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April 11th, 2015, 01:15 AM
Today I expended a lot more energy and a lot more anxiety than usual but I was successful, very slow but I did it. Our Granny Cousin's lunch was scheduled for this afternoon at cousin Toni's and I was thinking of making an excuse and not attending. Since our last lunch 2 months ago my arthritis kicked up and I've been using a walker to get around. Climbing stairs is quite difficult as I need a hand rail to hold onto for support. From what I remembered the steps in Toni's house didn't have a railing. To make a long story short DH said he'd come with me to help me if needed, he wasn't too keen at the prospect of having a long lunch with a bunch of women but he came anyway. Turned out Toni's steps did have a railing part of the way and with DH's support I made it up and down the steps OK. Since I'm afraid of stepping wrong and falling it took a bit of time and lots of effort but I did it, Now I will continue to challenge myself so I can keep as active as I can. Next challenge is DGD's RN pinning at her college in PA. We've already checked out the route there and located the building the ceremony will be in. Parking is very close to the building so it won't be a long walk for DH and I.

Oh, DH did have a nice time with all the woman, Alice brought a friend we hadn't met before, cousin Joann stopped by and so did Ann's DD and cute little DGD.

April 11th, 2015, 01:43 AM
Good for you May!!! I have arthritis too & it's been acting up. But staying as active as possible is the best way to fight it.
Sounds like your determination paid off & you had a lovely day.

I finished the quilting on my DIL quilt. I'll get the binding ready tonight & finish that up in the morning. Now on to them pot holders & table runners. Those shouldn't take long so I'll have all ready for thr trip next week.

April 11th, 2015, 02:06 AM
No quilting today but I did look online at cute baby bibs where I could practice applique or small piecing...have a good night, owls! :)

April 11th, 2015, 02:26 AM
Goat quilt for Toggpine:


April 11th, 2015, 03:06 AM
I'm in the middle of wake up #2 since 1030pm when I fell asleep in the recliner. Didn't get any thunder storms tonight, but woke up for a BR pit Stop!
I dropped off my DSM a to get a service yesterday and the man called to say I needed a new bobbin case. It was cracked so I had it replaced and picked it up today. He scolded me that the innards were packed with lint because I had not had it serviced since I got it 4-5 + years ago. But he agreed it was sewing just fine, even with the cracked bobbin casing!
I got to see the newer Janome models and just drooled!!! He had a new 6600 ( which is what I have) and it was so nice and shiny! Plus the new horizon with the red facing. OMG. Beautiful!

Took all the upper cabinet doors off in kitchen today so I can start painting again. I need to get this done!
Then the lower cabinet doors and drawers. I'll be at it for the next 5 days but I am determined to finish it!
Total 13 doors and 4 drawers to go. But it doesn't end there as the bathrooms are next! YIKES!!
Well, need to get back to sleep just so I can wake up again in 2+ hours!!
Hope everyone has a good night!!

April 11th, 2015, 03:20 AM
Kim, that quilt is pretty cool. Not my breed, but I have friends who would go nuts over it! Maybe one of these days I'll take a portrait quilt class and learn to make them on my own. One of these days....

May take it easy. NO falls! Although I'm with you, and think I'd rather wear out than rust out!
I'm starting to hit my limit on hand-milking, especially if I'm trying to get-a-move-on. My hands may insist on the machine getting fired up soon.

Baby goat update:
The 'big' kids are doing well and eating grass & hay. We'll try some sweet feed tomorrow as they are at 4 weeks plus. They love the outside part of the pen, but would really like to have one of us out to play all of the time.
The week old kids had their horn buds done today. Not real happy about that, but the bottle of milk seemed to fix things. The little girl has finally gotten her front legs straightened out. She and her brother are bouncing all over the pen. Hopefully I'll have some new friends for them to play with soon. Although Dizzy looks like she might only have one stashed in there.

It sounds like we will be headed to the farmers market in Olympia tomorrow. Maybe a trip to Bayside Quilting could happen! Then we'll battle our way through Costco. Until Vikings goes on summer break, Hubby is done Costco shopping on his way home Thursday nights. They say women are addicted their soap operas. He is just as bad with Vikings & The Walking Dead. Sheesh!

The kitchen is all cleaned up from night chores, so I am headed to bed for some Zzzz's!
Happy Hooting!