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May 30th, 2015, 11:27 AM
I have been wondering how Ozziepuppy is doing? I have seen a couple of posts but have not read an update in a really long time.

Ozziepuppy if you read this, please let us know how you're doing and feeling or if anyone out there knows how she's doing, please give us an update.

Hoping and praying for the best for her and all others dealing with health issues personally or with family/friends!!

Sandy Navas
May 30th, 2015, 03:57 PM
You may be in luck. According to her profile she's on line right now!!!

May 30th, 2015, 04:47 PM
Hi JaniceR, Sandy, and my other Quilting Friends and Prayer Warriors,

Thank you for thinking of me and continuing to include me in your prayers! I am doing better, but things are still relatively difficult. I finished the "bad" chemo (that destroys fast-growing healthy cells along with cancer cells) and I am now having "targeted" infusions every three weeks. The drug (Herceptin) only targets HER2/neu positive cancer cells so has fewer side effects although there are some, still. I also started a daily pill which is an aromatase inhibitor--it greatly reduces the amount of estrogen in postmenopausal women (yes, we still have some)--thereby inhibiting growth of estrogen-positive cancer cells. It also has some side effects, although again, nothing like the "bad" chemo that gave me the extreme side effects. I will have the Herceptin infusions every three weeks until some time in November, and will take the daily pill for five years.

Compared to how I felt previously, I am much better. Before, I could barely get out of bed and had more than 20 different side effects. My main problems now are fatigue, aches, pain, "brain fog," and depression. I started back to work part-time but unfortunately still ended up losing some pay due to running out of regular and "emergency" leave. I asked if I could change to part-time next year but was turned down, so I will be back full-time around the first week in August. (Fortunately I have time off this summer.) I don't have much stamina any more. Emotionally, you would think I would be doing better and in some ways I am, but on the other hand everything happened so fast that I almost didn't have time to process it at the time and am kind of processing it now. Like many who go through life-changing events (health or otherwise), I grieve the loss of the person I used to be and the life I used to have. I look in the mirror and see scars and a still-baldish head and feel like cr*p and worry about recurrence--& then I worry that worrying will cause stress which will increase the likelihood of recurrence! LOL, sort of. :)

I have been sewing a little each day, trying to make progress on my son & his fiancee's wedding quilt. It will not be finished by their wedding (July) but hopefully it might be finished by the end of summer or even by mid-fall. It is the Fons & Porter thousand pyramids quilt and extremely time-consuming. The points are lining up pretty well in each block/pyramid, but I can't imagine getting the blocks to all match up. One step at a time--we'll see what happens. I have about 78 blocks completed and I think I need around 136. (I can't find my pattern, sigh.)

I wish we had found the breast cancer a little earlier (before it became invasive) but on the other hand we were lucky to find it when we did as it only showed up on the annual mammogram (could not be felt at annual physical nor even by the surgeon prior to surgery). There were no symptoms at all ("I felt fine until they started curing me. . ."). So my friends, please get your mammograms and don't depend on being able to feel a lump. For a woman who has never had breast cancer, the chance of getting it is now 1 in 8 (according to my oncologist)!

I hope that at some point I can get over this "hump" and start feeling good again, physically and emotionally. Right now I just try to accomplish a little bit each day. There are other things going on also (serious health issues with other close family members) that are also important concerns. I am working on having a positive attitude, eating healthy, and walking 30 minutes a day (not always successful) and trying to prioritize appropriately. At least I am no longer crying all the time! I do check in here at least once a day but a lot of the time don't have the energy to post. I try to remember people in my prayers and I am grateful to be remembered in yours.

Thanks for checking!
<3 Hugs to All! <3

May 30th, 2015, 05:42 PM
Thank you for checking in and letting us know how you're doing now. I still lift you up in prayer every day and will continue to do so. I know about the emotional rollercoaster of cancer with all its phases and effects. It sounds like you are doing the right things for yourself. Try to enjoy the Summer and hopefully you will be feeling much better when you have to begin work in August.
(((HUGS))) to you. Barb

Amy R
May 30th, 2015, 07:11 PM
*gentle hugs* and prayers continue!

Sandy Navas
May 30th, 2015, 07:25 PM
Marci, it is so wonderful to have an update on you - like others I continue to have you on my prayer list. Here's hoping the stamina hits you and you can at least get that quilt top well on the way to completion. Adding your other family members health issues today!!

May 30th, 2015, 07:29 PM
Still sending prayers and healing thoughts your way...I am so glad you saw the inquiry about you and answered....

May 30th, 2015, 07:39 PM
So glad you checked in, continued prayers for you.

May 30th, 2015, 08:04 PM
I am so glad to hear from you and thank you for giving us an update. I have been and will continue to pray for continued healing for you, that you feel much better very soon, that you regain your strength and feel more and more like yourself everyday. I know that you don't feel very strong right now but in my opinion, to go through what you have gone through and continue to go through takes an amazing amount of strength!! And it sounds to me as if you are doing so many "right" things and working very hard to do everything you can and I admire you so much for all of that.

I truly cannot imagine what it would be like to go through what you have and how overwhelming everything has been for you. Please know that I and all your other quilting friends here will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

I'm happy that you're feeling some better but sad that you are still battling so many things. Please take care of yourself and I will be looking forward to another update and hope so much for you that things just get better and better for you and yours!!

May 30th, 2015, 08:10 PM
Marci...thank you for the update. I'm still praying for you too. Sending a hug of encouragement.

May 30th, 2015, 08:41 PM
Marci, when I jump on the Forum to see what's new, I'm always scanning for that gorgeous black cat, your avatar, checking for your occasional post. So glad Janice R asked about you and very happy to see your update. You've lived through hell but things are improving - and I pray that your recovery quickens so you will soon be back to 'that person you used to be' and the life you had, you will have again! God Bless!

May 30th, 2015, 08:46 PM
I think of you every day, and I'm so glad to read your update. Take care of yourself.

May 30th, 2015, 09:15 PM
Marci ~ Prayers are still going up for you. Hang in there. ((((HUGS!))))

Grandma G
May 30th, 2015, 09:15 PM
So happy to see you post. You've been down a long road that is continuing but you have overcome so much and I have no doubt that trend will continue. Continued prayers for you.

May 30th, 2015, 09:31 PM

Good to hear how you're doing. I often think of you.

May 30th, 2015, 09:50 PM
Marci, you know you are always in my prayers for a full recovery. I pray for your peace of mind. You have come such a long, brave way! The road will get smoother. Sending Love.

May 30th, 2015, 10:41 PM
I too have been wondering how you have been.
While it sounds like the worst is behind you, it's still not an easy road at all. Just remind yourself that there is a place full of people who are thinking about you, praying for you, and sending you hugs and support!

Claire OneStitchAtATime
May 30th, 2015, 10:55 PM
Good to hear from you. Will be wishing you rest & health.

May 31st, 2015, 12:03 AM
Glad to see an update, have been looking for post and praying that you were doing better. Hoping that you regain your strength and progress in your recovery.

May 31st, 2015, 12:41 AM
Glad to hear that the bad chemo is over,,, still praying for you. Take care of yourself & as we old hippies say "keep on keepin on"

May 31st, 2015, 01:43 AM
It's good to hear that you are feeling a little better and even able to make it in to your sewing space to sew.One day at a time hopefully soon you will feel good again.I will also keep you in my prayers.

May 31st, 2015, 01:50 AM
Welcome back! And it was good to hear your update even though you don't have the energy to post more often, it was actually uplifting to hear you have the energy to stalk the Forum even though you aren't posting! Take it one day at a time!!! I am sorry your boss won't let you go part-time. It seems like that would be your decision not his. My employer was bought out by another company awhile ago. Former owners let us donate PTO to specific employees by name. New owners changed the policy so now if you want to donate extra PTO it goes into a pool and employer chooses who gets it. That stinks and nobody likes it, but maybe you have something like that at your work you could apply for.

Sylvia H
May 31st, 2015, 02:15 AM
It was so nice to hear from you. It is great that you are able to spend some time quilting - making something lovely can really lift the spirits. I continue to send healing thoughts to you.

Granny Judy
May 31st, 2015, 05:38 AM
So Glad to see you here. I understand how devastating this has been for you. (My DD#2 just went thru her first round of Chemo) Sometimes all we can do is just take one day at a time.. others, it is all we can do to just take it moment by moment. Prayers going up for you...

Iris Girl
May 31st, 2015, 05:59 AM
continued thoughts for your well being and recovery .

May 31st, 2015, 06:58 AM
Hi Marci,

As you can see there are so many people here on the Forum thinking about you, and praying for your health to improve so you can get back to feeling like yourself again. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. That one in every eight statistic is significant. I'm quite shocked to hear the odds are so high. I sure wish I understood why this is the case.

I hope you start feeling better soon. I hope you have loved ones who are lending you the support you need. We're all very happy you've checked in with us to let us know about your progress. I'm glad to hear you're doing some quilting, even if it's just little bits here and there. Hopefully, it will put your focus on something other than your troubles. Many prayers being said on your behalf.

May 31st, 2015, 07:49 AM
So good to see you posting Marci and know I continue to pray for you as well. I'm glad the bad chemo is over but it still sounds like a roller coaster road you are traveling. I pray over the summer you are feeling better to get you through your full time work (that stinks they won't work with you on that).
Sending soft HUGS your way

May 31st, 2015, 08:05 AM
It's good to hear that you are feeling a little better and even able to make it in to your sewing space to sew.One day at a time hopefully soon you will feel good again.I will also keep you in my prayers.

My feelings too, Hugs, May

May 31st, 2015, 09:16 AM
Ozzie puppy, thinking and praying for you, I am so sorry that you are having as such a hard time. Keep lurking and when you can update us. Prayer and hugs for you. Ceclia

June 1st, 2015, 12:31 AM
Marci it was nice to read your story tonight. You are more ferocious than you know. Continued prayers going up for you and your family members. I am sure your quilt will look great when you get it done. Just keep taking care of you because you are more important than the quilt. So good to read your post. Hugs.