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September 13th, 2015, 02:56 AM
Really exhausted and can't sleep. Lot of going today. I am ready for a day at home when some sewing is in the forecast.

Finally got some rain. The fall garden should improve.

Bubba, I can just see you surrounded with tulle and pj. Material. Good luck!

September 13th, 2015, 03:48 AM
Praise the Lord I am done w/the tulle!!!! I absolutely hate that crap!!!! The woman who wants the pj's picked the fabric herself. One is a paisley, two are dots and one is an orange background (as bad as green!) w/white daisies on it. Apparently, she wanted some stripes and geometric designs and the owner told her it would be more expensive because of the extra yardage involved.

On the way home from her shop, I asked MM to stop by a car lot because I wanted to look at a new car. Mine gets such bad mileage. Went for a nice long test drive and loved the car, except it was a little small from what we are used to. We then went across the street and looked at another and test drove it. Much roomier, but not as cute as the first one was! I liked both, they both got really good mileage (double what I get with mine!), but when the day is done, mine is paid for and all I spend on it is gas every two or three weeks. Who wants payments? If I want payments, I will get a longarm and start doing that. It would at least pay for itself!

I have a new pattern all cut out, interfaced and ready to sew. Hopefully tomorrow, since I got waylaid today. I am waiting on measurements of the brides thigh so I can make her garter. I found a cute one that is worn around the ankle of a cowboy boot. Her dress is knee length in front and long in back and she is wearing cowboy boots and I think it would be adorable!! Her mom was kind of excited about it, but I will have to see what the girl wants.

I still can't believe three others before me sewed pj's and that woman was not happy with them. Aye yi yi!!!!

September 13th, 2015, 12:40 PM
I'm sleeping nights and boy is it queer to wake up with the sun rising, instead of going to bed then... Oh well, we got to church this morning and it was Rally Sunday, which I guess is what they call first day of Sunday school starting up again. The kids at church were cute but so noisy that with my hearing going bad, I couldn't understand the sermon except that we (the entire ELCA) gave $13 million dollars for malaria relief and our church was in the top 1% of giving with $13,000. At least I liked the hymns and could understand them since I could read them...lol There actually are some kind of hearing devices they offer so maybe I should try them. :)