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November 16th, 2015, 07:21 PM
A friend of mine has been studying brain research and genetic transference and a bunch of other educational studies that are floating around recently. Anyway, we were discussing how things are passed down from one generation to another through the gene pool, not just the normal things you think about but the possibility of memories being passed down.

The long way around to get to what caught my eye today. DH brought down a box of postcards that belonged to my grandmother on my mother's side. There were postcards from her FIL to her MIL. It was cool to read what he'd written to her. Watching a steamer ship sail off to Europe, how tired he was, and he was going to write her a letter all about it later. The coolest thing was seeing how he signed his post cards. Everyone of them was signed Papa. I looked at that and wondered... That's what Jonathan decided to call Howard. Papa, with the accent on the second pa.

I have a picture of my Grandpa Mac about 2 yrs, and Jonathan the same age in just about the same pose. They could be twins! So, maybe there is something to these studies. Wouldn't that be something!

November 16th, 2015, 07:31 PM
This is interesting. When my sister was young, she seemed to always get her fingers slammed in something (car door, screen door, etc). Her daughter is the same way. You wouldn't think this would be hereditary, but we just don't know. The brain is awesome.

November 17th, 2015, 12:10 AM
CraftHer, when my daughter was diagnosed with ADD-Inattentive type, I did a lot of reading about it. One of the things I read is that people with ADD-I tend to be "clumsy". They tend to do things like slam their fingers in the door or stub their toes, etc. Since ADD-I is hereditary, it would make sense that the "clumsiness" would follow along genetically. Any chance your sister and niece have ADD?