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January 5th, 2016, 10:01 PM
This grandma is pooped. My oldest and his family came up from FL. They were here two days, DIL sick in bed most of the time. DS and DIL left for their 5th anniversary treat up in Blowing Rock. DIL is still sick. They'll come home tomorrow.

Sad thing, she gave her virus to both kids and me. Esther hasn't slept through the night, Jonathan was doing well until about 10 this morning then it was a down hill slide for him. I've rocked and rocked, hugged and tried to keep them happy. Jonathan slept almost all day. Esther would sleep, then jump and wake herself back up to cry some more. They didn't leave a permission slip in case the kiddies got sick. So Tylenol will have to do. Esther's tugging at her ears, so by the time she gets home, she may have an ear infection.

DIL has to go back to work on Friday. So the plan is to head back to FL tomorrow. I hope they make it home with some semblance to sanity.

Monday, I have to have the paper work ready to close mom's estate. Hoping to run by the court house to make sure all the papers she needed have been turned in... then the fun part... making sure my numbers add up. I know it's going to be a pain, Alcatel refunded the Sept medical insurance payment, then stopped payment on the check. Christmas Eve, they finally sent a check to replace that check, but they're NOT going to pay the stop payment fee.

Oh well. Calculator is ready, filled with paper. I wish I remembered how to do spread sheets, but it's been way too long. Joyce will just have to deal with my notes.

Best part of the day Michael's called the pictures we had reframed were done. Sent the youngest son to pick them up. 123828123829 Oldest son, youngest son and cousin spring break and then when Jim got married.

January 6th, 2016, 12:47 AM
Sorry to hear the kids are sick, and even worse that grandma has to be the caretaker at this time. I finally made my son and DIL get a paper notarized giving me permission to seek medical care for my granddaughter since she is with me so much of the time. Saying prayers that they get better, and that they all get back to Florida okay - and that grandma gets some rest. :icon_wave:

January 6th, 2016, 03:28 AM
Sorry to hear you've had a rough visit with the grandkids since nobody feels good.I always left a note with my sitters giving them permission to have my kids treated with their medical cards as well.I hope the kids aren't flying if one of the little ones has sore ears.