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October 22nd, 2011, 08:37 AM
Good Saturday Mornin yall!! Love this weather. I would like to welcome all our newest members. From the looks of it we have quite a collection of great,friendly people. To all the newbees you couldn't have picked a better place to hang out.All the girls and guys here are nothing but wonderful. I love love love the pictures everyone posts. Sewww much talent on here! Keep em coming.
Although I don't get on here as much as I would like I love to sit and read all the goings on of all you wonderful people.Not much going on here this morning but the day will be a busy one. We are fixin to have our second annual Pig roast for all our family and friends. We have a huge pit in my back yard and we bury a 140lb hog in the pit and cook it for 12 hours.We make a huge( I mean huge) kettle of white beans over a pit as well and everyone brings a dish.The first time we done this me and my Sister held our breath hoping the pig came out not raw or not burned to a crisp. It was perfect. It is kinda like a Hawiann louaww here in KY.I wish each and every one of you were close enough to join in on the fun.If any one is, PM me and I will give you directions.Nov. 5th is the big day.Fun times. Oh yea If yall want I will post pictures!!!
Bomb threat at the high school yesterday right at 1:30. What a way to end the day:( We had to drag all of our kiddos to the football stadium. That is a chore in itself. Despite not being able to give last feedings and medications all turned out well. No bomb.I figured a student wanted to get out of a fourth block test or something. I have a feeling before it is all said and done that person or persons will wish they had taken the test.Ha ha.
Any how yall have a great day. The coffee is calling me.God bless you all.

October 22nd, 2011, 09:08 AM
Rhonda, great to hear from you! Your pig roast sounds great! My mouth is watering. Our church does this every year in September as a community outreach. We cook 6 (yes, 6!) pigs the same way you're doing. They even built a special raised pit for cooking them in. The men arrive around 2 AM to get them started and they cook very slowly all day long. We also BBQ chicken and make a couple hundred sausage sandwiches. Then the church folks bring side dishes. It's quite a to-do, bringing in around 1000 people each time.

October 22nd, 2011, 09:58 AM
Hi Rhonda.....Great hearing from you! It's been a while. It sounds like your job still has you hopping. I don't know what they would do without you and your dedication to your special kids. I've had my DD and GDS visiting for the past week. Today we take them to the airport in St Louis for their flight back home....sob! There is never enough family time. We had a HUGE bonfire last night and sat outdoors until midnight...roasted some of those jumbo marshmallows and made S'mores (there can't possibly be a sweeter concoction on the planet!).

DH has recovered from his surgery and has been back to work a few weeks. We had our first hard frost the night before last and I'm hoping it will help all our allergies. Your pig roast sounds terrific...that's a great tradition! We would surely join you if we weren't so far away.

Take care and try to squeeze in some precious sewing time.....HUGS!

October 22nd, 2011, 10:07 AM
I love a pig roast as long as I don't have to see the pig - just give me the meat please.
We had about 6 or 7 bomb threats last year until the ones that did it finally got caught. The other kids were getting really mad everytime we had to leave the buildings. It turned out they did it for 'fun' and found out if wasn't so much fun anymore when they were kicked out of the school for a time.

Sewing table runners today. I'll be 'over there' if anyone needs me. I'm sure I'll be popping back in to see what everyone is up to on such a lovely fall day.


October 22nd, 2011, 10:07 AM
Good morning Rhonda. Good to hear from you. Oh how I wish I lived close by. I would be at your place in a heart beat. Have a wonderful time and I would love to see pictures.

Martha, yours sound like a whole lot of fun too.

Oh Barb, how sad you have to say goodbye and wonderful that you had them for a whole week. My son is 27 and I still don't do well at the airport. They tease me about having Kodak Moments. I am ok until the very last second to say goodbye. Then I get teary-eyed.

Trish you popped in while I was writing. Happy sewing!

Well yesterday was a total waste of time. My neighbour asked me to shopping with her. We went here, there and everywhere. Gone all day. I was tired when I got home. Had a wee nap. Did absolutely nothing.

I would like to get some quilting done today but we will see.

Have a great day everyone.

October 22nd, 2011, 11:24 AM
I was at a pig roast last weekend. Tons of good food! Quiltingtrish-i'm right there with you-don't need to see the pig. should be a busy weekend for me. I'm going to a wedding shower first then off to DS's for a birthday party for GD! Heard DIL was making an ice cream cake-yum!!
It's a cold but sunny day, I think the rain has moved out for a couple days. I'm hoping it will dry out enough so the leaves will rake easier. I still have roses blooming but expect they will get nipped with frost soon.

October 22nd, 2011, 11:31 AM
Hi everyone!

I'm off to pick up my Viking Mega Quilter this morning! I've really missed it. It needed cleaning badly (I was scolded a bit by Mary, the proprietor of the store) when she saw a piece of duct tape on the machine! She had to order parts so it's been there over a month and I need it back! I have lonely quilt tops here waiting for some attention from it. Since it's been gone I've been piecing like crazy and now need to get some of them actually quilted.

I'm sorry I missed the pig roast this year, Martha! It is quite an event. The whole town turns out for good music, free food and lots of fun. It is one of the best traditions of the year.

Rhonda, you must have a huge yard to have a pig roasting pit! I'd love to see pictures of that big fella. We have a little fire pit here which is perfect for s'more. Or for perfect s'mores. Either one!


Sandy Navas
October 22nd, 2011, 01:01 PM
Okay, I know where I'm going to be spending the 5th of November. I only wish it was in Rhonda's back yard. I LOVE the crisp skin so save some for me, okay? As if I need the fatty portions.

I feel a bit like Monique after her travels with her shopping neighbor. I did get my hair cut yesterday (wait until I get it spiked with wax!!!) Then went to DDs to go with them to the pumpkin patch. The first one we went to wouldn't let us in - they will only let you go on Saturday and Sunday . . . DUH! There were busloads of unruly kids running around though so we left. The second one we went to let us drive in and pick our own. The girls all had fun - we wound up with 9 pumpkins - one for each of the family members. I sat in the car with the sleeping baby. And then we went home.

I did get to the sewing room yesterday afternoon and sewed strips for my 3 Dudes Swap. Now I just need to get back and press them, cut and resew . . . I'll get there.

Funny to be home for a few days with Al gone - I feel like I'm at loose ends. But, he'll be home this evening - late. Miss him though.

Sending special prayers and hugs, encouragement, love to all.

October 22nd, 2011, 04:56 PM
I spent a great day with my boys then my friend came over with her boys too, they are SO adorable!
LOTS of cuddles as predicted, especially when I gave them a piece of cake(when do they grow out of being that easy to please?)
Away to spend the evening with hubby now. Goodnight all! :D

October 22nd, 2011, 08:23 PM
Kilted, my husband is still a sucker for cake! Get those cuddles while you can!
MMMM! Pig roast! We used to have one every summer at the County Fair for all of the 4-H & FFA kids who were showing. At some point they must have had some complaints about the whole pig being roasted, because they stopped doing it. It was sooo yummy though! Enjoy your self Rhonda!
Monique, No act of kindness is ever wasted effort. You may not have gotten what you wanted done yesterday, but I bet your neighbor needed your company. Maybe more than you know.
Cyndi, Enjoy having your machine home! I hope she sings right along for you!
Sandy, I know what you mean. I look forward to a few days here and there through out the year without the husband, but it is odd to not have him here. I usually plan big projects for the days he is away. He can't stand the mess of the process, but is usually happy with the results. Last big thing was the sewing room!

We are slowly getting some stuff done today. Hubby took the front door off, put on new weather stripping and put a bead of caulk under the jamb. We will see tonight if it kills the draft that was creeping under the door.

I have been working my way through the two totes of stuff I brought home from Mom's. I have the wedding dress all folded up. It took up much less space once the huge, puffy crinoline thingie was out from under it! I'll hold on to the dress for now. I found the scraps left over from the making of it and I may use those with the bundle of silks I won, instead of cutting up the dress.
I am not sure what I'll do with the books I brought home. I took a load to the Half Price Bookstore and got $10. Not much, but better than just dumping them in the donation bin. The rest are reference books for the livestock and "keeper books" like Little House on the Prairie.
Now I have to sort my cross-stitch projects. Ugh. I still love the different Santas that are worked on the perforated paper. I had originally bought them to finish and decorate my Christmas tree. They took longer than I thought, and have been put on the back burner for a long time now that I have taken up the quilting thing. I like them for take-a-long projects on trips since they are fairly compact, and the perforated paper is easier to find the holes in while the car is moving! I'll probably get rid of some of the other kits though since I haven't seen them in nearly 6 years.
I told myself that if I could get through that mess I would allow me some sewing time this evening. I can't function with the totes jamming up the front hallway. I don't want this place to look like the beginnings of one of those hoarder shows! I may need to store the books in the totes in the shop for now. I think the next big project is a built in book shelf in the hallway. We have the perfect space, now to get it drawn out and built. I may need 'Man Help' with that though. I'm sure it will involve the use of some of the large power tools like the table saw and drill press. I have the hand tools down, and even the basics of the chop saw, but I'll let somebody with more experience handle the big boys. I want to keep all of my fingers for quilting purposes!

I hope you all are having a good day. It has been raining here more on then off, great excuse for being inside. Another hour or so and we'll get a fire going in the woodstove. Hmmm, perfect for sewing in front of!
Catch up with you all later!

October 22nd, 2011, 11:34 PM
Oh how I enjoy a roasted pig!!! My keyboard is all wet now from my mouth watering at the thought of it, yummy!!!
Martha that is so neat to be able to do that for your community!
Well you all are like family too me so I am going to let you all in on a huge secret and I have to tell someone before I burst!!! My daughter is coming for a visit Nov 13. I got her flight booked and now she's coming. She moved to Alaska just as I started chemo and it was rough not having her here. I wasnt going to let breast cancer stop me so I didnt want it to stop her. She was going stay but as much as I am heart broken each day she is gone I wanted her to have a life! Her bro misses her so bad. He and I even have a plan cooked up to keep her here, lol. Lets just say it involves my sleeping pills and chains in the basement,lol!!!
I had a fab day with my gals in Arther, Il today. Got lots of yummy Amish goods and now Im tuckered out. I'm just glad the pain was kept down to a point where I could handle it and enjoy my day.
Cathy the big boy toys are easy to learn. I was so chicken the first time I used a torch, I kept telling myself you can do this and after some practice the jitters went away. Just keep telling yourself You ARE Woman Hear Me Roar!!
I sure do miss my man. He is home every night but I only see him long enough to feed him and send him to bed. He's working 12 hr days so we dont get much time together. I will be so glad when the order is finished and he goes back to 10 hr shifts. He takes good care of us and I am blessed to have a man like that. Sure we have had our share of ups n downs, but that what has made our marriage stronger. We are both very stubborn people so when we lock heads in the end we came back together. He is the man God designed for me.
I tuckerd out so am just going to do some small flowers that come from a templet. Have a great night gals@!!!!

October 23rd, 2011, 03:05 AM
Paula, I am sure that if I want the bookcase done before my daughter graduates from high school I'll probably be the one that gets it done! I am just a bit nervous around the things that can eat your fingers! The part about the welder that freaks me out is lighting the thing! I am far from a pro, but I did take some welding, probably just enough to get me in trouble! They were his grandfather's tools so I am a bit cautious about stepping over that line too. Besides, he does such beautiful work, when I can get him around to doing it!
I am going to turn in too! See you all tomorrow!

October 23rd, 2011, 09:58 AM
RHONDA!!!... Chica where have you been...LOL...(Look who's talking!)
Oh...You had to Go There!...
Roast PIG!! Gauudd!...
I tell Ya if You weren't in SHREK Land soooo Far-Far Away....
I would show Up with Cuban MOROS and Yuca (This is a traditional Cuban Dish that goes Very Well with Roast Pork) Thank's for the Invite I'll be there in Spirit ;)

Wooooww That must have been Spooky and Annoying too.
I don't think crazy people who have nothing better to do than to disturb the Peace will ever change.
We can only feel sorry for them and pray for their IGNORANCE.

I'm glad it wasn't real and all got cleared.

It's so nice to here from you and that you are doing well and so Full Of Life!

Have a Gr8 Weekend.

Sandy Navas
October 23rd, 2011, 12:05 PM
Carmen, send yuca! And banana leaves. Making tamales!! I'll take some of Rhonda's left overs, too!!