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December 13th, 2015, 04:23 AM
This owl is looking even more disheveled than usual due to extreme fatigue. The reno project has sucked all the energy out of me. I have spent the last week hunting down furniture. Bought a couch and chair. Went out in a storage barn and got a table. Decided to freshen it up using chalk paint. Ended up painting two tables, a stool, and a old nail keg. Still have to wax them. I have "antiqued" furniture many years ago using another technique, but this a first with chalk paint. Interesting process and that little quart of paint really goes places.

On top of all that I have had to decorate for Christmas. It has been years since I was this late putting up a tree. I wanted to put it in the new sunroom...no real space in the living room for it....and the sunroom was not ready yet. Since I was so late I thought I might get a real tree for the first time in 30 years. Looked at some trees available locally and they were all tragic...needles falling off already. So I wrangled the 4 ft tree I got at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago down from upstairs and decorated it anyway. If I ever built another house it would have a huge closet in the living room where i could just roll the decorated tree into it for storage. Too old for all this dragging stuff up and down stairs. A lot of what I have done is "winter" decorations that will stay up through February...just the tree, my Santa collection. and the Christmas tree wallhanging will be put up before Jan.1. I need to take a picture of the display on the mantel...featuring, of all thing, owls!

Then this morning we found a lot of water on the floor in the utility room from an unknown source. DH had to go out of town today so we turned off the water out there...still some water there, so we have to track the source down. I am suspecting the water heater. Ouch...just finished reno and now we have this to deal with.

My back and hip are hurting and I can't sleep. Haven't sewn in weeks. Things could be much worse...but I will admit it has been challenging lately.

Prayers for all hurting from physical pain, mental anguish or grief.

December 13th, 2015, 05:40 AM
It sounds like you have your hands full Connie!

I spent most of my day tidying up stuff. It amazes me how quickly things can migrate from their home to some flat surface some place else. The kitchen is clean enough for my husband to trash it while he works on smoking bacon, cashews, and coarse sea salt over the next few days. The bacon will be by itself, so it doesn't drip grease onto the salt or nuts. Ick.

This evening I did finish the two tote bags on my list. Whoo Hoo! I won't be up trying to finish the teacher presents the night before! Next up, a couple of quilts to quilt. The dining table is clear enough to work at.

I'm going to unplug the iron and tuck into my nest for the night. This owl still has plenty of things to get done on her list before Santa visits, but sleep is going to be necessary for accuracy!

Happy hooting everyone!

December 13th, 2015, 06:36 AM
Hoot hoot!! I can't keep track of time zones.... I was up until 2 am sewing a shirt for myself last night. It was so peaceful and productive.

We put up our tree here in KAZ 2 weeks ago, but we'll be stopping by Hobby Lobby as soon as we are in ATL to get a small greet for the kids to enjoy this year. We have plenty of decorating to do when we get there, but it will be nice to see the items we haven't enjoyed in over 3 years.

We leave in about 56 hours.... I probably be to do some packing!!

Of course, I have a quilt out that I'm quilting for DS just in case a few free minutes magically appear!!

December 13th, 2015, 12:01 PM
So sorry to hear about all your problems. Will say some extra prayers for you. :icon_wave: