View Full Version : A Sunday morning hoot to the night owls

October 18th, 2015, 03:02 AM
A little cool in the top of the tree tonight...possible frost. Brrr! I hate coat season; taking coats on and off in cars always gets me.

Finally got to sew for about an hour today. One more border to quilt on the fall log cabinquilt...featuring what else but owls as a top border. The Yenmet metallic thread has behaved fairly nicely overall with an occasional break. Better than I imagined when I started.

Also finished appliquing two Row x Row panels. These two were from the same shop and feature laser cut appliques of UFO's coming down to pick up a quilter by the seashore. The applique stitches look fairly good and I think the whole concept is just quirky enough to suit my silly little taste.

Got a bluetooth keyboard for my Ipad since the laptop took its final dive. It is quite challenging for my huge hands to type on this little bitty keyboard but is better than hunting and pecking the virtual keyboard. Don't promise for my typing to be stellar though.

Prayers for all that need them. Happy Sunday!

October 18th, 2015, 03:25 AM
The tablet typing is CRAZY! Autocorrect gives me such fits.

I'm glad you got some sewing in today. I was enjoying my morning cup of coffee when Hubby hollered that we had a goat stuck in the tree.
One of the young Toggenburg kids had stood with her front hooves on one of the tree trunks that create a V. She had slid down into the crotch and looked stuck. By the time I changed PJs for outside clothes, she had wiggled herself out.
Since I was dressed for the outdoors, I fed everybody and started mucking the barn. It was waaay overdue. I lost count on the wheelbarrow loads, but I moved a small mountain of manure today. I can hardly move, but the barn is clean.
I had planned on making chicken pot pie for supper, but that will be Monday's meal. (Tomorrow is Dad's birthday dinner.)
I did not make any more progress on cleaning the treadle today either. I need to find out if I should take apart the rod thingies underneath to clean them, or just use the cotton yarn to "floss" them clean. A big helpful hint if any of you take on this kind of project; take pictures, lots, and from different angles. It made a big difference when I was trying to get a piece to fit.

This owl is going to go tuck in her chick and find her own nest. Happy hooting!
Hugs, Cathy

October 18th, 2015, 03:59 AM
Those Bluetooth keyboards are great! I have always had one for my iPad, which I bought to keep next to my sewing machines to reference tutorials, patterns, etc.

I drove up to Issaquah today to one of my favorite shops. Well....first I stopped and had lunch w/MM who was working an overtime shift that was 12 hours long! Then onto Gossypium....boy I like that store! If you live in Western Washington, it is worth the drive to go to. Make sure you don't go on Sunday, because they are closed! The town is a cute little place and I told MM we need to go spend a day there to poke around. Gilman Village used to be a lot of fun, but I have not walked around in there for years as I go directly to the quilt shop then leave. I always drive south thru town and take Highway 18 home and the drive today was so pretty with all the changing leaves.

Oh, and yes, I got some fantastic fabric too!

October 18th, 2015, 04:02 AM
Lazy, lazy day. Cooking shows and a couple of movies. Potato butt. I did get a border done. Yea!

October 18th, 2015, 06:01 AM
We went to evening church. I got asked to lector. I used to have an absolute, total terror of public speaking but for some reason, I can do this IF I do not look at the audience, just the text. If I look up, I will lose my place and have a panicky moment so I don't. Everybody is reading along in the bulletin anyway so they don't need eye contact. I have a good reading voice, or so I have been complimented. :)

On the way home from church I stopped at Jo-Ann's to pick up a Butterick pattern on sale but had the days wrong. The sale starts tomorrow. So for only a short while DH got to join the group of husbands waiting in the car. ha ha

I am still practicing making little ribbon roses for the cross stitch motto sampler. I'm getting better but am not there yet.

I am watching the Craftsy class on making bindings. Now this is a good class and I was expecting nothing. Finally learned that the trick of making a diagonal seam right is to not sew it "up the crotch" but "along the waistband" of an imaginary pair of jeans...

Toggpine, when you said "goat stuck in a tree" I first thought of one stuck out on a branch like a kitten! Call the fire department! :D Now there's a phone call I bet they don't get often...I swept out a 4-H barn once but it was mostly already swept. Boy was I tired.