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Ginny B
January 9th, 2016, 11:15 AM
Good morning everyone. It's Saturday! I've got a lot on my to do list this weekend for sure. Laundry and putting away the Christmas decorations and taking down the tree will take up a good portion of the day. Of course, I've got a good sized sewing to do list also that I hope to make a dent in. But before any of that happens, I'll be putting the ingredients for onion soup into the crock pot. Dinner tonight will be easy soup and sandwiches.

We've got a bunch of rain coming tomorrow. It will be a good day to be inside watching the Seahawks game. Boy is it going to be cold at that game! I am sure we will have the other playoff games on while we are working around the house this weekend but the Seahawks are dh's favorite team so that one will be a sit and watch Game.

What does everyone else have on their lists for this weekend? I hope it will include something creative.

Stay warm everyone. Be safe all who are dealing with winter storms and cold.

January 9th, 2016, 01:09 PM
Good morning. Pretty quiet here, raining day so it is a staying in day for us.

Have a great Saturday.

January 9th, 2016, 02:37 PM
Well it's now Good Afternoon!! It has been a long few weeks but DH seems to be improving on his new medication, Celexa.
He is sleeping a bit more, but he is also eating much better at each meal which is a big plus! His anger fits have completely subsided. So for all of that, I am grateful.
Weather has been so horrible with damp, rainy cold days that I have moved back into renovation mode. My target, the "sewing room"! I have completely emptied the big walk in closet, and started cleaning and repainting. Since it leads into the upstairs storage areas (2 different doors) I have decided to take my time going thru everything in the storage area and purge what I don't need.
That will be enough to keep me busy while DH is sleeping!!
Then move on to the room itself and get all my sewing area cleaned and organized. I'll probably be at it for months, so sewing is off the table for now.
Downside ( if you could call it that) is that it is all in the guest room so there will be no sleeping over at our house for awhile!!
The Kipling B&B is closed for renovations!! LOL!

So hoping everyone stays warm and dry and healthy!! Miss you guys!