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September 9th, 2015, 06:38 AM

Hello Folksies!

Thanks to all for commiserating over the migraine. All that is left is a sore head. I believe someone mentioned it hurt to touch their hair. Yes. Exactly. It takes awhile for this to really dissapate. I used to get them far more frequently than I do now. I do believe mine are of the seasonal allergy type these days. It's been so dry here and the leaves are falling from the heat and dryness. I love autumn and looking forward to crisp mornings - but then - I remember what follows autumn and I make the sign of the cross. Oy. I am still not over last winter and I betcha all my northern sisters and brothers aren't either! I mean didn't it take until June for the last of the ice mounds to melt in Boston area?

Must work this morning and then the rest of the week. Off to find the coffee pot. Smile today when you can. Blessings and prayers for many,


September 9th, 2015, 06:55 AM
I'm one of the fortunate ones who has never had a migraine. I hope I never do. I sympathize as I am told by many that they are sometimes unbearable. The only problem I'm having is a congested ear which is definitely allergy related. I'm standing here in what I call the "no zone." It's a corner of the kitchen that the movers aren't working on packing at the moment. The packers have been here since early this morning packing up our belongings for the trip back to the states. Not a particularly happy time for us right now. What's that saying? "This too shall pass."

September 9th, 2015, 07:30 AM
Morning all, Blondie glad headache going away, the darn migraines are pretty miserable. Rebecca don't you hate moving. Got backing done to put COC going. I hope to get it put together today to quilt. Got my moms humanitarian quilt all squred and ready to bind, shes going to bind it have binding doneready to put on. Love my mom 90 years old next month....and so alert and active. Hope everyone has great day. Prayers and hugs to those who need it

September 9th, 2015, 07:50 AM
Morning Everyone,

We had fairly heavy rain all afternoon yesterday with more possible today. Sounds like a perfect day to stay indoors.

Blondie, glad the worst of your migraine is gone. I've never had one and hope never to do so. I think I could count the number of headaches I've had on one hand. I have other stuff to deal with...lol!

Rebecca, have a safe trip back to the States. I'm sure it's bittersweet for both of you.

Wishing everyone a wonderful day...with Hugs.

Ginny B
September 9th, 2015, 07:50 AM
Good Morning. I haven't had a migraine-like headache for many years now but I remember them. Not my happiest memories for sure. I hope you don't have another one for a long long time Blondie. I am fighting the ragweed right now. It's not too bad right now. Just a bunch of sneezing and itchy eyes. I am looking forward to fall and yes, even winter. Summer has been great; lots of beachtime, backyard time and overall lazy hazy days. But,it is time for a change and I'm looking forward to fall colors, pumpkins, and soup.

Rebecca, {{{{hugs}}}} to you as you make this move back to the states.

Well, time to continue with my day. I've got a load of laundry ready to go into the dryer and now the dishwasher needs to be turned on and then I'm heading upstairs to do a bit of sewing before work.

It's going to be another hot one here today and if that's the case for you too, take things easy and stay cool. Have a wondrous Wednesday.

September 9th, 2015, 07:58 AM
Good Morning all!

Blondie, I have only had two migraines in my life - and ended up in the ER with the first one. Youngest DD on the other hand has suffered badly from them. Missed more days of her senior year in HS than she went, but still managed to graduate with honors. That would have never happened back in the day. She has them much less frequently now, I think they are stress related most times.

Rebecca, I know moving is a sad thing, closing the door on a part of your life - one that you obviously enjoyed immensely. Do you foresee any other overseas assignments in the future? Try to look at the bright side - you will be able to see your family here more often. Cherish the memories (and beautiful pictures you took) while you were there and in London. Will keep you in my prayers as you make this transition. (((HUGS)))

So...off to visit my quilting buddy Deborah in a little bit. Lots of catching up to do as we haven't gotten together since early August. I need to make a label for my DGS Sawyers quilt and my printer has decided to retire, so I will use hers while there and pick up a couple of cups of Dunkin Donuts pumpkin coffee on the way - one of our favorite fall treats! I love fall - mostly because it means the brutal summer is coming to an end. And somethime in January or February we will have winter - for a day or two if we are lucky. The thing about it I don't like is that another year is slipping away. Time is flying way too quickly. So much to do before the end of November when our busy work season begins.

Well, off to get dressed and get my things ready to go. Hope everyone has a Blessed Day and prayers being said for those in need.

September 9th, 2015, 08:21 AM
Morning all! Blondie, so glad you're on the mend. Had a few of those headaches in my life and they were brutal! I feel so bad for those who have them so often!
Haven't been around most mornings since last week. Trip to neurologist kinda knocked me out a bit. DH probably looking at early stages of vascular dementia. We are now in for a few more tests ( MRI, EMG) before we return to the neuro doc! Some days are better than others and he seems to know things are different!!
We had company over holiday weekend. DH's DGD flew down from NY as this is probably the last time she will see him till she enters the NY police academy in January or February. My DD and her BF arrived Sunday for a visit and took the DGD back home with them for the night as she had an early morning flight back to NY. We're an hour from the airport so that saved me being gone from home early morning. But while she was here I managed to slip out to Raleigh and order a new couch which will be here on the 16 th. really will be glad to see the old one go as it has seen better days!!!

I'm in the finishing stages of the hash tag baby quilt but haven't gotten back up to finish it yet. Trying to get a few things done inside and out. One garden is a real mess and so I've been trying to get out there while cool in the mornings. Weeds have taken over!!!

Post op cataract surgery went really well. Just left with daily eye drops for another 10 days. Back to eye doc on the 28 th for new glasses. Really pleased with how well the vision is right now. Sewing is so much easier when I can see!!!

So wishing all a great day!! Fall is creeping in around the country, so hopefully it will be easier on all!

September 9th, 2015, 08:33 AM
Good Morning all.

Made it back from FL all in one piece. We all had a great time celebrating Esther's first and Jonathan's third birthday. Next April, another little one will join that happy fray. I hope Esther will learn to talk between now and then. The 'I want it now' screams won't work with a new baby in the house.

Came back to check on Writing.Com and found out that the owners of the sites little girl, Phoebe, has Leukemia. She's still in the hospital, so I'm headed to the fabric store to look for some pink to go with the fish fabric I bought in FL for a pillow case for her. I'll make a blue one for her older brother. It's so hard when kids have cancer. It brings back a lot of memories!

The allergy season is upon us, that's for sure. My calendar email popped up last night... time to get my shot again. That kind of explains things for me. Hope everyone's autumnal allergies are easy to manage this year. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I'll be back to work on my BIL's tiger quilt. I left it sandwiched on the guest bed while we were gone. It dawned on me this morning. I'll have to get dark green thread for the back, another stop to make.

Have a great Wednesday!

September 9th, 2015, 08:44 AM
Good morning! Blondie, I'm glad you're feeling better. I've never had a migraine and hope I never do. I had a coworker who would go into the restroom and run hot water (as hot as she could stand) over her wrists when she felt one coming on at work. She said it helped keep it from becoming a full-blown migraine.

Rebecca, good luck with packing and moving.

I've been awake since 2:30 this morning...4 hours sleep last night. I predict a nap will be occurring later today.

September 9th, 2015, 09:40 AM
Good morning every one. A little late on here this morning.

Rebecca, I hoping the move goes smoothly for you.

Les was home last night and it looks like he will be back for good (I think). His sister is back because I think that she thinks the boys can't look after mother like she can. WELL, she can stay there if she thinks she can do better. Do I sound bitter? I said to Les this morning it felt like I had another man in my bed this morning. Not used to having him here in the mornings. It is nice though.

I got all the floors washed and the bed clothes done yesterday. I made another go of wild plum jelly but it doesn't seem to have jelled enough. Oh well, the jars sealed well. I have a little bit left over and will have a taste of that later.

Today I would like to get into my sewing room.

Have a great day everyone.

Sandy Navas
September 9th, 2015, 11:09 AM
Well, a great big HOWDY and have a wonderful day to everyone. Stay well, happy, and here's some warm fuzzies for you.

Off to run errands and then who knows what the day will bring.

Happies to all.

September 9th, 2015, 12:11 PM
Good morning ... and good night. This week has kicked my butt. . . ;-(

September 9th, 2015, 12:14 PM
A nip of Fall in the air this a.m. for sure. It was only 50 deg. I'm still so tired from all that burst of energy expended on Labor Day, that I had to take it easy yest. & spend some time relaxing in the recliner. I put on my head set & listened to a peaceful CD & dozed. I'll take it easy today as well.

It's sunny & expected to be the upper 80's today. With the thin atmosphere here (almost a mile high) we get great fluctuations in the temps. It could be 50 in the a.m. & 90 by mid afternoon.

I still haven't found time to do any sewing for at least a week while this reorganization project has been in progress.

Happy Hump Day!

September 9th, 2015, 12:40 PM
Good morning one and all. I have been up for a while. Still in recovery mode. I do not like being that ill. Yesterday was the first day in a week that I was out of bed more than I was in it. Not going to over do it, because I certainly don't want a relapse before the forum retreat. The nasty skin tear I got at the hospital the other day is going to be a slow heal too, and leave one nasty scar. Enough of my woes and troubles.
I may try to get in my sewing room and get something done today...after I straighten it up. I did manage to finish up my favors for the retreat before I got sick...except for the one 'man' gift. I also have some fabric to cut and ship today. I have a COC I need to get sandwiched, quilted and sent off to Blondie. Don't know about that today. That might be a little much right now.
DD is off today, so no kids. DH was amazing taking care of them while I was in bed. Sent him off to his favorite tackle store to hang with his buds for a bit. ( I can only take so much hovering ).
Off to grab a bite to eat so I can take my meds. Hugs and blessings to all. Prayers for those in need.

September 9th, 2015, 12:48 PM
Good morning everyone. Not much going on with me as basically my life right now involves housebreaking a puppy. Nothing like waiting for your puppy to wake up from a nap...to get her outside to do her thing. And of course, it has been raining here off and on the past couple of days, so there are 2 towels at the door....one for her and one for me. LOL. But I will say she is doing quite well, with only a couple of accidents in the house that weren't caught right away. Let's hope she is easy to train, so I can do some other stuff....like sewing!

Have a great day everyone!

September 9th, 2015, 12:57 PM
Mornin' all.

Glad your migraine is behind you Blondie. It takes me a day to recover after them.

I've been reading everyone's posts about autumn is here and needing blankets because the mornings are cold - but that ain't happening here. I'm going to run a few errands then it's down to my favorite watering hole to soak in some sun by the pool. It was in the 90's here yesterday. Right now, it's 83 and expected to hit 95 this afternoon.

Last night I sewed all the blocks and sections together on my Uncomfortable Stars quilt. I'm so happy! It still needs borders, but we are putting them on in November after everyone returns from their various trips cavorting around the country.

September 9th, 2015, 01:51 PM
Blondie, my DD has frequent migraines. Bless her heart. She has had every test known to man and has tried just about everything. She is on a daily med for them and it has helped some. I don't have the headaches, but I have aural migraines which affect my vision. Fortunately there isn't any pain associated with them and they only last about 30 to 45 minutes.

Yesterday I was scanning my e-mail and there was a post for Nextdoor. It is a site for neighborhoods around me where people post warnings, lost and found pets, for sale items, recommendations for handy men and maintenance companies, doctors and medical personnel, etc.

I found a mobility scooter advertised for $200 and it was for sale by the parents of some friends of my DD and SIL. I called and went to see it and bought it on the spot. It had five-month-old batteries which cost $150. The people think they have the manual and another key at their farm and are going to look for it next time they are there, but they gave me many tips and directions. It's too heavy for me to get into the car but my SIL can lift it into our various SUVs and his pickup. Hopefully I won't feel so homebound and can renew my subscription for the Houston Ballet. Jeanie, the woman, said she parked it outside the auditoriums and took the key and no one had ever bothered it when she goes to a play or symphony.

They've been advertising a ballet I want to see so my daughter is going to see if she can change her seating for her and my DGD and get three seats. I'm really excited.

Well, I have a deposition transcript to get out, and then I'm going to try to get some flannel cut to finish a baby rag quilt.

Have a safe and happy Wednesday. Prayers for those who need them.

September 9th, 2015, 02:16 PM
Everything comes at once. One of my aunts died unexpectedly this week, I feel truly lousy with a virus, and now a colleague of mine has died suddenly. I want to go home and pull the blankets over my head.

September 9th, 2015, 02:22 PM
Angelia, deepest sympathy for your losses. They say things come in threes so maybe you won't have these things to deal with after your grief abates some and the good memories prevail. I hope you feel better soon.

Sandy Navas
September 9th, 2015, 05:29 PM
Everything comes at once. One of my aunts died unexpectedly this week, I feel truly lousy with a virus, and now a colleague of mine has died suddenly. I want to go home and pull the blankets over my head.

Condolences and warm fuzzies - pull a quilt up and rest. And get better, too.

September 9th, 2015, 05:51 PM
Good late afternoon... I really could have come and joined the night owl thread this morning...had to be at work at 6am and therefore didn't really sleep well... but...tomorrow I have a vacation day...and a hair cut and quilting planned...
I am tired, though...and can't do the nap thing...never works for me, so I will just poke about on the web till DH suggests dinner ;)
Hope everyone has made it through their day!

September 9th, 2015, 09:34 PM
It's evening... Blonde, I hope your headache is gone by now.

I had a busy day... My sister and favorite cousin are coming tomorrow, do I spent the day cleaning, and shopping... My DNA always says he knows when my sis is coming, because I clean.... Sad, but true... I'd rather read, quilt, watch TV,etc.. than clean. The bathroom and kitchen get cleaned daily, but I get behind with the other stuff.... Oh well.....

I hope everyone had a good day... I am actually enjoying my shiny wood floors....

Got lots to fo in the morning.... Basking, mostly.... I want to make a carrot cake (Duncan Hines)' and put my in cream cheese frosting on it... Also hope to get a couple loaves of Cinnamon Raison Bread, with a glazed top....yum...