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January 20th, 2016, 08:07 AM
WOW Wednesday already. You realize that in 12 sleeps we start a new month? Holy crow!

Another bitter cold day here today. We are supposed to see sunshine today. Yesterday I went quilting with Bonnie for Victoria's Quilts. We are just about done the quilt we are working on.

Not sure what today's agenda is yet, it's too early.

Blondie must still be recuperating from Sarah's birthday weekend.

Have a great day everyone. You are the bestest people.

January 20th, 2016, 08:23 AM
Morning Everyone,

We got us a layer of ice topped off with a small layer of snow. The snow is no bother, but wow that ice! It moved in on us yesterday when I was in town and I barely made it home. I doubt I'll even venture out to the mailbox today.

I plan to do some embroidery today. We have leftover beef stew for dinner tonight so I don't even have to cook.

Stay warm & safe everyone.

January 20th, 2016, 09:00 AM
Morning all -
cold here, and we're watching to see what that storm will or will not bring on Saturday.
I went to the LQS yesterday with my friend - I forget how intimidating that can be when you're not used to it! We've decided that she's going to hold off buying anything for now, and go through her stash (she used to quilt a long time ago) first. She's coming over later this week so I can show her how to do HST's the easy way ;)
I did pop into J* and get some much needed batting. I've decided to try the warm, soft, and bright (poly) since it is for lap sized quilts, not full bed quilts. (at half the price, the poly is a bit more budget friendly...)
Today I'll try to finish up my blocks for Phoebe's Flower Box, then I need to play catch up on the 365 quilt!
Have a great day all :)

Ginny B
January 20th, 2016, 09:01 AM
Good morning everyone. A cold day here again today but not as bad as the last two days. The word for yesterday was definitely "layers". I knew that it would be chilly at work because we had been closed for the long weekend and it would take a while to warm up and also because the insulation doesn't seem to be that great even though it's a new building so the cold just seeps right through the windows and walls. Snow possibly coming this weekend. Most people think about getting the milk and bread but I for one thought about what I need from the fabric store if we are going to have snow on Saturday. :)

Have a good day. Keep warm. Stay safe.

Jean Sewing Machine
January 20th, 2016, 10:16 AM
Good morning friends! It is cold here and it snowed a bit here, about 2" in my neighborhood. However, the school districts closed the schools, so the kids get a free day! My street is clear and it is just past 7 am so, I don't think this snow is going to affect much as far as getting out. We didn't have the ice Bubby got, just soft pretty snow.

I'm going to paint my sewing studio today. Wow, there sure was a lot stuffed into that room! Friday, new carpeting is going in, then I can sort through it to start getting things back in place. In the meantime, I have a t shirt quilt on the frame ready to quilt! Hope I can get that done before Saturday night! The stars must align to get this all done!

Have a great day, keep warm. East coast friends, you might get hit big time by snow, stay safe!

January 20th, 2016, 11:16 AM
Good Morning,

It's suppose to get nasty here....there saying ice. That makes me very uncomfortable. We had a ice storm in 96 two weeks without power. I'll never forget it. We didn't have gas heat and we we're pregnant with our second child. We Had to stay with MIL I was pretty sure I was in he*l. Of pretty close. So when we built our house, you better believe we have gas heat. So we never have to leave home again, lol. She's completely different now. I feel like there we're a lot of wasted years of rejection. She liked the old girlfriend better than me. But her son chose me. That makes things rough. We survived. Amazingly.

Norma.... how exciting to have someone to share this lovely hobby with. Maybe she would like the forum too. Has she started watching Jenny's tutorials? I say I started learning at the best time, since there are so many clever ways to make quilting easier. I'm not a math person, so I am gratefull for all the patterns, and tutorials I've been able to use to help me. Still yet I love having this group to come to to ask questions and get inspiration from.
Have fun.

Stay warm.... stay safe.......be blessed

January 20th, 2016, 11:23 AM
Morning all! It's really cold here and DH is fretting over it. He is obsessed with the weather. Heard there may be snow later and keeps asking about it! We have his dermatology appt today to follow up on his last biopsy. Then we're Doctor free fro the rest of the month. Yeah!!
Making progress yesterday in the sewing room until I ran out of ceiling paint with 1/4 left to go. So a quick stop at Home Depot today for more. Managed to get treadmill out of that room and moved downstairs with the neighbors help on Monday. More sewing room for me!
Hope all are well. Stay dry and warm and safe everyone. Hugs to all :-)

January 20th, 2016, 11:53 AM
Good Evening Friends! I just love dropping in and checking on you all <3

It's crazy cold out here in Kazakhstan, it snowed on Monday and I doubt it will melt much until March. In 24 years the school has never closed for snow though, so it just is what it is... this is a big convenience of living on campus!!

My supervisor stopped by for an unannounced observation yesterday, and my feedback today was all positive, so that felt good!! I have so much respect for her, I would hate to let her down. I do not want to see her go, but she's been promoted to be the Head of School in Duschanbe (Tajikistan) and we're really going to miss her!!

I just sent out invitations for my daughter's seventh birthday party. 7! Jeepers, I've got a big kid in the house!! I need to sneak in sewing up a mermaid tail blanket for her between all of my costume sewing for the school musical.... better get back to work, y'all are a great form of procrastination!!

Have a wonderful day!

January 20th, 2016, 12:42 PM
Yes, it's also cold here in Jersey, at least it was at 7:30 am when we left for visit with my primary doc. Appointment was for 8 am so we had to make sure we got up early. DH had a cup of instant coffee but no coffee or food for me as I had to fast since 8 pm last night. Went out to car and there were ice spots next to the car all of which made me very antsy. Who had the bright idea to schedule an 8 am appointment? Dumb me that's who? Next check up will be scheduled for later in the morning.

At least there was no wind and it was a bit warmer when we left the medical center. We better enjoy the warm sunshine as that major snow storm does look like it's coming to our area on Saturday. Kind of worried as we weren't able to get a contract with anyone for snow removal and 82 year old DH isn't in any shape to do a big snow removal. All area landscapers who advertise they do snow removal can't be bothered with a small job like our sidewalks and double driveway as they have contracts to do parking lots.

10:30 and feeling much better since I finished my first cup of coffee, another cup and I'll make it up over this hump day so I can get something done around the house.