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November 5th, 2011, 01:06 PM
I think I'm having withdrawl...After I sent my new Janome back and haven't purchased another one yet I'm feeling shaky and can't seem to do anything right...lol... Guess I'd better get it in gear and get one ordered, just waiting to get my money back. I'm still thinking about getting the Janome 11000SE which also might be making me shaky...the price... I have my Singer HD machine which I love, but its not the same as a big sewing/quilting and embroidery machine. I do a lot of embroidery for all the girls in our family, six of them in all. I need to get started on some Christmas gifts...

Have a great day everyone!!!

November 5th, 2011, 02:10 PM
I hear you on the "shaky" part. I think I about passed out when I bought my first new machine and I am pretty sure it was only a few hundred. I blamed the "have to sit down before I fall down" feeling on being 7 months pregnant when I bought my serger. I am not sorry that I bought either of them, but I have a hard time with those kinds of purchases. I am always afraid I'll buy the wrong one, and be sorry. Thank goodness for warranties and liberal return policies!

I am so glad that you sent the machine back. I know it was hard, but things should work properly when you get them out of the box. I realize shipping can jostle stuff around, but if you can't twiddle the tension knob and fix it, then there sounds like something seriously wrong.

Have you thought about trying to buy a sample machine after a fair or sewing expo in your area? I know the bigger shops & dealers around here put their demo machines up for sale at a discount after events like that. They often come with a little tune up by the dealer before you go home with it to make sure nobody stuffed cotton candy or a funnel cake in there. I know that may be longer than you wanted to wait for a new machine, but the savings could be enough to bump you up to an even spiffier model. When I finally can afford & have space for a longarm, that is how I intend to purchase one.

How ever you decide to get one, happy sewing machine hunting!