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October 22nd, 2015, 01:18 PM
Painter's tape...

My husband was a contractor.... He did room additions, remodels, decks, etc....and often injured himself...cuts, and scrapes were common... Just part of the job....

Well, he never wanted to take the time to treat a cut properly....do....he would usually slsp some black electrical tape over the wound... I like to think I was carrying on the tradition this morning....

I was cutting something, the rotary cutter slipped, and there it was...a small...but bleeding....cut on my left index finger.

Kneeing I had no band suds in the house, I grabbed a roll of blue painter's type, and wrapped up the little cut.... Earl would have been so proud.... Love you, Honey... Always.

October 22nd, 2015, 01:24 PM
Earl was watching over you for sure.

October 22nd, 2015, 03:03 PM
Earl was watching over you for sure.

I think do, too... I miss him more with every passing day.... We knew each other neatly our whole lives... Met at 14/17... He was my anchor..

October 22nd, 2015, 03:34 PM
Aww that is a sweet story!

October 22nd, 2015, 03:39 PM
Awww that is so sweet. I have tears..... Bless your heart.

October 22nd, 2015, 04:27 PM
Hugs, Sandy! He would be proud that you thought to use the tape!!!

October 22nd, 2015, 04:42 PM
Aww Sandy, your Earl and my Terry went to the same medical school. Black tape is a necessity at our house as well. I'm more of a blue tape person, it comes off much more easily!

October 22nd, 2015, 07:26 PM
It touches my heart every single time you talk about Earl and the beautiful love you shared. I feel the same way about my husband and know that we are so blessed to have each other.

You and Earl were very blessed to have each other too and I know he is watching over you. I bet he is getting a chuckle out of you using that painter's tape thinking he taught you well! Lol.

October 22nd, 2015, 08:01 PM
I'm sure Earl was smiling and saying "That's my girl!"

October 22nd, 2015, 09:51 PM

That sounds like us... I was 14 and ] he was 17 when we met. Sweet story.