October 27th, 2015, 03:19 AM
It has been several months since I've shouted out a few middle of the night Hoots from my favorite tree and I'm enjoying the midnight sky and big shiny moon. Finally got my taste buds back so I'm sitting here sipping some tea and eating some tiny Star Wars graham crackers while I see what everyone has been up to lately. 120064

This week ends my month long At Home OT and PT sessions, next month I'll be at rehab gym as an Out Patient. This morning OT therapist observed me getting undressed, taking a shower and getting dressed with DH giving me a little assistance - she said I was excellent. Last OT session is on Wednesday, will be working in the kitchen and doing some laundry in an effort for me to be as self sufficient as possible. DH will help with the heavy stuff like unloading the wet laundry and loading it into the dryer and getting me the heavy pots and pans. He has been doing laundry and a little cooking, well mainly defrosting and reheating, but I'm stronger now so it's time for me to literally to get cooking again. Final PT sessions will be of exercise routines, lots of walking with the walker and going up and down a step. Still walking slow but keep pushing myself to do better each day,

October 27th, 2015, 03:35 AM
OMG, May's back!!! :D I'm so happy to see you again! I never quite knew what happened to you as the last I had heard, you have a UTI... :(

October 27th, 2015, 04:01 AM
Happy to hear your hooting! I'll be seeing a new quilt this week, as we are on vacation. The time change here always puts me in a good spot to hoot right back at you. You were missed, I'm happy to hear of your progress and determination.

October 27th, 2015, 04:47 AM
Glad you are making progress May! Sounds like you are going in a positive direction. We have missed you!

Day 4 of reno got the roof on as well as house wrap. As serious rain seems to be headed this way, that is a good thing.

Hoping for a chace to do some sewing today.

Juliet Taylor
October 27th, 2015, 06:27 AM
I'm glad to read you :)

October 27th, 2015, 07:37 AM
May...I had to pop in here and say how thrilled I am to see you back in your tree! I've not been nightowling much lately because I've been sleeping pretty well. I hope you continue to improve every day....(((HUGS)))

October 27th, 2015, 08:57 AM
Hootin' back at ya, May! So nice to see you are back on the branch, Queen of All She Surveys. We have missed you and it is so nice to hear that your therapy is coming along so well. Enjoy your kitchen time and some sewing time too. Fall weather is a great time to make some old favorites.

October 27th, 2015, 09:03 AM
Hi May, so glad to hear that you are getting stronger and feeling better. We missed your night owl post. :)

Cathy F
October 27th, 2015, 09:19 AM
May, I have been sleeping more soundly through the night and rarely in the tree anymore but I have to tell you...you were missed!
Glad to hear of your great progress and most of all to see you back on your branch!

October 27th, 2015, 11:44 AM
YAY!! Glad you are back May!! Keep up the hard work with the PT. remember what they say;,,, Use it or lose it. :-)

October 27th, 2015, 12:11 PM
Will say some prayers that you get lots of help with your outpatient OT and PT. :icon_wave:

October 27th, 2015, 03:19 PM
Welcome back May! It's so good to see you here.

Iris Girl
October 27th, 2015, 05:46 PM
I think I missed what happened after the UTI diagnosis , BUT I am so thrilled your back and doing well. (((HUGS)))