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July 13th, 2015, 07:04 AM

Hello Folksies!
Another week to try to get things right all over again. I woke up with thunder cracking and haven't had enough coffee yet to open the door and peek outside. This morning is supposed to be weed pulling time at Mom's. We like to get there before the sun is fully up for obvious reasons of heat and bugs. After last weeks adventure in the bug biting dept my man is not letting me out of his sight when I go outside. He has given Sis strict order as well. Heckfire shoot! she's the one who needs an epi pen. Mine was a freak thing. I told sis the flying bomber was looking for her and since we favor as only a sister can, decided I was good enough to pass the word around that the flying, crawling, biting masses were looking for her.

Thanks to all who have been responding to the call to show our May she is missed and loved.

Make today unique in some way. Smile a lot and forgive just as much. Prayers for all who need them.


July 13th, 2015, 08:08 AM
Good Morning all:)

It was a busy weekend for me. Did a little Row by Row shop hop with DD3 on Friday. Picked up lots of neat stuff. Ended the day at M*. We didn't know they stayed open till 8pm now so we had lots of time to shop. DD3 picked out a jelly roll and coordinating fabric for a Jell Roll Race 2 quilt. She was very excited and already has the top done except for the last side of the outer border. She's definitely much faster than me.

The rest of my weekend was spent moving furniture for painting two rooms. We have them prepped and ready for my SIL to paint today. I feel like I need to go to work to rest from my weekend!

Blondie, take care today and don't get bitten again! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

July 13th, 2015, 08:11 AM
Mornin' :)
Blondie - you be keerful pullin' dem weeds ;)

This weekend turned out to be a wonderful one. My sis in law unexpectedly offered to take my FIL from Friday night til last night (I know you've been praying Blondie, keep em comin')... My daughter went to Rochester, NY and Niagara Falls on Saturday, my older DD is never around with her busy self, soooo...
Hubby and I took Saturday and drove to Howe's Cavern in upstate NY. (a bit over 2 hours drive) We had been talking about going there and we finally got to do it! It was amazing! The views on the property are beautiful, and the cavern is very cool. Mostly though, having an entire day to meander with no schedule or responsibilities was divine. (Older DD checked in on our dog so we didn't have to rush back) Felt like a vacation, it was so nice!
I hope everyone has a great day - not sure what today holds for me :)

Ginny B
July 13th, 2015, 08:27 AM
Good morning all. This weekend was very nice. Busy on Saturday and then yesterday a relaxing day at the beach and then home to have a relaxing evening here too. I did get into my sewing room last night for a while. DH goes to bed early on Sunday nights because he has a real early schedule on Monday morning so I headed into my cave and finished a memory pillow for a friend of a co-worker who lost her dad unexpectedly.

Songbird, so glad you had some time for you and hubby. Caregivers need that break so much to revive themselves. Are there any agencies in your area that may be able to provide occasional respite care?

So back to work we go today. Blondie, be careful in the great outdoors. Have a great Monday.

July 13th, 2015, 08:30 AM
Morning all!! We woke up to loud thunder and lightning too! Rain is heavy at the moment. We need it, but poor Casey is having a meltdown even in his thunder shirt!!
Finally finished painting the ceiling ( would have been done sooner if DH didn't take a nap on the couch)
Started prepping the walls for painting. This part should go easier! But in the meantime the house looks like a bomb hit it!
This has been going on and off since February as I have moved from room to room! It's getting old!!!

Hope our rain means that some of you are sunny and dry today! We all need that sun!!!
Hugs to all who need them!!

Carrie J
July 13th, 2015, 11:47 AM
Blondie, BWAHAHAHAHA on the Lil Wayne thang.......iPad got doused! Thanks EVER so much!!!! :). Too bad ornery don't keep the bad bugs away, LOL!
Norma, wow, in reading your post brought back tons of memories in Upstate! Glad y'all had some breathing room and time to just enjoy! WooHoo!
Eileen, you sure DH wouldn't have looked good in the chosen wall color?!?! Just sayin.......:), so very tempting ya know? Hope it ends soon for you!
Ginny, any sew time is great time, hope you have a great week.

As you can see, I'm blowing time on the Forum, but have a hair appt coming up, so I have an excuse today, LOL! Some sewing on the schedule, not much tho, as Wednesday am headed out for a small trip. Afraid actually to get too involved in a sewing project at this point,ya kow? Hope everyone has a great week!

July 13th, 2015, 12:31 PM
Morning all. Blondie you be careful,
My sisters an I are in Vegas for our annual sisters weekend. We don't gamble, guess it was growing up for several years in
Nevada. There is a reason there is no state income tax here lol. Anyway we come to shop the one quilt shop we like and other shopping and just to get away for a couple of days and enjoy each other.
Started and almost finished quilting illusion quilt. Boohoo last bobbin change knocked a thread out of slot and tenion out of wack so am unpacking that quilting takes longer to unpack then quilt. Hope all have greAt day. Cecelia

July 13th, 2015, 12:57 PM
I need everyone's prayers this week. The Lord knows what for. Just mention Allie. Thanks.

Simply Quilting
July 13th, 2015, 12:57 PM
Good Morning! We are very hot today. Already have heat warnings out - they say it feels like 108F at 10:30 this morning. Last week the children needed jeans and sweatshirts at camp and this week it is burning hot.

The painting on the house is all finished. Now just to get everything put back together.

Blondie, be careful with all those bugs.

Songbird, it looks like a very relaxing place.

Eileen, understand your painting pain - I hope that you are almost done.

Cecelia, enjoy your sister time.

Have a great Monday everyone :)

July 13th, 2015, 01:26 PM
The son is married and on his honeymoon with our sweet new daughter-in-law. My in-laws packed up and headed home this morning. The sun is hiding behind clouds today and we might get more sprinkles of rain.

It ALL good in my neighborhood. I'm even going out to muck the barn with a smile.

I hope you can find something to smile about today too!
Hugs, C

grandma nurse
July 13th, 2015, 05:39 PM
Just a little slow today. Good afternoon. Prayers for Allie. My grandson was here overnight so I got his help and DH help and took pictures of 5 of my quilts. Progress, a little at a time. Now to learn to post them.

July 13th, 2015, 07:00 PM
I'm late checking in today. I wanted to get outside before it got too hot & get my flowers planted. I bought bedding plants the 1st wk. of June, & got sick the day after I bought them. I've been keeping them watered all this time & finally got them in the ground this a.m. A month late, but they should flower nicely till frost. I like to plant Geraniums, interspersed with Dusty Miller, in the front flower bed. There are perennials in the rest of the bed. Glad that job is done. We had partly cloudy weather, so it wasn't quite as hot today.

DS called from MD an hr. ago to wish us a Happy Birthday. My BD was last Wed. & DH's is today. Not a very fun way to spend one's BD, recovering from skin cancer removal & nose reconstruction surgery. He's still all bruised, swollen, & so miserable. I feel so bad for him. I hope & pray he heals quickly.

I've slowly been working on the 9-P/Rail Fence baby quilt. I'm now sewing together the rows.

July 13th, 2015, 07:23 PM
Woke up to thunder and lightning about 4:00 this AM. Getting back to sleep wasn't in the cards.

Lots of errands gathering things for a church supper this weekend, then a quilt guild meeting this afternoon. Just sitting and resting just now.

Sounds like a lot of you have real stuff going on. Prayers for all. Allie, if I can do anything PM me. I don't live that far from you.

Tomorrow may be interesting....will let you know the details if it works out.

July 13th, 2015, 10:09 PM
Hello all!

I have missed reading your posts and adding my own two cents worth. In May I retired and 5 days later we headed to Portland in our RV to await the birth of our first grandchild. We stayed in an RV park without WiFi access so I wasn't able to get on-line and and check the latest news o the forum. I went into internet withdrawal. The day after we arrived our DIL was induced due to high blood pressure. Two days later, on May 24th, our beautiful granddaughter, Sally Barbara was born weighing 6 lbs! She is so cute and sweet! It is the joy of my life to hold this baby girl and to see my son and DIL become parents. They are so sweet with the baby.

In the midst of such great joy, we suddenly had great sorrow, My 52 yr old baby brother died suddenly. He had just finished his master's degree in environmental horticulture and was due to graduate the next day when my sister found him in his apartment. We think he had some kind of electrical misfire in his heart which caused sudden cardiac death. Nothing showed up on autopsy. Friends, this was the most difficult thing I have ever had to endure. Our family was all in shock and over a month later I still have difficulty accepting it. I will never understand why this happened when Mark was on the cusp of realizing his dreams. My only consolation is that he is with my mother, with whom he was very close. He got his love of gardening from my mom.

We had planned to be gone all summer long and eventually wind our way to Missouri to attend the fall quilting forum but Mark's passing has taken some of the joy from life and we are now home in Spokane. Maybe next year I will make it to a quilting event. I just don't have a heart for it this year.