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June 16th, 2015, 07:30 AM
Good morning friends. What a dark cloudy rainy day this is going to be. Today is our last quilt day for Victoria's Quilts until September.

I was very lucky yesterday and avoided having an accident at work. Someone had ordered trailer hitches, the box was quite heavy and it came apart on me. I jumped out of the way, luckily, if it would have landed on my foot, I am sure I would have had broken bones in my foot. Stopped at my sister-in-law's and gave her a birthday gift. Do you remember the maple leaf wall hanging that I got 1st prize at the fair? Well she had admired it at the time so I gave it to her. Just in time for Canada Day. Came home and spent a couple of hours cutting grass. I was pretty pooped at the end of the day.

Well the Row by Row will be starting soon. I hope you get a chance to get out there, it is a lot of fun if you can plan a road trip. Mine and Bonnie's is booked. 4 days, 31 potential shops. We will definitely be shopped out at the end. And that does not include 'local' ones.

What about those Chicago Blackhawks? They have been my husband's favorite for many years. How nice that they won the Stanley Cup on home ice after 77 years. Les never thought they would ever win during his lifetime, but now this is their third Stanley Cup. Sorry to all you Tampa Bay fans.

Well this was a long one this morning. Have a great day friends.

June 16th, 2015, 07:49 AM
BOO Blackhawks!!!

Just kidding, congrats to Les. My boys are deeply depressed this morning. Youngest DS went to the Amalie Arena for a live watch party last night. The Bolts just didn't play up to par for this series. I really thought it would go to game 7, though. The NHL lost lots of $$$ by it ending in six.

Hope everyone has a Blessed Day - prayers for those in need.

p.s. Monique watch out for those heavy packages!

June 16th, 2015, 08:00 AM
Morning all, way to early to be up here. Am starting to put together my box kite quilt am quite pleased how its turning out.
Cleaning house and lunch with sisters is on the plans. Hope all have a great day. Hugs and prayers to those who need them. Cecelia

Ginny B
June 16th, 2015, 08:23 AM
Good Morning all. Congrats Hawks! It was an exciting game/series.

I am looking forward to the Row by Row again this year. It'll be fun collecting all those row patterns and some license plates too.

Well this morning I'm hoping for a fast and not-too-expensive solution to a water problem we are having at our family house in Brooklyn. Seems we had water coming into the cellar and we are not exactly sure where it is coming from. But it was enough to make a yukky mess in a part of it (of course, it is the part with the furnace and hot water heater and the pilot lights are out now). We thought we knew what the issue was but that has been checked out and it isn't the problem so today ds will try to figure it out. The water had stopped coming in but it's still a mess down there now. Ugh.

Off to get a load of laundry in before work. Stay away from heavy boxes Monique! Glad you were not hurt.

Have a good and safe day everyone.

June 16th, 2015, 08:30 AM
Good morning everyone. Tired out this morning. Yesterday I got roped into cleaning cabins with my DD in which we argued the whole time! Teenagers! Need I say more? Anyway after that I had to grocery shop;not my favorite thing to do at all; then I got out in the shop and made more stuff LOL MY husband thinks I'm nuts. Oh well I gotta strike while the iron is hot. I go back to work early August and gotta do it while I can.
I'm meeting a friend today to pick up fabric for some curtains she wants made for her camper. So I gotta squeeze that in sometime.
Tonight my sister is coming over to work on the western baby quilt for her first grandbaby.Coming along good. I will post pics when we get it put together.
I think I will throw a beef roast in the crock pot and that will be our supper. A big pan of cornbread sounds good too.
Well I better get busy with my day.
Yall have a great day and Monique stay away from falling objects!! That would have definetely left a mark.LOL

June 16th, 2015, 08:36 AM
Morning, all! Monique sweetie! Be careful at work...that sounded like a close call!

Really enjoying our new house.....still unpacking and there will probably be another big garage sale before it's all said and done. To think I had a garage sale right after we moved to Fort Smith last July, 2014. We need to have another one!

I am really enjoying my new Janome machine! IT sews like a dream! If you have never sat down to a Janome....do it! I am currently working on an applique wall hanging.....

Sandy Navas
June 16th, 2015, 08:58 AM
Yeah to everyone!!!! (Except Monique - don't lift anything that looks heavy . . . ever again, okay?)

Making covers for some cushions to take when we go listen to our C&W band tomorrow. Those folding chairs are a bit hard on the tush!

Took packages to be shipped yesterday. Stopped by a dear friend's work place and left her with a quilt. Did some much-needed grocery shopping. After everything was put away and lunch was over I was ready for bed. But Al assured me that it was going to rain and the sun was out so I went with him to finish up the back yard. Glad we got it done and didn't get wet. That storm front split and went both north and south of us. We're still dry.

Hope everyone continues to be well.

June 16th, 2015, 09:03 AM
Good morning, Monique and everyone. Monique, I am so glad that box did not fall on your foot. And yes, congrats to the Blackhawks. We were rooting for them, because of Kimmo Timonen. It was great when Toews handed him the cup first.

Well, I have not sewn in over a month. I am having serious withdrawal symptoms. I did wash some flannel yesterday, but that is as far as I got. No sewing today either, because I have my grandson all day.

I hope everyone has a great day and I will keep those who need them in my thoughts and prayers.


June 16th, 2015, 09:04 AM
Morning Everyone,

Monique, it's good you dodged that bullet yesterday. Thank goodness you didn't get hurt.

I'm going to clean carpet today. Jeff helped me move some items from the living room to the kitchen. I will be washing curtains also....I hate this but it really needs to be done. I want to get this done early so I can sew this afternoon. We are supposed to have heavy rain for the next few days so I'll have plenty of time to be in the sewing room.

We're having several negative issues at the apartments again (or should I say still). Things will work out in time but in the meanwhile we are making our attorney a rich man.

Jeff worked 16 hours yesterday and expects to have to do the same today and tomorrow. They are replacing the dishwasher in Food Service. This is a major project with crews of contractors and other workers. The dishwasher is larger than our house! Jeff is supervising and will do the electrical.

I hope everyone has a blessed Tuesday....

Grandma Nan
June 16th, 2015, 09:14 AM
Good morning all and thanks Monique for getting us going this morning.

Another dull morning here but perfect for sewing. they are calling for possible severe thunderstorms but we'll see.
I have to make a quick run to the grocery store this morning to get some ingredients to make a salad I'm taking to the potluck for our last quilting guild meeting tonight. I will go early and visit with my dad this afternoon and then on to the guild meeting.

So much more fun quilting now that my sister is also quilting too and has become my partner in acquistion. This week we have a small 4 shop hop that we are doing and then next week starts row by row and a class early in July. Hopefully, Monique and I are going to meet up in person during row by row. There are so many cute rows this year.

Not too much else happening here so I may as well get busy and get my salad made as it need to marinate for a while to really taste good. I'm making a cucumber, sweet onion, and cherry tomato salad. I just love that salad.

Well I hope everyone has a safe and healthy day. Thoughts going out to any of our members who are ill or suffering.
S-M-I-L-E, it does a body good.

Cathy F
June 16th, 2015, 09:22 AM
Morning all

Yesterday we had the much needed rain here, not sure what the weather holds for us today as it's still overcast out.

Today is Dr appointments for us. Our regular Dr. retired and the gentleman who took his place is a nice man but a far cry from the one we miss dearly. We'll see if the waiting time in the exam room is better or we may have to find a new one. Last time I waited 47 minutes in the exam room before he came in.

Have been busy sewing bindings on. I finished 2 of the four that needed to be done and have to add just the hanging sleeve to the third one then I can sew that one side of the binding down. It sure feels good to see some of these get done!

Monique, glad to hear you left work with your foot intact. Off to get some coffee and kick start my day.

Amy R
June 16th, 2015, 09:27 AM
Things are relatively quiet here lately. awaiting my parents' visit starting Sunday with Dads quilt hopefully at the ready stage. I am just being too fussy over it.

It's going to rain off and on this whole week, hoping it dries enough to scrape and paint the garage next week.
Nacho and Niko seem to be hitting it off through the baby gate still. Norman refuses to come out of the breezeway most of the day, despite Nacho still being isolated in the bedroom. These kids need to get along I've about exuded all the energy I have for this.

I have some pressing health things that need to be checked next week at my dr. appt so I'm anxiously awaiting that day.

Hope everyone is doing well. You're all on my minds even if I don't post here every day.
Hugs and prayers and well wishes.

June 16th, 2015, 09:28 AM
Mornin' all...
Monique, I'm glad you weren't hurt!
Sherri - that wallhanging is super cute :)
Thanks again everyone for the warm birthday greetings yesterday - it was a quiet day, seeing as my DD's schemed and threw me a surprise party last weekend - I did some sewing yesterday so that's always a good day!
My daughter had gone strawberry picking on Sunday, so I was looking for recipes to use up some yummy berries... found this -
{No-Bake} Strawberry Ice Box Cake / Six Sisters' Stuff | Six Sisters' Stuff (http://www.sixsistersstuff.com/2011/09/no-bake-strawberry-ice-box-cake.html)
Super easy - and very yummy! Light, too - and not overly sweet - a keeper for sure :) (in fact, it may be calling my name for breakfast ;))
Hope everyone has a great day - I'm hoping to get more sewing in!

June 16th, 2015, 09:46 AM
Morning all...woke with a nasty headache today...actually went to bed with it and thought it would be gone this morning..no such luck. So going to get my cuppa and see if that helps. The weather here has been brutal...just non-stop rain. Haven't been in my cousin's pool once this year and it's already mid June!

Liam is going on a school trip for two days next week so have to get him organized. Tonight I attend a staff recognition dinner, it's my 25th anniversary at my job so will be interesting to see what they do for me! :) My friend is going with me. In retrospect I wish I had taken my son but oh well. Tomorrow out shopping for fathers day gifts. uhg. Liam has no idea what to get his father. Then I have to get laundry done and start packing for our trip home next week! Can't believe how fast my holidays have come!

Well should get my tea so I can peruse the rest of the forum. Sending lots of love to those in need and hoping they check in soon! xoxo

June 16th, 2015, 10:00 AM
Good Morning !
More rain here today.
Off work today, need to do laundry and go to the store.
Would much rather sew, but probably not in the cards today.
Need to unpack some boxes that have been haunting me since our move last fall.

Simply Quilting
June 16th, 2015, 10:51 AM
Good Morning! We have sunshine this morning :) It has been crazy around here this spring. We have had projects that we have wanted to get to but the weather has been stopping us. Dh did get most of the tree branches trimmed - still have couple in the front yard. From the look of the trees around town, it looks like that warm spell this winter then snapping back to cold killed off branches on a lot of trees. Yesterday as dh walked in the backyard, you could hear him squish, squish as the ground is so wet. He did manage to the old garden tubs out of the yard and loaded to take back to his folks.

Not one lick of sewing is going on around here. Between being at the pool with the children, working on keeping the house ready to be shown at anytime and working on getting stuff ready for school, there just has not been time. I told a friend yesterday that if I could spend as much time sewing right now as I have been at the pool, I would have lots of projects and quilts done.

Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone :)

June 16th, 2015, 11:49 AM
Good Morning, guys...

Today is a better day.....emotionally...than yesterday.... "The Quilt" is ready for binding.... Which I made last night. I want to get it on, before heading to my DD's to be with the boys, after MAD CAMP (Music, Art, & Drama....at church). Christy has to work today.

Michael will be there, but I take every opportunity to be with my boys.... PB&J, grapes and chips for lunch...

I think the Ohio Valley will get lots of rsin, from the tropics Ł storm that is. Hitting Texas today... I hope all you Texans stay safe. I'll probably be with the boys when the storms hit.... Will worry about my Chihuahuas... The larger one is terrified when it storms... I can't toke them with me, though.... The little ine gets carsick....and, my DD has a large cat...way bugger then my little guys.

The house... Am I supposed to clean it? Or, do I really need to put things away? Maybe after I sew doen that binding... Maybe.

On that note, I was such a disappointment yo my Mom, who was the world's best housekeeper....she wssn 't obsessive, just very good at it.

My sisters Bevky, who us twelve years my junior, inherited the neat house gene... Everything always looks so neat... Vern when her kids were small.. Oh well, I small what I am.... Lazy, and a born couch potato.... But, I 'm trying (at the age if 71), to change my ways... Do you think I'll succeed? I do succeeds but only for a few days... Kind of like exercising.... You know?

I'd rather quilt, read, or nap.... Scarlet O' Hara had it right...

I can no longer put off sewing the binding on the quilt.... The diner I get that binding done, the sooner I can get that quilt out if my hours.... The thing is..... I'm really happy with how it looks...and feels...now that it is quilted... I think David will like it... I'll post a pic of the completed quilt.

Happy Tuesday, everyone! May you all have a happy and blessed day....

June 16th, 2015, 01:46 PM
Hello friends, I've finally made some effort into packing, and Ive managed to polish off my miscellaneous mending pile and started attempting to clear off the desk and cutting table for summer. I took a 'Gus Gus' (the chubby mouse from Cinderella) patch off of my son's old sweatshirt and sewed it on to this year's sweatshirt and the look of sheer joy on his face when I showed him was priceless. I love when little three minute jobs make them SO HAPPY!

I'm Hoping to have time to cut down some fabric to possibly get some hexies sewn while we are in transit and on 'vacation' next week. 28 hours of travel to then spend a week in range of my MIL is not my ideal, but it must be done. I'm so anxious to get back to Atlanta, into our house and to dig through my stash there to see what's what, finish my infamous tree skirt (the UFO that can't be killed!) and fix up my featherweight. I think it's going to be a marvelous summer!

Three more days of school, one day of post planning, and then off we go :)