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Ginny B
March 29th, 2015, 01:37 PM
No more snow today. We had a great time at the concert last night and we were surprised to see that we had to clean off the car when we came out. It had been snowing on and off all day but hadn't really been sticking to much except the grass, trees, etc. Guess it got cold enough and heavier enough to lay a bit of snow on everyone's cars while we were inside enjoying the Moody Blues. They have been around for 51 years! Just about the time I became a teenager and got into music. Although, I guess I always enjoyed music because my parents always had the radio on and I can remember my mom listening to the "Make Believe Ballroom". I still love the Big Band sound and the music from that era.

When we arrived home(around 11:30), we found out that our heat was not working. Brrrrrr. Called the oil company and was told that we were on the list but it might be quite a while because they had a lot of calls last night. OK, we understand so we thought maybe 3-4 in the morning. DH and I took turns dozing on the couch in case the repairman arrived. We usually don't have to wait more than four to five hours at the most for them to get here. By 8:00 this morning dh called them back just to check to see if we had gotten forgotten. We knew that they hadn't come and we didn't hear the bell (which would be impossible anyway) because there were no footprints in the snow that had fallen after we got home. No, they hadn't forgotten us; they really were that backed up. OK, back to the couch and under the covers. He finally arrived a little before 10 and it was fixed and up and running again in about a half hour.

Have been running about catching up on the things I wanted to do earlier but I was just too darned cold to get out from under the blankie. :) DH helped chop some onions so I could get some meals started and then he went off to the butcher, got that done and now he is taking a bit of a nap before he does the grocery shopping. I have finished in the kitchen and now headed to the sewing room for a while. I am enjoying the warmth.

I hope everyone is having a fine Sunday.

Cathy F
March 29th, 2015, 02:18 PM
Ginny, glad to hear you had a great time at the concert. Yesterday's weather sure was crazy!.

Looked around the quilt shop but I didn't see anyone who looked like your picture. Was hoping I'd get a chance to meet you. Bought loads more things plus a quilt top. My sister went crazy and went home with a carful of goodies. All the quilts were 50% off and I picked up embroidery CD's for $2 each, and specialty rulers for $1. I could have spent a lot more but held myself in check! I've been buying their samples for the past few weeks and have put them away for holiday gifts. Debbie's new store will open Tuesday and I'm looking forward to seeing it. It's only 10 minutes from me!
All our snow from yesterday is melted and the sun's shining. Looks like a good way to take a liesurly ride and maybe stop for lunch somewhere.

Thinking of all our members who could use some extra hugs, hope you all have a good Sunday.

Grandma Nan
March 29th, 2015, 02:30 PM
thanks for starting a Sunday chat Ginny. I miss it when we don't do our general catch up, what's going on. Well yesterday was freezing here but no snow. I went to the full day quilting School House and what fun we had. Three teachers each teaching 8 classes. We just kind of got the high lights of new techniqes but wow my head was swimming when I left-there just isn't enough time left in my life to get it all done and I'm not very good at being discretionary. Of course, the organizer has a LQS and she had all the stuff right there to do the projects for sale. That is a good business person and hard on my self control. Anyway it was fun and I would say I am all inspired to get going. I just love spending a day with my guilty friends-it is so inspiring and therapeutic. Plus I learn so much.

Going out for dinner with DS and DIL and 3 GS's to celebrate my oldest son's birthday- how did he get to be 36 when I am only 39. Can't believe it.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday and I am thinking of many of our members who are going through hard times.

March 29th, 2015, 02:33 PM
Good Sunday afternoon, I've been busy this morning finishing a wall hanging. It was something I wanted for Show and Tell when our group met in Lancaster for the quilt show earlier this month but I didn't go this year so I put it aside. Should have finished it and be done with it because it's difficult to begin again. Taking a break before adding the last applique by heat and bond, need to get that placed correctly or the whole pattern will be off.

Glad the snow melted so Ginny and DH had no problems getting to see and hear the Moody Blues. I remember listening to the Make Believe Ballroom on the radio and later William B. Williams who played a lot of Sinatra who he called The Chairman of the Board. Used to have the radio blasting on Saturday's when I had to wash the floors, stairs. landings and vestibule of our 3 family building, the music made the work go faster.

March 29th, 2015, 02:46 PM
Glad you and hubby had a great time at the concert, Ginny. I remember the Make Believe Ballroom, too. Music was so glorious then.

Amy R
March 29th, 2015, 03:01 PM
It's a sleepy sunny but windy day.
Soph tried out her new little used bike and is getting used to it.

Kitty is hungry and eating, but having some episodes of vomiting last night. Been reading up on stuff it could be, looks like he may be the poster child for IBD. Just my luck!! He seems to get worse when we leave for a long period of time on errands or out and about. I think his friend will help a lot with that.
We are just waiting on shelter to talk to our vet and our adoptee should be able to get welcomed into our home!
I need to get Kit Kat's blood work draw scheduled and with Easter and the big girls coming next weekend we'll be busy busy!
I feel like I'm rambling I'm so tired lol.

Prayers and hugs for all.

March 29th, 2015, 04:30 PM
It looks like Ginny & I had similar timing this morning!

Morning chores are done, several laps have been done around the house on the bike, and lunch is being consumed. Next up is weeding. I am sure that there will be more bike riding this afternoon after a bit of a rest. She is adjusting to not having the training wheels. The thrills of spring!

March 29th, 2015, 04:31 PM
I'm really late today. Woke up at 6 and went back to bed at 8. I was just too tired to do anything! Yesterday was busy from the moment I got up. DH had a great visit with his DD and SIL for his birthday yesterday! I do enjoy them, as they are both stand up comic kinda people! We did a lot of laughing. DGD called and we face timed with her! Tomorrow is the beginning of her admission process for the NYC police dept. my DH is a bit unsure about how he feels on that! He's conflicted cause "girls shouldn't be cops!!"
By the time I cleaned up after they left it was 1130pm. I was beat!!!
Today I finally prepped the dining room with tarps etc for painting the kitchen this week. I can't wait till it's all done!! Hopefully by mid April! It would go so much faster if I didn't have to cook and take care of DH too! And forget about time for any quilting!!
hugs to all who need them! So many having problems that I hope are improving!!

Ginny B
March 29th, 2015, 10:54 PM
Cathyy, looks like we missed each other by about 1\2 hour. I got a bolt of green for some Christmas projects I am sure I will need it for, a bunch of fat quarters and a book by Alex Anderson. Maybe we will both be at the new store when they have the grand opening.

May, I remember William B. Williams! Always wondered what the B stood for. I love Sinatra. Barb, "glorious" is a great word to describe that music.