removed. This little dog is my rescue from Barstow. Friend was driving to Vegas, was near Barstow and spotted puppies in cages by the side of the road. It was a hot day, they had no shade, food or water. Lady was selling them for $10 a pup so my friend bought all 10! Turned around and went home, they all went to vet for shots and getting fixed, then the beauty parlor for baths and they all slept in her bed until they got a real home. Shelby was the last and came to us. She is a Schnauzer Terrier something and has been a handful her whole life. But this goofy little dog with the funny ears and a bad hair day every day, took my heart.11684. I hope it's not bad, but she is 12 now so ...prayin' its fixable. Hugs to all.

November 21st, 2011, 02:17 PM
Happy Monday, all!

Blondie, isn’t a fall just horrible? I slipped in some wet leaves and fell down a few years ago - luckily my posterior is substantial enough to cushion me, but my oh my, did it ever jar me. I’m sure it rattled my teeth. Glad your fall wasn’t more serious but I’m sure your aches and pains are no fun.

Martha, sorry your quilting and forum time will be limited, but yes, we gots to make the bucks when we can, right?

Barb, I’m also working on a Luna Notte quilt! Mine is Dresden plates on a burgundy background, sashed with one of the black florals from the line. What is yours?

Monique, loved your black and white tote and I’ll have to find the picture of the other one you finished. You’re certainly accomplishing your gift list the right (and heartfelt) way.

Nancy, you crack me up with your “while you were away” projects. What kind of ink did you get... or should I ask??

Gina, hope your thyroid problem gets straightened out - that’s definitely gumption affecting!

Sandy, what a wonderful picture of you and Sis and Mom!!

Bella, your little Shelby reminds me of my little Whiskey - a scruffy little ragamuffin to steal the heart. Fingers crossed that all goes well at the vet’s!!

I’m enjoying time off from work, I don’t return until Black Friday (hooray!). Spent the morning doing errands and then made two lasagnas (one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas - cooking... done!!!). Now I have to hem six curtains for a friend --- why is it that people think that if you quilt you must love all sewing? Back before I could sew I hemmed many a curtain with a glue gun, lol. I sewed two for her on Saturday and she was so happy that she brought over six more! And then said “oh, but I do want to pay you for this...”. Now, I’m certainly not going to charge for hemming, but wish I could find a way to say that this isn’t how I wanted to spend an hour or so of my time off work... ah well, I’ll stop sounding ungracious now and hem the darned things.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Monday, hope all the Thanksgiving preparations are going smoothly, and that we all find at least a little time for quilting.

November 21st, 2011, 02:21 PM
^Aww wee Shelby! Too cute!(hope she is ok).

My older boy came home today. Bless him he is 14 and thinks he's SUCH a grown up. Well, one of his friends died at the weekend, he only just found out today. This is the first person he's known of dying, and he's pretty upset. Poor wee mite I felt so bad for him. The school had a guidance session(but everyone knows boys can't be seen to go to those can they?). Glad he came home and talked to me about it.
I think tomorrow maybe be a duvet day* for me and my boys.

*a day in front of the tv watching movies under our duvet/quilt.

November 21st, 2011, 02:38 PM
~BLONDIE~!!! Ouchhh!!! Just reading about it made all my hairs RIZE!!!!
I hate surprise falls!!! You poor THING!!! Thank God You weren't seriously Hurt.... Ohhh Myyy!!!!

Yesss! it is Best to have an EZ Day today....
and Yes... I Agree...May-B! The Universe is trying to tell Ya something.
If ya Need more Coke Zerrr "I MEAN" The other STUFF!.... just let Me knowwww... I Gotta "POTION" that will Melt all The Pain Away.... It's gotta LONG NASTY NAME..... So I'll Abreviate....
(See Cindy read and learn gurll!!hee-hee)
Blondie It's call the MM. I'm sure you've heard of it B-4. Ooooo-E!

As for the water..... Ours taste NASTY!!! so I have to buy bottled(sad I Know!)
Heel Well Sunshine! XOXO

~Martha~ Count your Blessing Gurl! You are one Lucky Lady. ENjoy every moment.

~Myrna~ I Gotta V-8 with your Name On It!!! LOL...Ohhhhh wish I could be there to give U one of My Long Massages! It will make you SNAP-CRACKLE & POP!!! Back to Factory settings!!..LOL
Nooo It's NOT the 3 little Dudes!!!!

~Monique~ Glad you are almost to PERFECT Self..... Just let time take it's course you'll get there when You get there.
I'm going to check out your Totes! Weeee--Peeeyyy!! I Luv Tote Bags!.....Keep mind BZ. Go do another Tote....Good Idea!

~Bella~ Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SHELBY is BEAUTIFUL!!!
Yes.....Angels Do come in sewww many shapes and forms.
LOL... I Luv!! that saying...I'm gonna steel it for a bit if you don't mind!!...Hee-heee

~KiltedQuilter~ I hear Ya Gurl!!.... I plan to do the same.

~Bubby~ I can't waitto see the Finished Product....But! No RUSH! Take your Time...We can't Rush PERFECTION Know!

~Cindy~ I sometimes use Initials or Symbols to Express My Thoughts...LOL...LOL SoFar I haven't heard any Complaints or have gotten Banned from here...hee-heee

But You may want to Enquire with ~Sandy~ who has a Monthly Pass from the Teacher....and gets Away with ANYTHING!~!! hee-heeee

Hey ~Sandy~ Luve the Pic! Thanks for Sharing... God Bless Mum....You too! enjoy every Precious Momment.

As for Me... Well the weather is not Gr8 here.... I'm stuck at work.....and I'm Hungry.
So that's That for now.

Enjoy your Day and Stay Safe


November 21st, 2011, 05:00 PM
I was finally able to connect! Yea!
It sounds like everybody is having a Monday. I finished all of the flying geese sections of the blocks I am working on. Now to assemble the sections in to the finished pieced blocks. Hopefully I can have the top assembled by the end of the week. The rest of the week is half-days at the elementary school for parent/teacher conferences. Ours is today at 1PM. We'll see what comes of this. We will have her big progress report in February where we asses her education goals for the year and figure out how they will continue to deal with Emily's hearing issues. So far, everything seems to be working well.
You all have a great day, and I'll hope I can get back on here later!
Hugs, Cathy

November 21st, 2011, 11:37 PM
Hi Ladies
Late getting back in here but true to my word and myself, I spent all day doing what I wanted to do. Well, most of the day. Sis and I watched some great Masterpiece Theatre DVD's (we so love our Brit. mysteries and lavish costume pieces), sewed, laughed our socks off at each other - we always do. I finished two Christmas Tree Skirts and another stocking. Got a call from Mom, went down to see what was up. She was wanting me to rake more leaves. Yeah, like that was gonna happen with my bum shoulder. She thought I would be all better by now. Silly woman. I plan on milking this for all it's worth! And she is a snitch, so I can't act it isn't the biggest pain in my life. I got a young boy I know to come over - he owes me for haircuts I never charge him for. He showed up with his Dad's leaf blower. Now that I know he has access to that, I may decide to find my exercise another way than raking leaves! Hmmmm.
Dinner tonite was easy, our favorite grilled cheese and homemade soup. Like I said, I'm milking it gals.

Have a great evening. Bella, I will send you a pm with whatever that big word is on the water bill soon.

Everyone else, sleep tight - if you are on another continent, enjoy the day and save some fun for me.

Blessings and good night, all.

November 22nd, 2011, 05:29 AM
Hello, I will say prayers for everyone!! All your aches and nasty pain should just leave you alone. Been in pain myself since 1979. It isn't fun, I know. I'll say prayers for Shelby too.
Thanks for the phone call Gina. It was really nice to hear your voice. Love you Sweet Pea.
Have a wonderful tomorrow everyone! Love the picture Sandy! Hugs, Love and prayers, Jan L.