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November 14th, 2015, 01:11 PM
I joined the forum in September and now I can't get the day started without checking in! Then logging on several times of the day to boot. I find I am getting behind on my daily chores:) I did a forced retirement in May and have been trying to clean out/up one room at a time. I am finding it: cathartic, satisfying, frustrating, boring and needed. At the moment I am sitting in the middle of piles of things that I have to deal with. I really want to head into the quilting room and work on the mug rug that keeps whispering my name. So far hubby hasn't made comment so I don't have much guilt about doing a better job. It helps that he's getting wonder scratch made meals. Do you log in more than once a day?

November 14th, 2015, 01:35 PM
... pretty much off and on all day, depending on the day.

grandma nurse
November 14th, 2015, 01:46 PM
Yes, I'm on through out the day. I check in whenever I stop and take a break. Love my forum friends.

November 14th, 2015, 02:24 PM
At first maybe once every couple days .....That didn't last long .I log on and off all day long, when I take a break or need a snack I sit here and read the forum. I just love reading this forum . If I'm up at midnight I have to see what the dd is, then I come straight here and read about all the wonderful things everyone is making. I have MSQ as a favorite on my phone and if I'm standing in line or out somewhere and bored, I even log on then. Ya'll have become my addiction I feel like I know you.

November 14th, 2015, 02:30 PM
I try to do it once a day! Unfortunately sometimes I don't stick to this. I know what you mean. I sit here and it seems minutes later I check the time and can't believe how long I've been visiting the Forum or the Quilt shop! Trying to get major cleaning done, doesn't look too promising though! Oh well. (I don't feel guilty at all, well maybe a little.....very little):icon_heh::lol::lol:

November 14th, 2015, 03:00 PM
Yep, I'm pretty much guilty as charged. I check in off and on during the day - and I'm still working full-time! AND what's really bad is that I get disappointed when there aren't many new posts (even though I don't post all that often!). What kind of sick is that????? Now I must really go clean my bathrooms before hubby gets home!

November 14th, 2015, 05:28 PM
Right now my lack of endurance allows me to work a little , rest a little. When I rest it's here seeing what's going on on the forum. No better place to take a break. Kathy

November 14th, 2015, 05:36 PM
When I started, I was on several times a day. Now I try to limit myself to just a couple. It depends on what needs to be done. I have to put my own borders in place or I can piddle the day away and be aggravated at my lack of production. It fluxes, like life, but I have to check in daily at a bare minimum!!!

November 14th, 2015, 05:48 PM
... pretty much off and on all day, depending on the day.

Same here.

November 14th, 2015, 07:18 PM
A couple of times a day or as time will allow. Welcome.

November 14th, 2015, 08:16 PM
I did, too. Now not as much, but I had to face the fact I was spending more time READING about quilting than actually quilting. I still check several times, most days, just try not to spend as much time each time I do.

November 14th, 2015, 08:50 PM
Goodness, no. Well, not usually. Well, not always. OK some times I do. In all honestly most of the time I do...lol. I'm considering hiring a maid and its just me. Ha ha. Not really but I spend too much time on here some days.

November 14th, 2015, 09:09 PM
FabStripper - you took the words right out of my mouth!

November 14th, 2015, 11:38 PM
Yup, fairly new to the forum and usually check in while I have my morning coffee and then before I call it a night. But, sometimes more, lol :icon_wave:

November 15th, 2015, 01:56 AM
Well when I just had a desktop PC I only checked the forum about twice a week. Then I got a Kindle now I check like 4-5 times a day bc you know it's just so convenient!!The tablet sits by my chair in the LR just calling to me. Between facebook and the forum it's a wonder I get anything done at all, but the forum has kind of taken over my Pinterest addiction.Yeah, definitely some days I spend way more time reading about quilting than doing it!! And yes, I have a feeling that I "know you" all from your postings--or at least your personalities. But I sure do love the forum and all the happy helpful ppl here and I wouldn't have it any other way!

November 15th, 2015, 02:47 AM
A couple times a day.

November 15th, 2015, 02:56 AM
I only log in once daily

Juliet Taylor
November 15th, 2015, 07:33 AM
If I had the time I'll check it 2-3 times per day. My problem is that I love to read almost everything so this really takes a lot of time!
So what usually happen when I have a very though week at work is that on Sunday I try to catch up with everything so I'm basically on and off the whole day trying to read everything :D

November 15th, 2015, 12:13 PM
I have to read all the threads too. I love to see where everyone lives and the little sayings they have chosen for their "sign". It's great that people that the time to write something to each post. Thanks to everyone who took the time to post to this thread!

Jean Marie
November 15th, 2015, 12:44 PM
Guilty as charged! I check it 5-6 times a day! Need to stop that because, like many of you, I don't get anything done!! Lol

Grandma Nan
November 15th, 2015, 01:27 PM
Most days I check about twice a day but other days more. Like some of you, I found I was reading about quilting more than actually quilting. I find the Forum very inspiring most of the time. I also find if I don't check for a few days, I get behind on what my quilty friends are doing. Many people on here are friends and some feel like they could be great friends if we ever met.

November 15th, 2015, 04:13 PM
Maybe we can start a virtual maid? Somebody new can win the maid every day? I don't need her today because I got up early and did laundry and cleaned my kitchen before church.

November 15th, 2015, 04:49 PM
It is so good to hear I am not the only one who does these things. I have so much to get done in the house, but here I am, sitting with my computer logged on the MSQ --

November 15th, 2015, 05:48 PM
Many of us have Forumitis......a condition that causes us to spend more time reading about quilting and quilty friends than actually quilting. :D I think I will need the virtual maid for a week.

November 15th, 2015, 06:31 PM
I hear ya'....
When i first found M* about 4 or 5 years back... it was at a time when i needed serious distraction and I thank God for so many of the gals here that helped me thru each day with their humor and wonderful ideas... Jenny was my savior because i could get lost in her magical way of getting things done with speed and imagination...(of which i have much..LOL)

I fulfilled one item on my bucket list in 2014 and made the pilgrimage to M* retreat... one of the best things i've ever done!

FF to today,, even though i would love to comment and chat with each and every one of you,, i have gotten to a place where i go amost every day to my wonderful room of machines and fabrics and concoct all sorts of wonderful quilts , zip bags, pillows during the day and donate to charity or give my Sis to sell for supplemental income...
My nights are with DH in front of the TV... while he FF's thru all commercials of the many many many DVR'd shows he likes, with my knitting needles clicking or chrochet hook flying...
I guess you would say in can't sit with my hands still...:))

I so Enjoy the moments we have here on the forum,,,,, but i am thrilled to think that i'm finally not going to worry that i will leave this earth with thousands of dollars worth of collected stuff that was not put to good use:))))))))))))) GB