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November 14th, 2011, 09:59 AM

A good and happy Monday morning, folksies!
A very uneventful weekend with the Moms. She is doing well, thanks for the pm's and emails, my friends. No side effects this round so far and she can outwork me almost anyday. She had me pouring through family history stuff, family photos and all of that kind of thing. Very pleasant but no sewing for me. I missed y'all and am looking forward to getting caught up. Hubs and I discussed this past weekend and we have decided that because she stays so lonely, I will be down there weekends until further notice. Sis stayed with us on Saturday night. Her hubs is a little more "possessive" of her time away from him overnite, so she isn't as free as I am.
I had wanted Luscious Larry to go look at puppies yesterday afternoon but he was intent on watching The Red Zone on tv. Non stop, commercial free football. Oy.
Okie dokie everyone, going to see what y'all have been up to.
Big hugs all around and don't forget to smile!

November 14th, 2011, 10:06 AM
Glad your mum is doing well Blondie.

The weather here is horrid, yuck.
I am just doing housework today, that, and on here a bit.

November 14th, 2011, 10:31 AM
Good morning Blondie and Kilted Quilter. It is a beautiful sunny day here. Well, today is the day of my surgery. NO COFFEE this morning. Nothing after midnight last night. Uggg. Surgery is at 1 pm. Should be back home late this evening.

My weekend was quiet. I did get my blocks finished and signed for the swap. Now it is to figure out what I want everyone for Xmas.

Have a wonderful day my friends. I will try and catch up to you when I can. I might be out of commission for a couple of days.

Blondie you are so lucky to have your mom close by. Cherish the times you have with her. I miss my mom and wish she were here quilting with me.

November 14th, 2011, 10:32 AM
Happy monday morning to everyone. I had a very uneventful weekend. I hung out on my sofa all weekend dang colds grab you and you cant break free. I have had one way to long. I taught myself to hand quilt on thursday night and a wonderful friend of mine set me up with a great panel great to get me ready for the holiday season. I now think I like to hand quilt a lot. I know its time consuming but hey its relaxing and I needed a relaxing weekend for once. I feel recharged even though I am still sick and its gloomy out here. I think the snow is going to fly more before Thanksgiving. I have to say this year I am ok with it. I am not really in the xmas spirit for some reason. I think as I have gotten older it has lost its appeal to me. Or maybe because when I was in my teen years my boyfriend at the time his mom and grandma would decorate there house to the hill in xmas stuff and it was wonderful and made me feel all christmas inside. Well I hope all the lovely ladies on here and those who are not on here today have a good monday. I am going to make the most of mine and home tonight for some hand quilting time to put some snow flakes on this panel and make it a pretty wall hang for the holidays! Have a GREAT DAY! :icon_wave:

November 14th, 2011, 10:44 AM
I like your attitude. If we fight our battles mentally with good attitude the battle is half won. I wish you a wonderful day filled with happy memories and thoughts of seasons' past.

Monique, I will keep you covered with prayer today.

Nicole, smile and the sun will be shining for you. and oh, my house needs a good scrubbing again; I'll keep the key under the mat for you.

Granny Judy
November 14th, 2011, 11:08 AM
Whee, I'm finally able to post something here. Not sure why this is happening, but I don't get the field to come up with "quick reply". And advanced reply doesn't show up til I refresh several times. Being this is first time I've been able to post here at MQC forum, Can some one transfer this problem to the "powers that handle such things."?? Please!!

I'Ve checked my settings and security ... seems ok to me. I use windows 7.

November 14th, 2011, 11:11 AM
oh boy, every one... mon, blond. and all...thinking of you. in the best possible light..i have to work today. had a girls day out with DD. went and had her hair curled at beauty parlor... and bought her some new clothes...was fun...but i am still affected by my thyroid being off.. i don't like these sonic rushes.... they are so uncomfortable... get a tingle in bread basket...tummy then whooosh... feels like bloodis traveling a thousand miles and hour through exstremities...get likr 5 to 6 a day.. dr says ... could be anxioty....oh well...

thinking ofyou all. hi Jan...later all.

stitching woman
November 14th, 2011, 11:29 AM
Good Morning all,

Housework and laundry for me today then maybe a little sewing. Gray and overcast here today makes it hard for me to want to get started. Made two Christmas stocking yesterday afternoon and quilted a quilt for a friend. This is going to be a busy week for me', some shopping tomorrow, going to see a friend who is battling cancer, girls night out at the church on Thursday and guild on Friday.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day and hugs and prayers to those who need them.

November 14th, 2011, 11:45 AM
Blondie - so glad you get to spent such quality time with your Mom. Yay for LL for being so accommodating about it.

Monique - praying all goes well for you.

Judy - good luck with your PC issues.

Gina - hope the thyroid thing gets straighten out soon. Sounds like it's giving you a heck of a time.

To everyone else, have a great day and good luck in all you do. It's just work for me but then I'm going for a massage...YAY! I made for blocks for my iron quilter project. Can't decide if I want to just sew them together or sash between. Anyone here who is NOT doing the iron quilter thang so I can pick your brain???

Have a great day,

November 14th, 2011, 11:56 AM
G'morning ya'll. I'm staying home from work today because of a sick child...So that means that I can work one some sewing!

I'm going to be 'teaching' a friend to sew, and then on Saturday, show her how to make those aprons from kitchen towels...hopefully, another friend will be dropping off my extra machine that I loaned her....

November 14th, 2011, 12:01 PM
Happy Monday! Blondie, such a thoughtful daughter and wife. Trying to juggle it all...and doing a fine job of it. Gina, sorry to hear you are having these uncomfortable feelings. The thyroid could definitely be off, making you feel bad, thus increasing the anxiety...sort of a vicious circle. Good to hear from you, Judy! Wish I was more electronically gifted to help with your dilemma! Will be praying for an easy time with the surgery, Monique. Get better, Kziggy!

Our hospital Craft Fair is over! it turned out very successful, but oh, so much work. I have pretty much decided not to chair it again next year....but there are so few of us, don't know what that will mean. We will be talking about it on Thursday......
Yesterday my two granddaughters were Baptized, so the day was full with ceremonies and celebrations! Now it is time to crash for a day or two!

So glad to be back on and being part of the quilting world again!

November 14th, 2011, 12:23 PM
Hi everyone!

And a good Monday to all. It is sunny and warm here again today - except for that snowstorm and a little bit of rain, we are having a wonderful November here in NH.

My poor very active son broke a bone in his foot on Saturday. Four to six weeks recovery. He is going to be so bored! He's my right-hand man, so that means lots more work for me. He cleans bathrooms and kitchen and does garbage and recycling and oh, no! He always makes me lunch! I will have to suffer through now and make him lunch for a little bit. Now my secret is out. This is why I can get so much time to quilt. David and my two other sons here at home keep the house running while I keep the sewing machine running! I'll just have to be more efficient, I guess.

Can anyone say paper plates?


Sandy Navas
November 14th, 2011, 12:42 PM
A very uneventful weekend with the Moms. She is doing well, thanks for the pm's and emails, my friends.

You know as it gets closer to the anniversary of your Dear Dad's departure she's going to need you and Sis for distraction more and more - in fact you are all going to need each other. Therefore, I'm sending you lots and lots of hugs and prayers. Love you!!!

Sandy Navas
November 14th, 2011, 12:45 PM
Well, today is the day of my surgery. NO COFFEE this morning. Nothing after midnight last night. Uggg. Surgery is at 1 pm. Should be back home late this evening.

Sending you special hugs and prayers for a very uneventful surgery and quick recovery. Now let's see you back here real quick kicking up your heels and causing some trouble!! (((((((((((((((Monique)))))))))))))))))

Sandy Navas
November 14th, 2011, 12:59 PM
Okay, I have caused enough trouble here today and I'd better make this quick and get off here to accomplish something. I plan on doing laundry and getting my kitchen cleaned up a bit, maybe even change the sheets and get the bedroom cleaned before my #5 and #6 granddaughters are dropped off this afternoon . . . see, we're having a very special Tea Party for a 3 and 4 YO and their American Dolls - using a tea set I picked up at the thrift store a few weeks ago. So I am going to make two batches of cookies so the girls can roll them out and bake them and we'll make the tea together. I also found lovely dress-up dresses for the dolls the other day so we should be all set. I really need to hustle though.

Spent our lunchtime with our favorite 20YO birthday girl yesterday. We have so much fun with her when the rest of the family is not around. She's grown up to be a wonderful young lady - given all the hardships she's faced in her lifetime. We are certainly proud of her.

No sewing on the horizon today. Started work on the quilting frame yesterday for one of the wall hangings I have to finish and was sorely disappointed. So think I will finish it up doing hand quilting - more meaningful and I sure won't be ashamed to gift it to another quilter.

Prayers and hugs where needed . . . I am so glad I have you - each and every one of you - in my life.

November 14th, 2011, 01:09 PM
Nicole, smile and the sun will be shining for you. and oh, my house needs a good scrubbing again; I'll keep the key under the mat for you.

:icon_beuj: I looked for the key but couldn't find it!

November 14th, 2011, 01:32 PM
We had a nice sunday. After church with part of the family and a lovely brunch afterward we went by DS's house. Really only planned to stay a bit but ended up there the rest of the day. Had a fun visit with them.GD napped most of our visit but we did get some play time in before we left. So no sewing for me!

Sandy, Your GD is just a bit younger than my youngest DD. Aren't they fun to be around?

November 14th, 2011, 03:04 PM
Morning Everyone!
Hey ~Blondie~ indeed God has Blessed you.
As For Dear LL….. There is no CURE for That thang called “Football” LOL BUT GURL!!! GOD BLESSSSS THAT BIG MAN!! Cause they don’t Mak’Em like that anymore!!! As For Sis!... I hear Her…. I’ll keep her in my Prayers.

~Monique~ WHAT! NO COFEE!!
Not even Intravenous??…LOL
I don’t know what I would do with my morning CAFÉ….
I'm PRAYING For YA!...and I’m with Ya… I also miss her Too! But I know Mum's with Me with
every Stitch I take….cause she was my MUSE….
The one that gave me the “Sewing BUG” haa-haaa

~kziggy~ I Got the PERFECT Brew For YA!!! “HOT TODDY” It’s My Special Blend! It’ll have You Up and Dancing DISCO in the Sewing Room GURL! LOL
One word of WARNING though…
You’ll have to put the needle down before taking it…
We wouldn't want you stitching the quilt to the Couch know…would We?!? Lol…
Cold? What COLD?

~Killted Quilter~ Sending some FLORIDA Sunshine your Wayyyyy!!!

~Judy~ Hi... Okayyyy…..Try Deleting the Cookies & Temporary files on your Internet- Tools then Options. When done, close the screen and try it again. You may have to run a quick Scan with your Security Software. It sounds like MALWARE has infected your PC. Hope this helps.

Hi ~ Gina & stichiwoman~ Bernice?? Can I come over and do my Laundry at your Place? My machine broke.
Goshhh I started writing this at 11:00AM… But it took Me FOR-E-V-E-R to type it as you can see the time….
Why?.... You May ask..
Welll let’s put it this wayyyy…Next time I won’t have the TV on when typing a REPLY…LOL…
“WHITE CHICKS” movie was sewwww HILARIOUS!!!

To everyone I missed Hi and Enjoy Your Day...

"You all have a Safe and Blessed Day"

OMG!!!! It's ONE O'CLOCK!!!!!!!
Where did this Day GO?

stitching woman
November 14th, 2011, 03:28 PM
Oldgurl come on over the machine is running and the coffee is on, bring some stitching to do while we wait and we just have a good old time.

November 15th, 2011, 02:20 AM
Monique, I've been praying for you all day. I'm hoping things went well for you. Blessings!
Sorry I'm so late. It's been a busy day.
Blondie, you are such a good daughter and you have such a wonderful Husband. He reminds me of mine. Whatever my parents needed, they had. Joe was always there for them. And he is always there for me too.
Emily is having a problem. She has developed a fever of 102.3. With tylenol it only goes to 101. Off to the hospital she went. They can't find anything. So she is off to Strong Memorial in the morning. Her Aplastic Anemia Dr. will be there then. We don't know what is wrong. The docs at the local ER, said there is nothing bacterial going on. Her ANC level is up, which is good I guess, it means her body is trying to fight whatever it is. So, if you think of it, send a little prayer up for her. It's not the best news we've had seeing as she is just been told she was in remission. I pray her Docs at Strong can find out what is going on.
Gina honey, I am so sorry that sensation is still bothering you. I'll say prayers.
Well everyone, I'm off to bed, I'm really tired. Love, Hugs and prayers, Jan L.