View Full Version : my neighbor is famous!!!!

July 2nd, 2015, 02:34 AM
Well, his dog is!!

MM is at work and told me to go out and look at the two planets as I missed them last night because I went out too early. Well, then my neighbor came out to walk his deaf and mostly blind dog so we stood there and talked for about 30 minutes. I asked how old this dog was now (I think it's a chow or chow mix) and it's 15.5 years old!! He told me he had to put his other dog, a shibu inu down last summer, but the breeder gave him a new one that is four years old. It was a grand champion show dog but became unfriendly from being poked and prodded at the shows. Anyway, if you look at this commercial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1biejbPFcUI that is his dog, Titan, hopping around in the beginning of it!

While we were out there, lots of sirens...LOTS of sirens, both police and fire and I could see the cars going down the street just south of me, which is only one block away. Then I could see their lights on the street just to the east, also a block away. I told Bob I was going in the house and locking my door! Then the fire truck parked next to my house with its lights going....aye yi yi. Time to text a friend at work. Some guy wanted for armed robbery, burglary and who knows what else who was armed and dangerous ran from the police. I'm guessing they caught him since the fire department was there, hopefully it was not for the police, but I don't like it!!! Nope, not one bit! Glad I don't have to go to work in the morning because I'd be awake all night lying in bed worried. Yoda could care less...he's asleep on the couch next to me!

July 2nd, 2015, 02:53 AM
Sounds like an eventful night! I'm assuming Bob isn't the neon orange shorts guy....?

July 2nd, 2015, 03:08 AM
...so your neighbor is the criminal? Is that why he's "famous"? Or is this a random guy on the loose in your neighborhood?

July 2nd, 2015, 03:21 AM
Kim I think she's referring to her neighbor's dog.

July 2nd, 2015, 03:26 AM
Bob is not the orange shorts guy, nor is he famous. It is his dog, Titan, that is famous!!

July 2nd, 2015, 03:29 AM
It stays light here so late we couldn't stay awake to see the planets. Did you see them and was it really neat?

July 2nd, 2015, 03:31 AM
lol...ooooooooh.... yeah I can't read. My seam matching is messed up and I have the project soaking in cold water to get the glue out...I'll have to hang it dry tomorrow and try again then. I found Heath Klondike bars in the freezer! :D

July 2nd, 2015, 03:52 AM
It stays light here so late we couldn't stay awake to see the planets. Did you see them and was it really neat?

It was neat to see! I wish I'd have seen it last night though as it was supposed to have been really neat then!