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April 7th, 2015, 06:58 AM

Happy Tuesday, Folksies

I spent most of yesterday sewing! Yes. I did! I finished a handbag for my Mom and a diaper bag for a baby shower. Now to fill said diaper bag with other goodies. The shower is in June, so I have plenty of time. I did go outside for some of the glorious sunshine (which will be in short supply today). I may have to clean the house today. Yeah. You know how thrilled about that one. Why can't I just clean once a year? Oh wait, I pretty much do. I mean, I keep the dust and dirt to a dull roar, but, what is more self defeating than having to repeating the same stuff every day, week, month . . . didn't some brilliant Einstein say:


I try to give myself a pep talk about how much better I will feel if I just move the pile of tax papers off of the kitchen table onto the coffee table. Voila, instant cleaning. Sigh. But then, that leads me to thumbing through the papers and tormenting my pea brain with visions of lost receipts, audits and that leads me to going through all the papers all over again. And that's just the kitchen table.

When I was a young girl, I used to read Erma Bombeck and Peg Brackman and think how funny they were. Then I grew up and realized they weren't trying to be funny, they were speaking the truth! I used to think that one day when my kids were grown up and gone, my house would stay clean forever. Don't laugh. I've always been delusional. It's how I live. I happen to like my world. I don't even think my rose colored glasses are rose colored - who can tell because they are so grimy?


Since I have a few in town things that must be taken care of this morning, I will make a list - and by that, I mean a written down list and put it on the fridge where there is about 5 inches of free space - I will not make a mental note, I never know where they go and I will not carry it in my wallet or pocket because, there again, I never know what happens to them either.

So, as you can see, I am already in task overload. An Einstein I am not. A spit and polish person, I am not. A slob I am not. Lazy, I am not. What am I then? An overwhelmed gal with a house that needs to be cleaned one bite at a time. It's the in between bites time that gets me everytime.

Have a wonderful day, full of snorts, giggles, or smiles. Take your choice. I'm such a piggy, I'll take all of them.

Iris Girl
April 7th, 2015, 07:30 AM
Good Morning Blondie and all that follow. Yesterday was a nice sunny day did some laundry and sewed. Blondie you and I could be sisters we have the same outlook on life and cleaning.
The bad news is the car needs a new engine its not worth it but all we have. Where will we get the money you ask to repair when our finances are still bottom of the barrel trying to recover from hubby being out of work almost 2 years. Well something will present itself, at least we hope. If all else fails looks like the Harley may be sold or used for collateral on a loan. Mean time I have another day off and am changing curtains and clothing out and more sewing. Have a happy all and smile. Hugs to all in need.

April 7th, 2015, 07:42 AM
Oh Blondie! Tho it is zero dark thirty, you gave me such a chortle! I love ya girlfriend. And relate....oh so well!

Good Morning!

Ginny B
April 7th, 2015, 08:34 AM
Good morning. Blondie, glad you got to sew yesterday. Isn't it wonderful when you get to spend time with your fabric. I did just that yesterday also. I too knew that there was a lot of things that could be tackled around the house but I had spent Saturday doing a lot of cleaning so I wanted to have a little "me" time in my sewing room yesterday. That is why I took the day off from work. I finished a set of potholders (two regular potholders and one double-mitted one) a bunch of burp cloths and worked on the next row of the COC quilt. I also put up another small pegboard to better organize my rulers, templates, etc. And all this while also watching the Yankee hope opener. Unfortunately, they lost :( But it was great to be watching baseball again anyway.

A new engine! Ouch Iris Girl. Here's hoping the solution presents itself to you and your hubby.

Time to get ready to go to work. Have a good day everyone.

April 7th, 2015, 08:58 AM
Yesterday was busy here. Today should be just about as busy. Went to JoAnne's to pick up an extension table for my sewing machine, and was checking out and got grabbed- hugged- kissed on the cheek by the person behind me. Then she grabbed my DH and hugged on him too. I was like who on earth. It was one of my former student's mom. It took me forever to figure out who she was- biggest clue was You had my children- that limited it somewhat. I've only had a few legacies. It hit me- Janiqua's mom then I couldn't think of Jacolby's name. I felt like a dolt. When you think about it, you see the parents a couple of times a year, it's the kids I remember the most. We had a nice little visit, her kids are going to graduate this year and next. Holy cow, where does time go?

Well, Started quilting on Jim and Morgan's quilt. But, I'm going to have to watch how much I work on it at a time, the old wrist is acting up- could be weather related, but I think it's big quilt related.

Mom decided to be a noisy screecher. She started in at 11 with her foot stuck between the rails of her bed, and kept going every 30 minutes until around 3, I guess. That's when I shut our bedroom door. She was up at 7 so I'm crossing my fingers for a better night tonight. CNA and RN both come today. So she'll have a busy day.

Iris Girl, I wish you were closer, my son went to NTI and hasn't gotten a job yet. He could probably rebuilt the engine with a kit- a whole lot less than starting with a new engine. But, it's something you might be able to check into.

Hugs to all in need. Hugs always feel so good.


Amy R
April 7th, 2015, 09:02 AM
You mean the house doesn't get any less cluttered when the kids are out? I am really disillusioned now! LOL.
Sorry to hear about the car. I always worry that something will happen with our only car.

Rain for the rest of the week kinda bummed about that just because it's been nice spending time outside.

Prayers and happy thoughts

April 7th, 2015, 09:13 AM
Good morning everyone. I had a rather restless night. Doug and I went shopping yesterday which was unexpected. The only thing I got done was cleaned my bedroom. Filled a garbage bag full of clothes for give away. I have an ultra sound this morning as a follow-up to a mammogram I had a while back. I hope he doesn't 'see' something. This evening I have a supper meeting as well.

My friend dropped off her printer because she is having trouble with it. I will have a look later to see what the problem is. Just call me Mrs. Fix It.

So that is what on my plate for today.

Oh I made an offer on a car that my brother will try to seel for my cousin. (Let's hope he accepts and has pity on his little sister) Fingers crossed.

Have a great day everyone.

April 7th, 2015, 09:15 AM
Morning Everyone,

It appears we are in for several days of storms with lots of rain, wind and possible tornadoes. Jeff wants me to drive the mowers to Cuba this morning so they can be there and ready to go when the storms pass and things dry out. I don't relish the thought of pulling a 12-ft trailer through Rolla and up I-44 in weekday traffic. I'm trying to talk Jeff out of this idea.

Good to see you this morning, Libby! Monique, best wishes with your ultrasound.

I put my sewing away yesterday and straightened and cleaned the sewing room. I just can't sew right now. I guess I have too much on my plate to concentrate.

My DD had a CAT scan yesterday and we are waiting to hear the outcome. She is facing some major abdominal and esophageal surgery in the near future. Please remember her (Christina) in your prayers. She hasn't been able to work, and most days can't get out of bed, since December 2014. She opened her new esthetician studio and was only able to work one day (in December) and ultimately had to close her business. The past few months have been extremely hard for her.

Wishing everyone a productive day. Special prayers for our Iris Girl, Bob and Marilyn and everyone fighting battles with health and finances. HUGS...

Grandma Nan
April 7th, 2015, 10:10 AM
Happy Tuesday all!

Oh bubby please be careful, sounds like a risky drive and of course we will continue to remember Christina. This must be so difficult for everyone. Monique we will be thinking of you and your ultrasound and hoping for the best results. Iris Girl hope you get an engine for the car real soon and Blondie happy to hear you got back into your sewing space.

What am I up to? Today is my "heart pillow" day. I don't know a lot of the same people they do, but nevertheless, I really like the ladies and so we have a nice time and it is a good cause. I think after doing the pillows I will get my nails done. I do go occasionally and I think that today is the day. DH finished painting my sewing room last night so I am going to start getting myself organized in there. I also hope to get a bit of sewing done on the mystery quilt that I am doing from the LQS. I am a bit behind because of being sick and mom's passing.

Well I better get going and get this day going- I am on my 2nd coffee and now have sufficient caffeine to move. Hope you all have a good day.


April 7th, 2015, 10:28 AM
Nothing seems to be going right this morning, each time I write a message it disappears so I'll just say HI to everyone and sending some hugs to all, 106580

April 7th, 2015, 10:29 AM
Just had to pop in to say hi.
What a great day we had yesterday. DD and DGD came for noon meal. We basically through together whatever we had on hand. What a feast. The day before DGD and I made a bunny cake. We sat Sunday afternoon watching Netflix and loved just being together.

Hope you get the car fixed and Monique good luck with the ultrasound.

Hugs and kisses.

April 7th, 2015, 10:41 AM
Good Morning all!

Blondie, I can so relate to what you say. I am sitting at my desk ready, with a recycle bin, burn box (for things with my name, etc) and a HUGE garbage can. Today is the day. This desk will be tackled today. Next week my good friend Deborah is coming to help me tackle and organize the sewing part of this room. This week I will take everything but the furniture out of here, and clean it really good in prep for her organizational skills to do their magic.

I called in sick to work last night. Really don't feel good, kind of light headed and dizzy. I've had a cold just lingering for several weeks. No appetite (I've lost 10 pounds - YEAH!!!!) and lethargic. Add to it all the extra stress they are piling on us at work, I just couldn't make it last night. Or tonight. And then it's my 2 nights off. Of course I feel so guilty - it's very rare that I don't go to work, but I have pushed myself as far as I can.

Iris, so sorry to hear about your car situation. I just had the engine rebuilt in son's car by a "Shadetree" mechanic for much much less than the shops want. Do you have a technical school with an automotive shop nearby? Sometimes you can get it done much less through one of them. Car trouble is no fun. I took mine in for an oil change yesterday and he said he saw a few "minor things" that need to be done. The he shows me a list of things they say needs to be done - $1200 worth. No thank You. I will call the mechanic.

Monique - hope all is well with the ultrasound. Wish I could drip my printer off to you!

Bubby - you and your family are in my prayers.

Have a Blessed day everyone! Prayers for all in need.

Sandy Navas
April 7th, 2015, 11:06 AM
Jumping on the prayer train this morning - there are a whole lot of us who need a helping hand 'bout now.

Another wet, gloomy grey day here. So, all those plans I had about continuing spring clean-up outside have been put on the back burner again. I'd rather be inside sewing anyway. I'll continue work on my rag quilt (it's going to be humongous) and maybe decide what to do with some special embroidery pieces I've done recently. Finished a beautiful piece yesterday that is a cluster of various flowers. I also have about 18 redwork embroidery pieces that I need to put as center blocks in ONE of my R&W quilts I have planned.

Li'l Sis will be up this morning to put another of her batik quilt creations on the long arm. Al has been in doing general clean-up and servicing on it and I heard some foul exclamations coming from that way because he dropped a full bobbin and it rolled across the floor and under something. He doesn't get up and down easily but resists any offer to help. MEN!!

Oh, and last night's quilt guild was sure fun. We had a fairly local quilter do a trunk show of all her scrap quilts - she follows our friend Bonnie Hunter quite closely - and her quilts were spectacular. She had over 50 that she showed off - all made from pieces from her LQS scrap bins (they do the grab and stuff into a gallon zip-lock), and almost all of them were over-sized kings!

Gotta get off here and make some effort to truly look busy.

Many hugs to all!!

April 7th, 2015, 11:16 AM
Good Tuesday morning. I love reading this thread each day because it starts with Blondie's comedy monologue!

I have to make the distinction between cleaning and decluttering. I have no kids left at home and my house stays cleaner -- no muddy feet running in, no dirty paws touching walls and leaving streaks by the light switch. But clutter is a different issue -- where does all this mail come from? What hasn't someone magically taken out the recycling? My husband only sees my clutter, never his. Anyway, I'm a weirdo and enjoy cleaning (not decluttering, obviously). I've loved dusting and vacuuming since I was a kid and it was my chore (my mom still doesn't like those chores -- that is why it was my job). I love to mop -- but maybe I just like the smell of ammonia. I told you I was weird.

I think my backing fabric will arrive today from M*, but I won't have much chance to finish my WIP because I teach my night class on Tuesday, then I'm out of town until Friday for work. Saturday is the baby shower I'm hosting. That means Sunday will be my next sewing day.

Hope every is safe and sound today as you travel, go to doctors, and whatnot.

April 7th, 2015, 11:50 AM
Good morning everyone. I better get moving before I fall asleep......springtime sinus pressure making me sleepy.

Sending our prayers for Barb's daughter and Donna and Bob........and other forum friends in need.

Iris Girl
April 7th, 2015, 12:23 PM
[QUOTE=dwil23;715807]Good Morning all!

Iris, so sorry to hear about your car situation. I just had the engine rebuilt in son's car by a "Shadetree" mechanic for much much less than the shops want. Do you have a technical school with an automotive shop nearby? Sometimes you can get it done much less through one of them. Car trouble is no fun. I took mine in for an oil change yesterday and he said he saw a few "minor things" that need to be done. The he shows me a list of things they say needs to be done - $1200 worth. No thank You. I will call the mechanic.

Unfortunately this POS car is known to have these issues. We were suckered because hubby did not do his homework or we would NEVER have gotten it. Now its paid for all kinds of crap will happen. This instance the plastic pulley for timing shattered doing damage to valves and making a rebuild impossible. We have a solution in the works but it will take a few days and that means missed me. A family of 4 with 3 workers and 4 vehicles we are down to just 2 vehicles, one is standard I can't drive, the other i my sons car and he works overlapping hours with me so I get his car on his off days. Cars what a necessity what a nuisance.

April 7th, 2015, 12:58 PM
Hello friends!! I'm keeping up with you all, and persevering through my busy time at work, I'm trying to take better care of myself with healthy eating and early bedtimes... Yet this morning I shut the alarm off and overslept by about 45 minutes! Oops!! It's a good thing I live on campus!!

I'm treating myself to some awful television while I surf the forum and my Facebook groups before bed. Goodnight all!!

April 7th, 2015, 01:29 PM
Morning all...or goodnight RockinLou! Barb I'm sorry your daughter is so ill...hoping she recovers soon and can get her business back. April so sorry to hear about the car...was really hoping it would be better news. Hope you can get it fixed affordably.

I'm having a better day today, but am truly exhausted from yesterdays emotional day even after a full night of solid sleep. My work is putting on a conference for staff and it's just lunch time now so I'm at my desk checking in. I am quite tired and finding the conference a bit boring which is disappointing as they usually start off quite inspirationally...sadly not this year.

Hoping Gabe is recovering well at home and everyone else is doing okay. Lots of warm (((HUGS))) to all who need them. xox

April 7th, 2015, 01:38 PM
Just dropping in while I finish my coffee. Then it's out to top off the bottomless milk-pits. Then I have some errands to run. With all this talk about cleaning the house, I'll probably be shamed into doing some of that. (It really is becoming necessary.)

De-cluttering is very cathartic. I have more to do. Some of it has to be done when the little miss is at school. We tend to have flat-surfaceitis in this house. If there is a flat surface like a counter top available, then something must be set on it. Preferably junk mail. I think it's about time for another showing of an episode of Hoarders. It freaks my husband out and makes him 'better' for a few months.

Well, the cup is empty, so I had better get on with things. Hugs and blessings for all y'all!

April 7th, 2015, 01:54 PM
Morning all,prayers and hugs, positive thoughts to all . did not sleep well last nite so put backs together on quilt tops done....9 quilts just ready to get batting and get ready to quilt...and abt that many ready to finish up...oops need to get things done sooner. Will love it when i get done. Ufo club has been great motivator. Was going to lunch with sisters however got cancelled due to flu.
Still waiting on disability, dang i never thought would get "older",guess when we are younger we are delusional. Got nothing to do so starting a new quilt...lol.
But first got to get the Petey Pup harnessed up for short walk. The animals are such a great source. Of pleasure and laughs.
Hope all have a great and wonderful day

April 7th, 2015, 08:13 PM
Sigh, isn't that the truth Blondie, Clean one day and you have to do it again and again!!!! Drives me nuts. Friends and I agree it is a waste of good sewing time, but unfortunately you have to clear the clutter some time....or another...maybe later....definitely tomorrow