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Juliet Taylor
June 9th, 2015, 04:05 PM
Second day of hubby staying in hospital, he's recovering well although the second day is always a little harder.

He is such a sweetheart! Yesterday he told me to go buy some fabrics as a gift during today's afternoon, since there is a 4 hours window between the morning visiting time and the late afternoon one.

So I checked online (remember I'm on vacation away from home) and found 6 possible fabric shops including an haberdashery. I was pretty excited. I mean... 6! I thought it would be hard to choose between so many possibilities!

How WRONG I was...

As soon as I left the hospital the weather was still nice enough but I could see in the distance that was raining. I did not care too much as I was walking toward the first shop. After sometime I found it but it was closed and thru the windows I could clearly see it was more about wool and other things that really did not interest me. So Shop 1 was checked off the list.

When I jumped on the second one it was cloudy and started to lightly rain. The shop was closed and no timetable to show me when it would open. It was well after 3 pm, usually shops open between 3 pm and 4 pm so it really did not make sense. I stopped for a quick coffee, checked again, realized this haberdashery wasn't going to open so I checked off Shop 2.

I checked my map and realized I could try an outlet fabric shop that sounded promising. By now it was raining well. But I couldn't go back! I was in jeans and tshirt, no umbrella, no jacket, so I kept walking hoping to get there. After ten minutes I got there but again... alright this was open but it was not what I hoped for! Alright they did sell fabrics but only for making curtains and that stuff. I wanted at least regular cotton! They had tons of lovely towels and kitchen stuff but... Let's check off Shop 3.

Rain was pouring like in a shower. Poor me. I was really getting wet. I went back and checked for the next shop but it was cold and couldn't bear anymore. So I took a stop in a lovely cafe for hot chocolate and a huge piece of cake! Delicious. I waited an hour reading on my kindle, than it seemed that rain was stopping so I left.
WRONG! Rain ... so much rain... but I was already so close to another shop so I ran and checked. I mean, let's check off Shop 4! Once again, no fabrics.

I was ready to give up when I finally saw a street sign I was looking for so I went and check. Again. Again a shop selling towels and kitchen stuff. Darn you google!!! But this young lady was so kind she told me to cross the street because there was an haberdashery (that internet did NOT tell me about) that did sell fabrics! See ya Shop 5

I crossed the street and I was finally happy. Yes! Found it! An old style haberdashery with wool, stocking, cross stitch stuff and finally a whole wall of different kind of fabrics! One row only of cotton fabrics! Yay!

I bought some goodies :) and then ran at home, because I was so wet and cold I was afraid to catch a cold and give it to hubby. Not wise. so I took a long warm shower and I'll go sleep early to power up and go tomorrow to check on my husband.

Thanks for reading my adventure :D

p.s. btw I decided to avoid Shop 6. I was so tired I thought it was pointless!

June 9th, 2015, 04:54 PM
Oh my, that sounds like quite an adventure! Glad you finally found one shop that had fabric!

June 9th, 2015, 05:25 PM
Wow, you really persevered! Sounds like you had some nice snacks though. lol Hope hubby is okay.

June 9th, 2015, 05:42 PM
Shop number six probably had just what you were looking for at a rock-bottom price. I'm just sayin'......

PS I am sending positive energy and thoughts your husband's way.

June 9th, 2015, 05:48 PM
Sounds like quite a day. Glad you finally found what you were looking for.

June 9th, 2015, 05:52 PM
Well, bless your heart! I'm so glad you found something! Walking in the rain is nice, if that is what you wanted to do... otherwise, it's just getting wet!! Right?

Hang in there, and thanks for your kind words to me. I needed them!

June 9th, 2015, 05:54 PM
I hope your husband is on the mend.

June 9th, 2015, 06:07 PM
Wow, what a day! But you got to explore, have cake and finally find fabric, so it was a win,win,win.

I have never been to a haberdashery. What exactly type of store is that?

Grandma G
June 9th, 2015, 06:18 PM
Wow! What an adventure. I don't think your husband had any idea what you would be going through but glad all ended well. You are right, 2nd days after surgeries can really be tough but it can only get better from there.

Juliet Taylor
June 9th, 2015, 07:35 PM
First, thanks everybody :D for reading so much! I tend to write a lot :D

It was a real adventure but thanks goodness for the hot shower! Btw after wandering around under the rain and eating way too much I also felt sick at home. Alright... tension tends to affect me sometimes, so I'm resting and waiting. LOL!

Hubby is resting a lot today, that's why I knew he wouldn't miss me for the second visit. we were both tired. for different reasons of course!

Wow, what a day! But you got to explore, have cake and finally find fabric, so it was a win,win,win.

I have never been to a haberdashery. What exactly type of store is that?

I've looked online and have noticed it's a term more used in UK but seems acceptable almost everywhere. it's the English equivalent to the Italian term "merceria" that defines a shop that usually sells:

- buttons
- thread for sewing and for embroidery along with sewing notions and embroidery notions
- often but not always sells quilt fabrics and notions
- stocking and socks (and sometimes underwear)
- craft such as beads and jellwery notions, chains, bag notions
- sewing patterns
- laces and ribbons

and more :D I work in one! that's how I found this word. I needed to explain where I work :D

June 9th, 2015, 08:09 PM
Oh, my goodness! What an adventure you had.... At least you got a few goodies...

Granny Fran
June 9th, 2015, 09:03 PM
Oh, Juliet. Such a day....and on vacation, too.

I hope DH is doing well. Sometimes being alone when you do not feel your best is actually better for everyone. lol

I hope to see what you come up with after all your struggles to get some fabric. Keep your chin up, there are good thoughts coming your way (and for your DH as well).

Carrie J
June 9th, 2015, 09:17 PM
Juliet, now that is what I call perseverance, well worth getting wet in my opinion! :D Glad you finally found some fabric, rest up and perhaps a cup of tea or cocoa!

June 10th, 2015, 10:12 AM
Sounds like an amazing day to me. Glad you finally found something! Hope DH is healing well. xox

June 10th, 2015, 12:19 PM
The lengths we go to for fabric!! You had quite an adventure, I admire your persistent spirit! Prayers for your hubby getting well and you not getting sick from your "rainy day". Whatever you make with your purchase will have an interesting story behind it. Be Well, God Bless.

June 10th, 2015, 01:17 PM
What a wonderful story, Juliet! So glad you were able to find some nice fabric. Hope you slept well and are staying warm and dry!

Juliet Taylor
June 10th, 2015, 05:50 PM
Thanks thanks... yes actually that I rethink about it sounds a little like Bridget Jones, doesn't it? :D LOL!
I could have waited for today's afternoon after all! But no not me!

I'm not sick after the cold rain shower thanks goodness, but I did not sleep well. You may not believe me but this year I'm followed by constructions sites EVERyWHERE! At work. At home. Here on vacation. The residence is building a new car garage and although this is still acceptable this morning I was woken up by the cleaning ladies yelling each other (not bad things, just what needed to be cleaned) from one floor to another.

I miss silence!

Andrea F
June 10th, 2015, 06:24 PM
Oh wow, what an afternoon. Glad you were determined enough to follow through until you found something nice. I hope your hubby feels better soon and you can go home :)