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August 3rd, 2015, 07:45 AM

Hello folksies!

A new week, a new month - hey! We are moving right along through 2015. I was on facebook recently and someone had posted one of those it is only 18 Fridays until Christmas things and I almost posted it here but decided to just tell you subtly about that particular fact rather than slap you in the face with it first thing in the morning.

So, how was your weekend? Mine was of course, busy as usual. After work, I worked in the yard until almost dark. I also enjoyed the Blue Moon the other evening - love sky watching. Hubs and I don't seem to get enough time to really work together, so it is always a treat to work in the yard with him. He will be off next week I think and we will be in the basement together doing more clean up down there. Since I have moved most of my sewing to upstairs, I am not wanting to be down there without him. Those who know me best know that I be askeered of spiders and since I haven't been down there a lot and no longer have a basement kitty, I have these wierd imaginations of the big one breeding down there. LOL. It is a scarey thing to walk inside my brain now and then.

Today I am going to be down at Mom's in her yard once again. Tomorrow is the day she gets to see doctor for a treatment. We were supposed to have it the other week, however, it was postponed until tomorrow. I may not get on here in the morning if I stay with her tonight.

So now you have all my news. I would love to share exciting things but my brain is still vibrating from the weed eater yesterday. And also my shoulders, arms and teeth.

Blessings to all, including Snick. We have a very loving group here. Smile at that special thought.


August 3rd, 2015, 08:10 AM
Morning Blondie and Everyone,

We had a busy weekend working Saturday and Sunday at the apartments. They are being appraised this week and we did some much needed landscaping work, mostly trimming bushes and dealing with the debris. Cuba is in the city and we can't put yard trimmings in the trash or burn them like we do at home. We had to load everything and haul it to the dump. The weekend was long and hot. I took my Pinwheel and Illusion quilts to show our tenant who quilts, so I had a little break in the work.

Today I have to make a trip to WalMart, which I've been putting off for a month at least. Some things here in town are close to double what they are at WM, so an occasional trip there is necessary.

It's time to get Jeff out the door to work. Wishing everyone a good August Monday with hugs.....

August 3rd, 2015, 08:12 AM
Oh that puppy's face Blondie LOL - my dog doesn't look at me like that when she tears something up - she's just so happy all the time, she's like "What? Oh was I not supposed to do that? Oh. Watch me be cute and you'll forget about it." Which is usually what happens :)
Good weekend - we went to Tanglewood on Friday evening - beautiful night to sit under the stars and listen to the Boston Symphony Orchestra! They had a guest pianist for the second half, a Beethoven Concerto - beautiful! On Saturday, FIL went to BIL's house for an overnight, so hubby and I drove back to the Berkshires (so worth the gas...) and just walked around Lee - bought some heavenly bread at the Farmer's market and sat on a stone wall on main street and ate just that... then on to Lucky's and had ice cream for dinner. The LQS there happens to be right next to Lucky's, so I popped in, bought a few things, and told Susan that I would be around for the FMQ class later this month - I can't wait!! I've never taken a class at a quilt shop, and I do love this shop... Then drove down the road to Stockbridge (home of Norman Rockwell), and walked on Main St. there - sat on a bench and just talked.... Heh-Vun-Leeee... Stopped at Wendy's later on the way back home and had a quick burger and fries... It was a good day.
So, since I wasn't home pretty much all weekend, I've got some cleanin' to do. Then I'm hoping to make up some gift card holders later. Hugs to all who need them, along with prayers. I don't need to know your situation to pray for you - God knows ;)

Sylvia H
August 3rd, 2015, 08:42 AM
Good morning everyone! Another night and morning with A/C. Love that! I finished my dog and bird sitting last night. My neighbor came up to get her house keys, and I gave her the microwave bowl pot holders I made for her. One of them uses leftover material from the quilt I made for her daughter.....we both think said daughter will claim that as her own.

I thought I would be going back to finish my Friendship quilt, but reminded myself that I need to make something to put under the dog crate before I move the crate to the kitchen (with hardwood floor). This is my opportunity to practice quilt-as-you-go. I have some material that I regret purchasing, and since this is going to be UNDER the crate, it won't be seen. Sounds like a win-win for me.

I am also re-organizing my scraps. What a project! After 5 years of quilting, my former method just isn't working (big scraps, little scraps, "I don't know what to do with them" scraps). But with experience I now see how cutting same size strips and blocks is very helpful in using scraps for other projects. After a major cleaning of the sewing room, I guess scrap organization is the natural follow through. Now - if I could get just as organized in my bedroom and living room!

Have a great day, everyone!

August 3rd, 2015, 09:01 AM
Good Morning Blondie ,
Your poster with the boy and girl reminded me of one of my friend and I who had a boy ( mine ) and a girl ( Joan's ) 18 days apart....and the little girl Jenny was always "bossing" my Jordan around.....it was kind of cute, and they were the best of friends although Jordan always reminded me that he didn't want to "marry" her....( even though she was always saying "Jordy " was her man...It was so cute....you all would have had to have been around those two to agree.) They grew up, had different interests and married other people ( much to Joan's & my dismay ....we thought we were going to be "co-mom-in-laws " LOL !!! )

Anyway Blondie you made my day.....yup...it's the first of the month and I am trying to get the house in order so that it might be put on the market. I think I have finally convinced DH that I want a smaller house...etc. ( we honestly don't need a 4 bedroom house complete with a furnished basement for just the two of us ! )

Have a wonderful week everyone and keep on quilting and sewing !!

Jacqueline / Sugar

August 3rd, 2015, 09:05 AM
Good morning. Back from the camp, which was so hot you could not sit outside and it was almost too hot to sit inside. We had the generator on the whole time. The men caught some fish which was good.

Saturday I left to get Maizyn so now I have her for the whole week and if things work out, next Monday I hope to have a good visit with Nancy aka Grandma Nan.

We are currently waiting for Poppa to arrive so we can make pancakes. She can hardly wait.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Simply Quilting
August 3rd, 2015, 09:06 AM
Good Morning! We had an interesting weekend around here. DH took Friday off work to mow, do yard work and help get the house in order for the open house which was on Sunday. With as much rain as we have had, he could have baled the grass in the back yard. It was a good thing that it was mowed on Friday as it poured rain on Friday night with a very wicked lightening. Saturday was more house cleaning. Then in the evening the family got together to help my in-laws celebrate their 50th anniversary with dinner at a nice restaurant - MIL had requested not to have a large party.

On Sunday, the open house went well. While it was going on, we had late lunch and went to other open houses. Blondie, I don't like spiders either and when we got back, there was a large one on the outside of our home, needless to say he never got the chance to go anywhere. Last night there were more storms (suppose to have them possibly most of the week) and sometime there was a tornado that was about an hour away - too close for comfort.

I'm hoping to be able to get back to the sewing machine this week.

Have a great day everyone :)

August 3rd, 2015, 09:13 AM
Morning all. Sunny and a little cooler here this morning. Not good for the eyes but otherwise....really nice!
Saturday had to get up early and open the neighbors house for some workman, came home and just went at it, cleaned kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, washed curtains in dining room, master bath, got lots of laundry done and started to attack the last pile of pictures and nick nacks that need to be put away. Got everything done except washing floors. Thought I'd save that for Sunday but woke up Sunday and got nothing done. Really achy and tired so I'll have to do it today!
So I hope all have a good Monday and a good week!!! Already August...where did the first half of the year go???

Ginny B
August 3rd, 2015, 09:22 AM
Good Morning everyone. Just a quick hello before heading out to work. I disciplined myself to get stuff done this morning before hopping on here. I got two loads of laundry done, dishwasher unloaded, table set for dinner (which dh is in charge of tonight :) ) folded clothes that were in the basket waiting for me and got my lunch packed up.

We had a good weekend. Saturday was a work, work work day and then yesterday was a day to relax. Unfortunately neither of those two days had one bit of stitching done but I was able to catch up on things so that's good and then maybe tonight I can spend some time in my sewing room. Let's hope.

Have a great day everyone.

August 3rd, 2015, 09:36 AM
Good morning! DS and grandkids are still visiting and it's busy times here. Today we're packing for a trip to Dollywood for a couple of days. I'm so out of my routine it will take me a month after everyone leaves to get back to normal. LOL!

Carrie J
August 3rd, 2015, 10:28 AM
Morning Blondie and All!

This Monday's not so bad......no "got to's"to speak of and sewing will be the preferred topic today! (insert WHOOP! here!). Well I take that back, start dog sitting for a friend today for ten days. Otherwise until Thursday I'm free to sew, nap, be lazy or industrious if so chosen! Hope everyone has a great day, Hugs n Blessings y'all!

August 3rd, 2015, 10:30 AM
Joe got inspired last night while he was still sweaty from his run. He did some trimming in the backyard. I decided to do the cleanup this morning before the heat set in. It's actually quite warm out there.

Made some really yucky potato salad for dinner. Always trying to make things healthier, I used Greek yogurt instead of a bunch of mayo. I guess what I added was too much considering a taste test had me grimacing at how pasty it was. I finally added some sweet pickles, pickle juice, some celery and a couple Tbs. of apple cider vinegar. I hope it tastes better after it's chilled.

I wake up stressing about the move back to the states - mixed feelings. Lots of work ahead to try and get the house back up to snuff (in CA). Not looking forward to all of that. I'll be crying all the way to the airport to leave here. I know, you're probably thinking I need to suck it up and be grateful for what I've been lucky enough to experience. I keep telling myself that but it doesn't seem to help.

Grandma Nan
August 3rd, 2015, 10:45 AM
Good morning. Back from the camp, which was so hot you could not sit outside and it was almost too hot to sit inside. We had the generator on the whole time. The men caught some fish which was good.

Saturday I left to get Maizyn so now I have her for the whole week and if things work out, next Monday I hope to have a good visit with Nancy aka Grandma Nan.

We are currently waiting for Poppa to arrive so we can make pancakes. She can hardly wait.

Have a wonderful day everyone.

I saw your note and I'm pretty sure we're going to have some fun next Monday, Monique. Can't wait.