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June 1st, 2015, 06:50 AM

Happy Monday, Folksies! And let's get the party going for summer. I know, summer isn't official until the end of this month - hey, I believe in getting places early. I have learned to be patient. That is one of my secret weapons!

I am trying to remember the weekend - it seemed to pass so quickly this time. Partly because I worked like a trojan on Friday and Saturday, which btw, was a good thing. I seem to remember going down to Mom's with Luscious and loading up the OLD and HUGE and heavy as a two ton brick TV onto my little pick me up truck. It needed to go to the dump. It's only been in her house for years and hasn't worked for I don't know how long. She finally got a new set, one of those light as a feather ones (lucky girl). After I sucked in the hernia from helping Luscious carry it outside, I did manage to get it to the dump with the help of Stevie, my SIL. Yesterday DD and I went to Toys 'R Us to get Tyler some birthday presents. He will be the big 1 on June 8th. I couldn't tell you how many years it has been since I looked at baby stuff in a toy store. I was happy to see that many of the Classic Fisher Price toddler things have made a comeback. Guess who is getting one of those from me? We then went to Sams Club and I couldn't resist the cutest book Llama Llama Red Pajama. My favorite line in the entire book says something like, "save your llama drama" Very appropriate! For those who have kept that precious little one in your thoughts and prayers, I will add here that his mother went to court on Thursday. Because the child she beat (not Tyler) is a juvenile, they do not publish online. I went to court to be the proverbial fly on the wall but it was a closed session. Dispositions are not posted online. We did find out that she was found guilty and is appealing. So, until this is resolved, she can still create a tempest in their teapot.

I got another order to make another baby quilt. This one must be done by the end of this month. No one wants to know the gender of the baby, so, do you have any suggestions on juvenile fabric, charms, etc? I need to shake my tail feather to get this one done. You know, I was feeling rather unproductive until I looked at my little notebook where I write down what I've completed this year. I have been quite busy and didn't realize it! I've completed and sent out 27 COC's, 3 double quilts, 1 king, 15 hand bags, 4 table runners and 12 pouches. And I have more in various stages of completion. I think I feel stymied because in the past 7 weeks I have not spent much time at my machine. Once I get all caught up on the stitching and binding stuff I may have to take a refresher course on machine sewing. ha!

So, dear friends, I am off to find the coffee cup, head to the shower and go sit with Ty this morning until early afternoon. No stitching done while there, you can imagine. But my fat old hiney is getting some exercise and this gal here loves sloppy baby kisses.

SMILE! Today is gonna be as fabulous as you think it is gonna be. You may feel free to borrow my rose colored glasses!


June 1st, 2015, 07:06 AM
Good morning Blondie.....are we supposed to try to guess what your mom got a new set of or did I miss it somewhere LOL.

Getting ready for work....so better get moving.

Have a great day!

June 1st, 2015, 07:11 AM
Shirley, there goes my brain again. It was a new TV. I was able to go in and edit my post to reflect that. It does make more sense that way, even if I don't!

June 1st, 2015, 07:25 AM
Ha! I'm not the only one with Monday morning-ness! Good Morning Blondie and all! Need more coffee.....hugs and Prayers!

June 1st, 2015, 08:27 AM
Oh happy Monday! Hope all had a good weekend!!
It's gonna be a long busy week here! I realized last night I have 5 for dinner Tuesday evening so I need to hustle and get some things done!
Slept a little better last night. At midnight I decided to sleep on the couch and slept till 615. That's the longest stretch I've had in weeks!
Yesterday my GF came over to get help recovering two chairs cushions. Finished one and cut out all needed for the other before she left. She sent me a pic of one chair reassembled and it looks really cute! She was very pleased.
So I need to get a pot of sauce going cause I decided to make a pan of stuffed shells and sausage for Tuesday dinner. Also picking up DH's DGD at the airport Tuesday am so she will help entertain DH for me this week!
Today is deadline day for DH to go thru his "stuff" in the bedroom or I do it for him!!!!
We will see!
Hugs to all, hoping for a nice sunny day for you! :-)

June 1st, 2015, 08:28 AM
Good Morning....
Happy Monday to everyone - raining here - I love rain!
FIL was in a funk yesterday - woke up on the wrong side of the bed and stayed there pretty much all day (not in bed - on the wrong side). Some days are like that, then a day or two later he forgets what put him there and goes back to his normal, even keeled grumpiness - which is much easier to deal with ;)
Dementia is so torturous - for all. I can't imagine what it must be like to be in your own head, forgetting things... knowing you're forgetting things (although I don't really know how much he KNOWS - KWIM?). Some days he seems like he's cognizant - then I'll hear him on the phone with his sister in Portugal, saying he wants to go get her and they can live in the house in their hometown... Um... he's never had a house past his childhood in his hometown.
I just finished reading Still Alice. Wow. There were some parts where I felt like I was reading into my own life based upon some of the conversations in the book! I've not seen the movie, but I've heard the book is better. I highly suggest it - especially if you have a loved one with dementia. Good read even if you don't. I rarely read fiction these days - low tolerance for drivel. I could not put this one down until I was finished :)

Anyway - I got the hooks last night to put up my super fancy design wall (two flannel backed tablecloths) - so I'm gonna try and do that today. I'll post pics when I finally decide on a design for the quilt ;)

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

June 1st, 2015, 08:36 AM
Good morning! Been a while since a morning post. Just have too much on my plate of late. I'm currently working on the Harry Potter project of doom quilt. Works still a bear...need to get moving! Everyone have a great Monday and week!

June 1st, 2015, 08:36 AM
A quick pop in before walking. Not much of an eventful weekend. We made a quick trip to Trenton to see Phil and the girls. We took a lawnmower to him. I got grandma kisses. I don't know why I was so tired yesterday. I had a two hour nap and then off to bed early and slept almost 10 hours.

Not sure what this day will bring yet. Hubby has to work today and tomorrow.

Have a great day friends.

Sandy Navas
June 1st, 2015, 08:54 AM
One thing I have learned - do NOT let Al make the coffee on Sunday evening. Why is it never as good or as strong as what I make? And I have told him how much grind to put in there . . . he just must not be holding his mouth right.

Guild meeting tonight, Li'l Sis, my car pool friend and I are 'hostesses' but since it's our mid-year pot-luck picnic time (indoors??) all we need to do is supply the plates, cups, etc., and something to drink. I'd sure like to spike some of these gal's sweet tea!!

I spent about half my day yesterday proof-reading a manuscript for a friend who used to work for me. Interesting stuff, I was totally riveted to the screen until I finished.

Not sure what's on the plate today. I am waiting for my MSQC shipment of some much needed fabric for my red and white quilt. Other than that, I guess my early morning dream about cutting strips may have to come into play today. I did all that sorting a couple weeks ago and the crates are still sitting . . . and I brought home THREE large sacks of fabric from my SIL's last week . . . and Li'l Sis calls me a HOARDER . . . what does she know?

Hoping everyone is doing well. Prayers going out - you know if you need them!! You are probably already on my list.


June 1st, 2015, 09:05 AM
Good Morning, all!

How can it be June already? I just don't know.

Well, I am officially over the school days phase of motherhood. My baby, the youngest of four, graduated Friday night. We had a party for him on Saturday, and after a week of preparation and cleaning, I was officially BEAT. It was all worth it, though. I think everyone had a good time.

Blondie, Llama, Llama is my grandson's favorite book! They read it every night before bedtime and he has it memorized. I too got an order for a baby quilt, but know it is for a girl and they want lavender (blue lavender not red lavender :icon_neutral:) and pink. No animals, but other than that anything goes, I guess. I think they want a more traditional type quilt as she mentioned pinwheels a couple of times.

DD brought home a litter of 6 kittens from work yesterday. They are so cute, but sick with a URI.

The Daily Deal got me today! I love that line and I ordered some blue lavenders for the baby quilt. I have been trying to be good as the Shop Hop starts this week!

Well, better get up and get ready for my "nap". 10 PM will come soon.

Hugs and prayers for all who need them....have a Blessed day.....

June 1st, 2015, 09:07 AM
Blondie, I just ordered the Happi by Free Spirit fabric. Yes, it's called Happi blue, but its blue, orange, lime and cute little critters and I'm absolutely going to consider it gender neutral. The ten inch squares are also on sale. Sharon

June 1st, 2015, 09:14 AM
Morning Everyone,

All is calm at my house this morning. We actually had a great weekend and it was the second consecutive weekend we didn't have to go to the apartments. I went on Friday for a lease signing so we didn't have to make the trip on Jeff's day off. I try to do that as much as possible.

I took the plunge this morning and ordered a Stripology ruler. It seems I cut a LOT of strips from yardage lately. I prefer my strips not to have pinked edges, especially the 1.5" strips. I recently bought some strips from Keepsake Quilting that had straight edges.

Today I will work on the curved log cabin. I layed out the bottom half of the rows yesterday and they are ready to sew together. I could have this ready to go to Reggie by the end of the week. Then I have another one to make from the same material. I accepted a couple commissioned pieces for a neighbor.

I'm making a small quilt for my neighbor Karen who had a stroke about two months ago and is still in critical condition. They removed part of her skull because of the swelling and it's still off. She recently began having seizures. The doctors are saying that IF she lives she will likely be in the hospital/rehab for two years. Please remember her in your prayers. She is in her early 50s and the desire of her heart is to have a longarm machine. Her husband Ralph is suffering having her almost 3 hours away from home. They can't relocate her until they replace the piece of her skull. This family really needs prayer above and beyond Karen's staggering health issues. Thank you for helping me pray for this family.

Has anyone heard any more from Bob? I read his post when he got home from the hospital. Just wondering how he's feeling.

Wishing everyone a good Monday. I'm going to pretend it's Thursday.

June 1st, 2015, 09:31 AM
Here's hoping June is a good month as I hadn't felt too good the last month, very tired and poor appetite.

Really felt bad all day Sat and Sunday. terrible loss of energy, so much so that we went to ER. Everyone kept asking if I had chest pains so was frightened even though I didn't have any. After 5 hrs I found out I had a severe UTI and low potassium, got an awful tasting shot of liquid potassium and an IV anti biotic to clear the UTI up quickly. . Have to follow up with my primary and take it easy for a few days. So glad when ER Doc said that EKG was good and I could go home after IV. Left ER at 11, headed home and DH and I crashed for the night. Still tired but relieved that I found out what was going on.

Need to finish my coffee and then slowly get the day started. 110693

June 1st, 2015, 09:33 AM
Good morning! Been a while since a morning post. Just have too much on my plate of late. I'm currently working on the Harry Potter project of doom quilt. Works still a bear...need to get moving! Everyone have a great Monday and week!

Oh, I've always wanted to make that quilt! I can't wait to see how yours turns out. It looks like one of those projects you really have to devote a lot of time to. Best of luck.

Navy Wife
June 1st, 2015, 09:34 AM
O what a beautiful morning in east Tennessee. The rain from Texas has drifted our way, and we had a lovely rainy afternoon yesterday. Our ground is so thirsty that it all just soaked right in. The air is clean and fresh and I feel great!

I also had a great day yesterday with both sons and wives here for dinner and a good visit. It is nice to see the boys enjoying being together now that they both live near by. Ever since Tom graduated from college back in the 80's their time together has been a week here and there or a long weekend. I can at least blame the Navy for that. Iy was not our fault!

Probably no sewing this week as I have to get ready for a garage sale. I think I'll take both machines in for service.

Have a great day and prayers and hugs for those who need them.


June 1st, 2015, 09:39 AM
Hello everyone,I just last week in the forum state, because one of my granddaugters had strep throat and had to stay home so I had to be there all day for your mother works, but its okay and today we begin week eoutine, Blondie I also looked at my work this year and as Im doing some UFOs, for I have not started great things, only he had to give, anyway this month I have to sew some pants for summer a granddaughter and GD, so that the patch has to stay for another time, Im glad you Tyler be well and good for you, because being with children is so nice, they bring so many memories, my grandchildren they are growing, but still I have fun with them, and now that summer is coming and have no class because I care for them and go the beach with them and wail, it is a joyous season and although sometimes I get tired I step well and I forget my problems. Hope you all have a beautiful day and send greeting and prayers fot those who need

June 1st, 2015, 09:56 AM
Morning all! Had a great weekend...my cousin and her daughter came for a visit for the weekend. Friday night spent it on my new deck enjoying good conversation and wine. Then the rain came and we spent the rest of the weekend indoors, reading and chatting and sorting my spare room. Sewing machine is almost set up but can't find my power cord! That put a stall on the sorting of the room so I have a bit of a mess on my hands now. Oh well...all in due course...it will eventually get done!

Sadly though I neglected to close up my patio umbrella and the wind caught hold of it and almost took table and all off my deck! My cousin had bought me a lovely housewarming gift of a wee ceramic firepot and that got smashed all over the deck. :( Not a nice thing to wake up to on Sunday morning. I loved that umbrella too! Got such a great deal on it and now I'll have to replace it at full price. sigh. Oh well...I loved it so I will just have to make due! Hope I can find it again!

Well I'm off to an all day meeting on the other side of campus. Think of me dear friends suffering through that today! Ugh! I will be thinking of all those who need hugs and love today! xox

June 1st, 2015, 10:42 AM
Good morning, friends.

We had to have a large oak tree in our front yard cut down Saturday morning. We noticed a crack in it about a week ago & it looked like it was getting bigger each*day. It was good to get the tree down before it fell on our cars........but we sure have a big empty spot in the yard now. That tree gave us lots of shade and now.........not so much.

Saturday was a sad day for our family. A sweet aunt of mine passed away that afternoon. She will be greatly missed by her family and friends.

Prayers, hugs and smiles to all those in need.

Sylvia H
June 1st, 2015, 11:30 AM
I am glad I checked this thread, because as I was walking around the house in an early morning mental fog, I thought it was Tuesday!

Eileen – Stuffed shells sounds yummy. I’ll be having a family dinner this week, hopefully, and lasagna is one of the dishes I am considering serving.

Songbird – thanks for the recommendation on Still Alice. I want to see the movie, but now I think I’ll read the book first. My mother, age 94, is in a nursing home and has dementia. She was doing okay mentally up until maybe 6 months ago. But due to some very unfortunate circumstances, she declined very rapidly. Even so, she did not want to go into a home, but she needed the 24 hour care. She is still pretty angry with us, and often won’t talk to us when we visit.

Sandy – the picture of the elderly couple is dear to me. On my first trip to Atlantic City (I was probably 12 years old), my friends and I saw an elderly couple holding hands and walking on the boardwalk. My two friends thought it was hilarious that two “old” people would hold hands. But when I saw them, I hoped that I would have such a relationship. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way for me.

Barb – How sad about your friend. Sending thoughts for recovery for Karen and peace and comfort for Ralph.

May – Glad you have a diagnosis and received treatment. Rest and take care of yourself.

Now I am off to do a little cleaning in the laundry area, as someone is coming to clean the dryer vent this afternoon.

Grandma Nan
June 1st, 2015, 12:07 PM
Well I have officially gone over the edge and the worst part is I walked over and no one pushed me. Why? I just bought sewing machine 8 and 9 on the weekend. In addition to quilting, I have found I love rescuing these old gems and giving them some spa treatments and make them look pretty. Up until this last one they all worked and just needed some TLC. Yesterdays is almost frozen and has the electric cord cut off. Its a Singer 128 in beautiful condition (other than dirt) decals all intact. So all day yesterday I spent looking at videos and now I have to decide whether I will get a new motor and do that or to convert it to a hand crank. I'm moving from restoration into repair and it looks fun.

So the first one was a Singer 128 and the brown one is a Singer 401 in a cabinet and stool. Getting kind of excited to start working on it.

110702 110703110704110705

Edit: not sure why those pictures are so small but anyway. It is a gem.

Hope everyone has a safe Monday. I get the results of my A1C from last week and feeling a little apprehensive of the results.
Talk to everyone tomorrow.

Simply Quilting
June 1st, 2015, 12:59 PM
Good Morning! The weekend had its ups and downs. We had planned on going to the pool on Saturday but the weather made it too cold for the pool to be open. So I thought I would take the children to the beach at the local lake. We got there to find out that the beach area is still closed for reconstruction. We came home and packed more stuff to go into storage. Then I worked on printing off school stuff for next year and the children watched movies.

Yesterday my in-laws came down and took us out to dinner. They brought down the trailer so we can haul away branches that dh is trimming and other stuff. The "For Sale" sign went into the yard yesterday while we were at lunch. Now to keep the house show ready. There are still a few projects that need to get done For example, we have to wait for the new shower tray that had to be reordered to get in and I want to continue to sort through stuff and get things out of the house. We have gotten a lot of stuff out of the house but I want to get as much out as possible so moving day is easier.

Blondie, it sounds like you have been a busy little bee this year.

Hugs and prayers to those who need them.

Have a wonderful Monday everyone :)

June 1st, 2015, 01:52 PM
Oh my gosh! I don't know what the heck the Dutch put in their Pledge furniture polish! I tried it for the first time today. When I saw it on the shelf I was excited to see a familiar product that would provide no surprises. It smells terrible!!! Now the house reeks. Maybe it's a hint that I should sew instead of clean.

There's some sadness in this thread. I'm sorry for that, dear ones. I'd like to say may you never experience sadness in your lives but that would be silly. Life includes sad times. There's just no way around it. My hope for today, is that your week moves along smoothly. If you are feeling sad today I'll keep my hopes high that those feelings diminish in short order. Happy June!