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September 17th, 2015, 07:11 AM

Hello Folksies
Happy Thursday! Work this morning in just a little bit. But yesterday. Aahhh, my Pajama Coffee Cookie day was fabulous. I actually forced myself to look at caller ID before I said Hello, I binged on coffee, choc chip blondies (naturally) and true to my word, I stayed in my jammies all day long. Can i say it was glorious? I watched Inspector Morse and Youtube quilting videos all day on Netflix. I finihed quilting a COC and got the binding on. And then I stitched some more on one of my own quilty projects. Like I said, glorious. By the time Luscious got home I had to scurry and wash the chocolate off my face but there was no hiding the sugar high. I believe I will do this again. Perhaps it will become a ritual for me. It was better than taking a nap.

On a serious note, I was serious when I said I looked at caller ID. And boy howdy, was I glad I did. There is a client I've had for over 20 years that I don't know how to get rid of. Long story and I won't go into it but let me say I am just tired of hearing about her hair and how it looks good when I do it but two days later it is not doing for her. It's too long, too short, not enough blonde streaks, too much money, too much time, her husband issues, her children issues, her mother issues and by the way, too much of HER. I don't want to offend her for anything but I did suggest she try someone else. She did. She wasn't happy. No surprise there and she has been calling me ever since. At work, at home and I even saw her at one of the memorials I went to this week. I really need to come up with the nerve to tell her how I really meant it when I said go find someone else. I did suggest she call the other hairdresser back and explain to her (as I have heard for 20 years) exactly what she expects of her hair. She called the other hairdresser and she didn't have an opening for 3 weeks. That is hairdresser code for persona non gratis.
She knows I have time to do her. You may not think this is a big deal, but, this stuff gives me a big knot in my tummy. So send me some backbone and a tough heart someone. Please. I know that her real issue is her own unhappiness. I don't understand how anyone with everything can be so miserable. Sigh. Life is too short, folks. We don't see ourselves as others do. It is hair. It grows. That is why I have a job. I believe she found out what a bargain I really was as well, lol.

Ok, rant over. Think of the deer in the headlight look every time the phone rings at work today. And then you can snicker but I betcha it makes you SMILE!


September 17th, 2015, 07:22 AM
Blondie, that is a tricky situation for sure. If you decide to give her a 'do', then before she ever sits down, just say, today is a positive day, no negative talk, just happy talk. OR we can just be silent (play some happy music).

Alright then, my brother came and had dinner with me last night. We got the sewing machine going with the voltage converter. Now we need a new belt. The little light is European so if it blows, I have no other. But I can live with that. At least we now know it works. Today I have a dr's appointment and then helping Bonnie sandwich a quilt.

Have a wonderful day friends.

September 17th, 2015, 07:41 AM
Blondie, my advice is to just come out and tell her you can no longer do her hair. Try to be polite but firm. Once it's done, you won't have to worry about her calling anymore and you won't have that knot in your stomach. Trust me, you will feel a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. It's kind of like pulling off a bandaid, do it quick, it's less painful! Let us know how it goes, I'll be thinking about you today and sending positive thoughts your way.

One more day do work for me this week and I'm off for the weekend. Planning on a sewing filled weekend. Finishing my favors for the retreat and then free to sew anything I want!

September 17th, 2015, 07:50 AM
Some people are just taxing to be around. We had one at work, and Thank the Lord he finally bid to a different position. He thought for sure when the bids came back up that he would just come back and annoy us some more, but, as fate would have it, he wasn't able to bid and it went to a very junior person who is delightful to work with! This poor guy complains about everything, is an expert on everything, but doesn't know his head from his, well you get the picture. His new coworkers are already over him -"Welcome to our World"!

It is a beautiful morning here! I have had the dogs out for their walk and it is breezy with a "Florida nip" in the air. That is when the temp drops below 80 degrees in the morning. Currently says 76!

I have to take my sister's dog for her acupuncture treatments today. WIll drop her off by noon and then pick her up around 4. Since the vet is about 40 miles from my house, I will kill some time rather than drive home. Let's see. There are at least four quilt shops I can think of within 20 miles of where I am going, so I think it should be faily easy to kill 4 hours, don't you? Also discovered a very nice Goodwill store near there where I got 100 percent cotton Dockers bed sheets the other day for $2.17! I decided one of them is going to be made into a curtain for my French Doors, with fabric left over. And there is a Salvation Army that is nearby. A little bird told me that both of them have vintage machines often.

And good news - DS started working for Amazon yesterday! Seems to like it and said his boss gave him a compliment, so hope all works out there. HOpe everyone has a Blessed Day and saying a prayer for those in need.

September 17th, 2015, 07:50 AM
Blondie I agree life is short it is hard to deal with people like that need to do volunteer work or get a hobby. I worked in call centers for 20 years could not believe what people complained about or names you would get called, again I am with you not happy with themselves. I like Moniques. Idea and enforce it.
Got my surgery date for removal of kidney stone. Not looking foreward to proceedure, just looking foreward having it gone. Hoping to get some sewing done today. Hope all have a great day full of positive thoughts. Ceclia

September 17th, 2015, 07:55 AM
Morning Everyone,

I had a good day yesterday but the best part was a quick visit with Reggie. We decided we're going on a float trip and fish all day one day soon.

Today I plan to put borders on the second Curved Log Cabin quilt then I have to come up with something for the back.

Has anyone heard from May? If not I will send her another card and maybe Gene will send me a note.

Have a great day everyone.

September 17th, 2015, 08:04 AM

Good Morning! Blondie, that is indeed a tough situation. I'm no good dealing with difficult people. I tend to avoid, like screening calls. So yeah.....I got nothin! Sorry!
I had the sweetest day with my Grands yesterday. We baked cookies and hung out and talked and laughed. I adore these kids and love the way that, even though they're all getting bigger and growing up, they still have time to hang out with Gramma. It's a joy in my life, I tell ya!
Today is a day to sew and nothing else. Maybe a quick trip to the store but that's it. I want to finish a few things in the next couple days so I NEED this!

Need more coffee! Have a wonderful day, smile, be good to one another! Hugs and Prayers all 'round!

Jean Sewing Machine
September 17th, 2015, 08:14 AM
Good morning all! Last week to prepare for the forum retreat! My sewing room floor and tables look like tornado alley after my blitz to complete more samples and giveaways! I'm having a blast with a new project type everyday, trying new things and revisiting some old favorites. No pictures to share yet--shhhh, there are surprises and secrets to be kept!

That's my world, except for trying to fit in two costume jobs for Oct. and early Nov. the director of the November play, Nunsense, asked me to construct a lightweight stage curtain for the set. I need 18 yards of fabric to make it. You know very few fabric stores carry 18 yards of anything besides heavy, expensive drapery fabrics. He wanted light and CHEAP! So I found the fabric he wanted at Hancock, but I had to go to three different stores to get enough of it! Senior citizens got 20% off yesterday besides the sale price of 40% off. So, 4 hours later and about 100 miles of driving around, I got it for under $2 per yard! Great for the budget, and thank heaven for cheap gas! Funny thing-- I spent $50 on his fabric, but an extra $160 of fabric followed me home for my own stash! Bad girl, but I did get a whole bolt of 101 stabilizer for 50% off plus 20% off! and I am almost out of it from making all those NCWs and other projects!

Happy day! Have a great one!

September 17th, 2015, 09:11 AM
Hi all! Indeed, life is too short to be around negative people if you can help it. Do your best to make them feel better, if that works, great, if not, move on.

Making bags today, finishing up a BGB out of gorgeous purple Laurel Birch fabric and bright bright mottled solids for the inside. It's for a quilter friend who needs a lift. Plan to make an NCW out of it, too, for my mom (surprise, mom!)

Sewing with fabric that has such a silky feel is like getting a little massage on your fingers while you sew.

Hope everyone has just as great a day as I plan to!!

September 17th, 2015, 09:12 AM
Good Morning all.
Blondie, good luck getting rid of your "pest". I know those situations can be difficult.

Will be off to the big city of Springfield today. Have to take DH or as I've been calling him lately "GrumpyButt" to the doctor for another check up on the arm. The pain is sometimes unbearable for him. He says sometimes it feels like his hand is on fire and other times like someone is peeling the skin off it or jabbing him with a metal brush. Hope the nerves heal soon.

I am slowly getting things done around here preparing for the nasty weather we all know will be coming. :( But I keep plugging away one day at a time. I will get it all done I know I will.

Have a great day
Hugs and prayers

September 17th, 2015, 09:16 AM
Blondie, I wish there I could help you with your difficult client. I am so laid back when it comes to my hair but my sister is much like your client. It's JUST hair! Those of us with it should count our blessings.

Jean, I love that you saved so much on your fabric for the play but bought a load for yourself. That sounds like something I would do.

Things have been rather hectic here. I am hosting a foreign exchange teacher from Germany. My job is to keep her fed and get her where she needs to be every morning. Tonight we are hosting a dinner for the three teachers and the families they are staying with. After too many formal dinners in the past week we are going informal with a nacho bar.

I picked up 7 quilts from the LAQ yesterday. Who knows when I will get time to bind them all. My houseguest leaves Monday and I leave Friday for Philadelphia to see Pope Francis. Hubby and son will be gone hunting in Colorado next week so I might spend Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in my sewing room. I might have popcorn and cereal for my meals and not leave the house. I could get used to the recluse life!

Months ago I debated going to see the Pope or going back for my third M* quilt retreat. I chose the Pope but am really jealous of those going to the retreat right now.

I've been up since 5:00 since I had to get breakfast for my guest before she had to be at the bus early today. I think once the house is empty I will go back to bed.

Have a wonderful day!

Ginny B
September 17th, 2015, 09:21 AM
Good morning. Blondie, I wish you luck with your difficult customer. Negative people are so difficult to deal with. Yes, it does come from basic unhappiness and I try to remember that when dealing with such people. But it sure is difficult to not let there aura of negativity surround me too.

Checking in a bit late here today and so I've got to get myself out the door . Have a great day everyone.

Granny Fran
September 17th, 2015, 09:25 AM
Morning all. Well I have to get my rear in gear and paint all the trim upstairs. DH is finally finishing the repainting of the upstairs and now its my turn to get er done. Who knows what he will come up with next to do. He retired in mid January and is running out of projects already. He's already redone all the handrails on our stairs (we have a tri-level with basement). He said they weren't up to current code safety. They look good.

Blondie, last year about this time I had to end a ten year friendship so I understand your plight. I found that I didn't like how it made me feel to be around her. I felt like she was a vampire sucking out my soul. I tried to avoid her calls (she called every day and sometimes more than once) but after 5 days I answered and just laid it out. I wasn't angry, just sad. I calmly told her that I just couldn't be her friend anymore. I told her that I thought I had been a good friend to her but her constant complaining and unhappiness was unhealthy for me. I owned my own feelings, didn't blame her and wished her well.

You cannot imagine the sense of relief I have felt. I do think of her fondly of the good times, but do not miss all the drama. I am a happier person and my family noticed the improvement right away. We all need to cut off a part of us that is unhealthy sometimes, but it will heal.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day

Sandy Navas
September 17th, 2015, 09:27 AM
My best advice to Blondie is to tell her client that her rates are going WAY up!!

Not much else to report on this end - although we are patiently waiting to see if this couple who have fallen in love with our house will make an offer or not. I tossed and turned a lot over night trying to decide just how we take all this junk we've accumulated and cram it into a much smaller place. Logistics and I don't always work well - guess that's why I've always moved UP . . . and I well remember when I lived very comfortably in a house that was smaller than my current living room. Such is life.

May you have nothing less than the best you deserve today.

Annette Ackley
September 17th, 2015, 09:47 AM
Good Morning!! Blonde, some people just don't get it!!! Hope it all works out for you.
Got back from camping yesterday morning. It was nice to get away. Got to spend some time with our friends. We are lucky if we see them at all. Wecdo talk on the phone, guess it is better than nothing. Didn't do much yesterday. Today, lots to do!!! Yard work, laundry, got to get sewing in there somewhere. lol. Have a great day everyone!!

Grandma Nan
September 17th, 2015, 09:59 AM
Nothing too exciting happenin' in my neck of the woods. On Tuesday we did 20 quarts of applesauce and then yesterday I made 12 loaves of zucchini bread and finished my favours. I am feeling fairly exhausted. This has been a BUSY month. Looking forward to being away in Hamilton next week.

My sis and I finally figured out a gift for our brother and sil's 30th wedding anniversary and I might add not a moment too soon as the party is Saturday. Friday night is my intellectually challenged daughter's 34th birthday so we always have to make a big fuss over that. Somewhere in between I have to pack up my gear for the retreat. I know by Sunday I will probably fall asleep as soon as I get in the car.

It is glorious weather this week but apparently is coming to an end on the weekend when it will become more seasonable.

On my second cuppa so time for the shower. Have a great day everyone.

Carrie J
September 17th, 2015, 11:53 AM
Morning All!

Blondie, yeah, heart goes out to ya on this one! And no matter how difficult it is for you, just do it. Your life will be much better for it. And this type personality will always be the one that lays the blame at the other persons feet. No burden there, as it wasn't your baggage to begin with. And while delivering the "end of the line" talk, keep a mental image of giving her a "Halloween Highlights" job............hee, hee!

Lovely late start to the day, Sandy, I earnestly pray and wish for a fast, no bumps bid, sale and close for y'all with these folks. The other stuff will work out just fine, or we can come to your house and help you get "rid" of that overabundance of goodies in your sewing studio, HAH! :D

Breakfast will be lite and on the run here, time to get a balloon bouquet for a friend that's ill, then zip off to the Hospital and pick on him. Of course there'll be some fabric hunting as well! Hope everyone has a great day, Blessings to all!

September 17th, 2015, 12:36 PM
Blondie, I would tell her that you don't want to waste HER time and money since you and she are unable to find what suits her best, so she needs to keep looking for the person who sees her vision....

Off today, and not particularly motivated, but have moved the cat out of the jewelry tote that he feels I pulled out for his nap....