View Full Version : Early bird, night owl or hummingbird?

January 24th, 2016, 10:14 AM
Our chronotype ~ It determines our sleep/Alert pattern.There are 3 types:

THE LARK: Morning people, Early bird or 'A' people. They sleep early at night at most 10 p.m and wake early in the morning say 6a.m.They are very alert and function better in the morning.They are not at their best in late afternoon or evening simply because they are Lark!!!

THE NIGHT OWL: Evening people go to bed late (past midnight) and feel more energetic before they sleep at night,then wake up late in the morning.They are not at their best in the morning,but they are alert and function better in the evening simply because they are Owl!!!They tend to catch up on the lost sleep time at the weekend..

THE HUMMINGBIRD: They have a more flexible sleeping pattern and they are a combination of the above.

I love to read the Night Owl and Early Bird posts but hesitate to add a comment and now I know why. I'm a hummingbird!

So which one are you?

January 24th, 2016, 10:26 AM
I am definitely The Lark!

Cathy F
January 24th, 2016, 10:43 AM
I'm the lark. Usually fall asleep early by 10:30, up early 6:30. I love the quiet time of the early morning.

January 24th, 2016, 11:15 AM
A hummingbird ! But I think an owl snuck into our tree a few hatches back .

January 24th, 2016, 11:17 AM
I used to be an Early Bird and get lots done in the morning but also was a bit of a Night Owl as my usual time to fall asleep was around 11:30. I did function well in the evening if I went out or had company but knew enough to never cut or sew at night. Nowadays I go with the flow so I'm definitely a Hummingbird flittering around the house at all hours of the day and night.

From where I am sitting I see that the Sun is shining brightly on all the snow in our backyard. There's a 4 feet high drift right outside the window as well as drifts that high along the backyard fence. Wonder how much snow did fall in our area? DH said our road looks clear but as usual our driveway has been plowed in. There are no houses on the other side of our street but they always plow in the driveways on this side of the street. Just glad we didn't have any big problems like loss of power or flooding.


January 24th, 2016, 12:40 PM
I am a Lark only because I have to get up at 6 for work. When I retire I know I will become a Night Owl.

January 24th, 2016, 12:49 PM
I'm a lark as I have to leave my house by 4am to get to work on time. Can't remember the last time I was awake until 10pm.

January 24th, 2016, 01:37 PM
I'm a nightowl! The time change to Central Asia requires me to float around depending on the day of the week and my available sewing time.

January 24th, 2016, 01:47 PM
If left to my own devises, I would be a lark. I love the morning and I hate missing the morning part of the day. My husband being a true night owl is up until 2-3 am and likes to sleep until 11. So, I try to be with him until 1am and get up no later than 8. I want the best of all worlds. so maybe I'm a squirrel...gathering up all the day I can so I can stock up for the night.

Granny Judy
January 24th, 2016, 03:49 PM
I used to be a night owl.... for years and years. Since retirement I fall into the Hummingbird category.... Up and Down , all hours, doing whatever catches my attention. Oh, I am also a widow ... no other influence on my nesting habits.

January 24th, 2016, 03:57 PM
I am an owl, I have always been, I like the night silence and tranquility, and although young had to make a daytime life, now that I no longer have children at home and my DH works all day I can be for the late night

Iris Girl
January 24th, 2016, 04:39 PM
Lark 99% of the time, but Hummingbird at times

Judy, USMC
January 24th, 2016, 04:53 PM
My first "real" job was as a night clerk at a freight yard in Chicago - 11pm to 7am. I struggled in my early military career having to get up at 6am to be at work by 7:30.

Early on in my retirement I reverted to my younger days of being an owl. However, I prefer to think I'm living on Hawaiian time!

January 24th, 2016, 05:41 PM
I'm definitely a Lark. Used to be an owl, but somewhere along the line that changed. Now I crawl into bed about 8 or 9, snuggle down with my Kindle and am usually sawing logs by 11. Lately my inner alarm has be up around 4am. But like so many others have said....I really love the solitude of the morning hours.

Kat Smith
January 25th, 2016, 12:34 AM
I for sure use to be a night owl, I could go through my house and do my best cleaning between 10:00 PM and midnight Then after I started staying home with kids I had to become a lark. I had one child who from the day he was born, his wake up time was 5:30 AM, but when he was about 1 he, thank goodness moved it back to 6:00 AM. Now I would say I fall in to the Hummingbird group. Love the mornings, love the late evenings and the things we can see.


Cowgirl quilter
January 25th, 2016, 01:45 AM
I have been an owl all my life. Used to struggle with morning classes at school. I tell people I am not really alive until around 10 o'clock, and I love to putter around at night after DH hits the sack. That is my quiet time.

January 25th, 2016, 01:54 AM
I'm a night owl. DH is a lark. Sometimes I have to go to CA for work. I'm a lark out there ☺

We have a 10 o'clock rule at our house. No calls before 10 AM (me) and no calls after 10 PM (DH).

January 25th, 2016, 02:26 AM
I'm a Night Owl for sure I can't fall asleep before 2:30 or 3 am but do nap in the late morning.