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February 11th, 2016, 01:56 AM
Hootie hoo to you! Yes, this owl has got ashes on her forehead 'cuz we Lutherans do that, too...it was a wonderfully gloomy service with sad hymns. I love Lent. I can't even sing the hymns, I get so choked up. Really I could bawl at any moment. Fantastic!

I have got a messed up quilt layout so I need to do some marking and pinning. I really should square up every unit again. Sigh.

How are things in your tree?

February 11th, 2016, 02:00 AM
Worked on a quatrafoil quilt for my mom today. Snowballs! Going well.

February 11th, 2016, 02:05 AM
I didn't do a thing today. I slept and watched tv. Some kind of stomach bug. I feel better now and will probably be up all night. ugg.

I was wondering about the Ash. A few news people had some on and I wanted to ask how long you keep it on?

February 11th, 2016, 02:54 AM
Usually it is so cold in Iowa that it comes off inside my furry hat on the way home from church. :) But I don't know of any time proscriptions...

February 11th, 2016, 03:06 AM
Hoot Kim sorry to hear that you're still having trouble with your quilt.Beth glad your snowballing is coming along well,Lorie I hope you feel better soon.Nothing new in my nest I spent the day outside shoveling some more so the dog can run out back.Then I made snowballs and threw them he couldn't figure out where they went for the life of him(they fell into the snow)I didn't make it to church for service because I don't drive and my DH had to work late.

Judy, USMC
February 11th, 2016, 03:13 AM
Mom wouldn't let me wash until bedtime - and that's what I do to this day.

Got a baby-size JRR done in unisex colors done today. Finished making and ironing my pink string blocks too. I made those blocks to surround a big star 20" block. Realized a bit ago the only pink center star I have is a Missouri Star - which is more like 22" so a pink big star is on the schedule for tomorrow.

Off to check the DD!

February 11th, 2016, 03:17 AM
I was raised Catholic by a Catholic mother. Any religious holiday, Sundays, Lent, Advent and catechism and we were in church! We gave up things during Lent and ate fish on Fridays. On Ash Wednesday we would go to the service that night and get the ash on our forehead. We were not allowed to wash it off, it had to wear off. Sometimes it was there a couple days!

I never appreciated Lent. We would go to the Stations of the Cross every Friday day night (it's where the priest and alter boys went around to the different stations in the church and you would say the rosary. Between that and Palm Sunday, it was enough to kill me to smell that stinky incense they would burn. The incense was made from the leftover palms from Palm Sunday and the ash was from the palms.

When I got married, that was the end of my life as a Catholic. We got married in December (during Advent) and had to get permission from the bishop to do that because it was during a holy season. MM was not a church goer and it did not bother me not to go anymore. That does not mean I don't believe, because I do, I just don't attend church any longer.

I used to live in fear of the nuns.........

Kat Smith
February 11th, 2016, 03:29 AM
It's sure is chilly up on here tonight -19 C /-3 F. Got in a little while ago from son#1's place. He and I have dinner about once a week and marathon watch different TV shows. Tonight we finished Jessica Jones, one of the Marvel series. I really liked it, it wasn't as dark and gruesome as Daredevil, well not quite. Son#1 is a Marvel comic book reader from way back so he can keep me on track and explain how they all fit together.

Today I didn't get much done, but I did get over to visit my Mother in law. She turned 96 in May and was diagnosed with colon cancer in July of 2014. They gave her 6 to 9 months, but she is like the Energizer bunny and just keeps going and going. She is still in her home alone and still does her own meals. She can no longer get up and down the stairs, so she has someone come and do her laundry and cleaning. They say her blood is low and they have given her 2 transfusions, but they are no longer helping so it is , I guess, just a matter of time. HAHA, like 96 or colon cancer alone wouldn't be just a matter of time. She is such a sweet heart and has been so good to me. She accepted my son and I with open arms all those years ago, and has never wavered. They want to send more Home Care in to help her but she says they are cramping her style and interferring with her hair and nail appointments. She loves to see the babies and had a blast holding Claire today. Claire is 5 months and weighs 25 lbs, she had to pass Claire off though when Owen (2yrs and 5 months ) wanted his piano lesson. She has been putting him up on the piano bench and taking his little fingers and playing ever since he was younger that Claire. He expects his lesson now when my daughter takes them to visit her. Love her dearly.

MUST MUST MUST get some sewing done tomorrow, poor Lucy (other 5 month old grand daughter) is still waiting for her quilt. Ugggg, don't know why I'm dragging my heals. Hubby is working out of town tomorrow so I don't have to worry about him being under foot. Sometimes when I get busy I feel like I neglect him, but I only feel that way for a short time. HAHAH!

Hubby has gone to bed and turned the heat down, it is really getting chilly up in here now. I think I hear my cozy warm bed (now that he has warmed it up) calling. Catch ya tomorrow. Have a safe and restful night.


February 11th, 2016, 04:19 AM
Wow Pat. Quite a story. I had a bad experience too. My mother, who wasn't catholic, put me in a parochial catholic school when I was six. She said I was disruptive. The real reason was that she just married to my stepdad. I only came home on weekends and one summer she never picked me up for my birthday. My aunt was disgusted by the whole thing and picked me up one day and took me to Disneyland. She became a second mom I could talk to.

The nuns didn't scare me, I was the youngest there and had lot's of attention. I was just scared they talked about hell so much in class. I went to church every day and never went again after.

February 11th, 2016, 04:26 AM
It makes me sad that so many have had bad experiences. I have happy memories of a lot of nice ladies at the church I was brought up in. And a lot of Jello salads!

Judy, USMC
February 11th, 2016, 05:01 AM
Never had a fear of nuns because mom's sister was a "Sister." She was an educator who came to Chicago with a companion every summer and stayed with us for a week while they selected needed textbooks.

Once they got into their PJ's and robes they would snack - and had a dynamite chip dip recipe. They also made the best cinnamon toast in the mornings. She was a nun for over 75 years when she passed away.

February 11th, 2016, 05:36 AM
Oh Lorie. We would have been in parochial school too, except my dad was a self employed handyman and there was no way they could afford to send five girls thru!! That doesn't mean we weren't threatened with it from time to time.

My mom is 88 years old and goes to mass every single day!! She is a twin and both them and their sisters (who were also twins, four years older...one is still alive!) were sent to Catholic school. Well, seems my mom was the class clown, but her twin brother was not. In fifth grade, she flunked. Back in the day, they kept twins in the same class, so her brother had to go thru fifth grade again! She never, ever flunked another class! I laugh about that every time I think about it!

February 11th, 2016, 06:01 AM
Really a Night Owl tonight as I woke up at 3 am and will be up for a few hours. All the hype about a big snow storm yesterday had me worried that I wouldn't be able to keep my doctor's appointment but all we got was 2" overnight that disappeared when the sun came out. Good News is that my blood work said all my parts are working good but the Bad News is that I keep taking that darn water pill.

" used to live in fear of the nuns........."- I hear you Pat. We went to public school but beginning in 2nd grade every Wednesday afternoon at 2pm we had Released Time when we went to the Catholic school on the next block for religious instructions. Nuns wore black habits and used hand held clickers to direct us public school kids and although I was a 'good' attendee I always feared those nuns. One time I worked at a visiting nurse association whose head supervisor was a nun, although she was wore civilian clothes and was very nice to work for I always snapped to attention when Sister Silvia passed by.

February 11th, 2016, 06:48 AM
It's either really late or very early, but as I've not yet been to bed I'm going with really late.

Beautiful day down here in South Texas. I've been plodding along on my Town & Country blocks. I'm taking my sweet time mainly because I am not sure how I want to do the details yet.

I'm Methodist and we also do the ashes on Ash Wednesday. Not all Methodist churches do though. I enjoy the service and the commitment many make during Lent. I don't give up things but I do spend more time in prayer and my bible studies; I guess that is giving up my time.

I was married in the Catholic church because I didn't have a church at the time and my husband's family were Catholic and attended regularly. My mother, being a small town Protestant, was extremely upset and just KNEW they were going to convert me or at the least make sure any kids we had would be Catholic. We did the Pre Cana course and then the priest talked to us, especially me. The only thing I really recall was there was some sort of 'marriage contract' that he had and I wouldn't sign it because it did specify that we would raise our kids to be Catholic and I refused. So after a bit of discussion on my views of religion and church, he was satisfied that I was a believer and accepted my commitment to raise our kids to know Jesus Christ.

I don't have any other experience with nuns or priests like y'all have had. I always thought it would be cool to go to a school run by nuns, but what do I know. LOL I went to schools run by the govt.

February 11th, 2016, 06:48 AM
" used to live in fear of the nuns........."- Nuns wore black habits and used hand held clickers to direct us public school kids.

Wait, what? Hand held clickers to direct you? I once had a hand held clicker to train my cat! lol It can't be the same deal! :)

February 11th, 2016, 06:59 AM
Wait, what? Hand held clickers to direct you? I once had a hand held clicker to train my cat! lol It can't be the same deal! :)
OH, Yes it is the same thing as it was used to train children to follow the rules and ask no questions.

February 11th, 2016, 07:12 AM
OH, Yes it is the same thing as it was used to train children to follow the rules and ask no questions.

So when I was training my cat I would make a click when he did the right thing. Then he got a treat. It doesn't sound like the nuns used it that way on you, though!

February 11th, 2016, 07:36 AM
So when I was training my cat I would make a click when he did the right thing. Then he got a treat. It doesn't sound like the nuns used it that way on you, though!

Like your cat we were trained to do the right thing when the Sisters clicked their clickers, stand up, sit down, line up or keep quiet, but unlike your cat we didn't get a treat. One Sister did give us a treat at Christmas, a small box of hard candies, some of them would be those little jam filled candies that I never seem to find any longer.

When we were in 7th and 8th grades our instructors were priests who were really easy going, encouraged us to ask questions and they never used a clicker.

February 11th, 2016, 09:15 AM
Wow. I went to Catholic school for 9 years and had an enjoyable experience. One of the nuns had even taught my dad when he went to school. She asked us not. to tell anyone because they would know how old she was. I did get ashes this year, but not every year. My only sadness is my mother has met a priest over the years after my dad died, that IMHO has convinced her it is a sin for her to attend a wedding that is not in the church. As a result, when my DD gets married next month, this will be her second GD's wedding she refuses to attend. So sad for the grand daughters when she is the only grandparent that they have still living. I still believe and attend weekly mass, but don't agree with every aspect. Hope everyone h a strong a great day today. Late for work, got to get in shower.