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September 22nd, 2011, 04:54 AM

Happy Thursday everyone.

The past few days have been sort of a blur. I caught hubby's cold and can testify once again that taking some extra C and Zicam and the Neti rescued me from a fate worse than death. I have slept most of the past few days, rising only to do a bit of running for Mom yesterday, prayerfully not exposing everyone in town to this head cold. I feel much better now - also glad that when I was under the weather at least it was on my time off from work!
Off to get the coffee perking - hubs is still snoring but not for long.
Blessings to all today!

September 22nd, 2011, 05:14 AM
Blondie, :icon_beuj: NO idea what Neti and Zicam are but thinking to myself I wish I DID!(though in truth my cold is almost all gone now, unfortunately the baby has it!).

Today is GLORIOUSLY sunny in my part of Scotland. Today I am going to think about starting some baby things I should have done a while ago(all the ladies are about to have the little ones!) oops!

September 22nd, 2011, 08:14 AM
Good Morning....We are off to Springfield early for DH to see the doctor for his post-op check-up. We live over two hours from the city, so we have to be on the road early and also drop Molly off for Doggy Day Care. I'll check back in with you when we return......Have a good day...

September 22nd, 2011, 08:37 AM
What a busy couple of days. Having the cold here hasn't helped but it hasn't brought me down either.
2 soccer games, one of which Katie made a goal. Lucky me - one of the games was an hour and a half away and wouldn't you know, a discount fabric store was opened right beside that far away school! Also got to stop in and see one of my sisters.
No sewing this week - have to get the rascally table cleaned off for that. And the time to actually sew.
Well, will check in later - off this morning to sit with Katie who is having 2 cavities filled. Unfortunately they are on opposite sides of her mouth so it requires 2 novacine shots. I'm glad she asked ME to be there.

Have a great day all!

September 22nd, 2011, 08:45 AM
Good Thursday morning.

Blondie, I think I might be catching that cold. A little bit of sore throat this morning.

Yesterday I did get some sewing done on those blocks. I was sort of out of sorts most of the day. Don't know why.

Today I am taking one of my neighbours shopping in town. She lost her husband about a month ago and she doesn't drive.

Fabricland is having a 50% off member's sale till Saturday. I guess I will have to miss this one. DARN!!

That's about it for today.

You all have a fantastic day.

September 22nd, 2011, 09:06 AM
Blondie, hope you are feeling better and better.

Barb, hope all goes well with DH's appointment and he keeps feeling better too. I take it Molly is still doing better with her new insulin.

I took a 1-hr. class on making 60deg. pointed table runners last night and I'm so excited to begin. I've decided to do placemats instead of a runner (for now, runner is on the list though) and need to find a companion fabric for the napkins. I've posted a whole 'nother thread about that.

Better get to work...have a great day.

September 22nd, 2011, 09:06 AM
Good morning everyone! I am soon picking up my oldest grandgirl who is turning 5 today. We are going for haircuts and primping, then lunch followed by some time at a Bead store (to make some sort of a piece of jewelry!) It is a surprise for her, she just knows she is going on a "Meemee Date". If we're lucky, maybe we'll find a fabric store, too! I'm hoping she'll get bit by the bug! When is a child old enough to use the machine, needles, etc??? For a present, I did get her a sewing box, made her an ice cream cone pin cushion and filled the box with other notions, but don't dare do pins or needles yet.....what good is a sewing box without those??? Haha!~
Have a great day everyone.

September 22nd, 2011, 09:10 AM
In my hurry to get going, I forgot to send get well wishes to Blondie and Monique! Hope the cold is fleeting and the Zicam works. The Netti pot will make you feel better, too!
Good luck in Springfield, Barb......
Taaaatttttaaa for now....write more later!

September 22nd, 2011, 10:33 AM
Blondie, so sorry you are feeling bad. I hope this doesn't get to you as bad as last year. You were so sick. I'm praying for you.
Barb, I pray the check up goes good for your DH and I hope little Molly's vet visits are showing progress. poor baby.
Monique prayers for you too.
We may have found a better doc and hospital for Emily thank to Karen. She PM'ed me with a site for another AA patient and through that I found this Doctor in Wisconsin at the children's hospital there. He specializes in AA. Maybe he can send us to someone he knows that is closer or he will take Em's case. We'll check it out.
Have a great day all. Prayers for those not feeling so good this morning. Love and hugs to everyone, Jan L.

Sandy Navas
September 22nd, 2011, 11:09 AM
I'm almost afraid to check in here today - don't want Blondie's head cold, nor Monique's! So glad that Trish got to watch Katie score. Imagine finding a new quilt shop too! (More on that one later). Barb, we're hoping all goes well with Jeff and hope Molly is doing much better. Cynthia - watch those mee-mee dates! With seven of my DGDs they all expect their own private day (like that's going to happen any time soon). One of them is such a negotiator and often gets her way and then we find all she wants is to sit and watch TV - her mind works but her body just doesn't give a durn!

Nancy, we're anxious to see what you've done with your placemats. Be sure to take lots of pictures. Our friend Patti has been making Dresden place mats and they are beautiful. Looking forward to seeing what our KiltedQuilter has up her skirts, too!

Jan - sometimes you just have to take the bull by the horns. I'm praying a second opinion for Em is probably the best choice at this time. We often give doctors too much credit - they truly don't know it all. So, someone who has specialized and seen hundreds of cases is a good bet. Believe me, even the travel time and waiting to get another opinion will make everyone feel better.

Went to visit a quilt shop that is close by - hadn't been in this store for about 8 years because the previous owners were such absolute turn-offs. Store was bought out about two years ago and I just never made it in. I can't begin to tell you how great it was to visit. Ran into one of my cousins there (hadn't seen her for a while and didn't even know she was a quilter!!). Also found the employee (only one in there - the owner {who is a member of the local quilt guild} left shortly after I arrived) but this employee was so much fun. She started pulling out fabrics and putting them together and she was so good at it. I've NEVER been in a shop where they did that. It's nice to have a new experience when you get my age! They had a 30% off sale but I only bought a few small pieces to send to an overseas friend. Why can't my SS check come when I WANT it - instead of when they want to send it???????

I sure hope everyone has a fantastic day. Get over those colds, snorts and sniffles. Oh, I need to come back with my butterfly story!

Sandy Navas
September 22nd, 2011, 11:42 AM

Once upon a time - actually it was just last night - my Roommate opened the door to let our pooch in from his nightly prowl. Something fluttered in. Turns out it was a Monarch butterfly. We watched as it fluttered from light to light and finally decided it was being traumatized. So, we turned the lights off and got a flashlight. We finally got it to calm down and land. Roomie pulled out his ever present camera and snapped several pictures before we captured this beautiful creature and freed him without injury - back into the wild kingdom.

Back up now. Last year Al insists he saw THOUSANDS of Monarchs hanging in one of our Sycamore trees. Did I say ever present camera? He didn't have it THAT day and was just too lazy to come get it. In fact, he neglected to even share his sighting with me for a couple of days. I don't know what he was thinking.

Now, back to last night . . . I was getting ready to head for bed and noticed a gentle flutter on one of the curtains. Lo and behold there was another Monarch. Again I captured and released. Posted on my FB account and Mrs. Windy said that her grandmother always said butterflies in the house were good luck - she encouraged me to buy a Powerball ticket (too late at night for last night's drawing though). So, I'm there in bed, tucked in with my suspense novel when Al walks in and tells me he just rescued and released a third one. He's off now to see if we have any hanging in the trees.

I'm hoping they are good luck. I'll keep you posted if anything fantastic happens. (Life is just fantastic enough though, isn't it?)

September 22nd, 2011, 11:58 AM
You know my(other Granny) was pretty much the same about butterflies in the house. Once there was one in her house, January time, and about a week later I found out I was pregnant! Spooky!

Sandy, I wish he'd taken photos of the butterflies on the tree! That would have been amazing to see!

September 22nd, 2011, 12:36 PM
getting read y to visit DD and baby but first have to drag a stinky dog outside. let her out a bit ago and when she came in she smelled to high heaven. she knows whats instore for her so she's hiding. yuck!! i don't know wht she found to roll in this time...

September 22nd, 2011, 01:17 PM
Hey y'all
Just getting home; early day, thank the good Lord. Tomorrow and Saturday promise to be loaded.

Jan and others, I feel FINE. Not like last year at all - another thank the good Lord. I am swearing by the items I mentioned earlier and also been doubling up on the Vit C. I hate to feel yucky. I told hubs we need to get some Airborne to take BEFORE germs enter this house. I have only seen Mom through a screen door because she is so susceptible to every nuance of any germ/bacteria. What running I did for her did not require me handling anything personal. I just wanted "see her". Since Sis has been with me a few days this week, we are leaving our fairly lazy (but should be able to help out) brother to go check on her. So, he just calls her. Good grief, I've done that. I won't go there. Guys don't always get it. Sigh.

Off to love on my kitty and then to play with the dogs. I retrieved my DD's little doxie from Sis's house. Gracie so loves the company. This little doxie, Lady, is getting very socialized and potty trained. It is hard letting her leave us when her Mommy comes for her. I get a big charge out of watching the two poochies play. Too stinking cute. And yes, Bakermom, with the rain we've had, these pups stink just from that. Hope yours hasn't found something awful to roll in.

Will check in later.

K. McEuen
September 22nd, 2011, 01:38 PM
When I was a kid living in Arlington Texas we had the butterflies stop in our backyard on a migration. I walked out one morning and hollered to my dad that something was wrong with one of the trees. All the leaves on it were a dark color, both the bright green like the other two trees. While I watched the "leaves" suddenly turned orange, as the butterflies opened their wings. By the time my dad got outside they'd closed them and were dark again. He couldn't figure out what was wrong with the tree. I said just wait. Pretty soon they started opening and closing their wings a lot, and within a few minutes they all took flight. We had a giant cloud fly through the backyard and off through the sky. It seems we were in their migration path that year. I never did see that again in our yard or anywhere since then.

Jan, I hope that doctor can at least give you and Emily's doctors some direction, if nothing else. I imagine the trip would be hard on her, but if he can do what he did for Kailee, it would be well worth the trip.

September 22nd, 2011, 02:05 PM
Aloha all,

Blondie, glad the meds are working for you. Hate summer colds.

Barb, hope the follow up with Jeff's doctor goes well. Sounds like our travels, everything is at least a 4 hour round trip. ;)

MeeMee days are like my Oma days, loved spending those with my GS. Sandy told DH about all your GDs, we'll probably end up with that many GSs. Doesn't look like the Stegers know how to make girls. LOL

Went to Calico Cat in Honolulu, she's been there for 23 years. Tiny little quilt store. Lots of fabric sets, notions, hardly any threads (what I needed that day). Pricing runs $10 to $12 per yard, so not to much more than CA quilt shops. Only thing is if you move on one, four things fall...LOL My OCD wants to say, let me organize your place.

Sandy love your butterfly story. We were in the migration path in La Verne, CA, the yard would be a sea of orange and black. Just beautiful.

Jan, glad that Karen was able to refer you to a specialist for Emily's rare condition.

Got the top done on the guitar quilt for Q4K, will work on basting, hopefully start STID as well.

Hope everyone gets over their colds, feels well, gets my prayers and love.


September 22nd, 2011, 02:54 PM
Hi Everyone... Just passing thru...
Hope you all are havin g a Gr8 Day.

For those with a cold... I'm sorry....
The Good News is... I do Make an AWESOME "HOT TODEY"

Stay All Safe... back to sewing blocks I go.

September 22nd, 2011, 03:46 PM
Hello everybody!

Trying to get things back in order around here.
Thankfully nobody is sick. I did just get a call from school. My Em fell down and "Broke her hearing" as she explained to the nurse. So, the kiddo will be functioning with just one hearing aid today until we can get to the speech/hearing department at MaryBridge Children's hospital this afternoon. Thank the good Lord that they are still covered under the warranty! I'll be calling them next to see if I can squeeze the HA's in for a check up while she is working with the speech therapist.
Catch you all later!
Hugs, Cathy

September 22nd, 2011, 05:27 PM
I'm back home for a while, have been sewing like a mad woman trying to catch up on the lost time. Having problems lining up the squares on my pinwheel, putting sashing between them, sewed two together late last night and they are off just enough to be noticable, so more ripping out then try to figure out how to get them lined up. Oh well another learning experience.
Blondie glad you are feeling better, summer colds always seem to be the worst, thank goodness for Zicam it does seem to work pretty well. I'm off to Lowes to get a GFI socket ours went out in the bathroom and they wired in my deep freezer plug in the garage to it. So I have my deep freezer and extra frig both in the garage plugged into extension cords going from the garage to my kitchen. Luckily it didn't happen over the weekend whlie we were out of town I would have lost the whole freezer full. Toilet in the front bathroom is leaking and this all happened yesterday, if I hadn't known better I would have thought it was Monday. Also off to WalMart to find a new printer, mine went out a couple weeks ago, I have two quilt patterns I want to print. I refuse to ask the question "what else can go wrong or crap out" I'm afraid of what the answer might be. Hope everyone has a great day and feels better soon. Sending prayers for everyone and hoping all get good news for medical issues and such.

September 22nd, 2011, 06:16 PM
I'm beat, guess I'll try for a nap until my better half gets home. Thank goodness he's bring dinner. YAY. See you all later. Thanks for the Thank you for the love and prayers you are sending to emily. She looks and sounds chipper today. We will take it one day at a time. Love and Hugs, Jan L.

Granny Judy
September 22nd, 2011, 06:52 PM
I got back here in time to let ya know, I'm Alive and Well. So put the Blood Hounds back in the pens.. I've just been busy. Just hunkered down and finished the floral swap blocks late last night..thus resting today. Gotta find me a "piggy" pen so I can sign my name and call this project finished.

With the nicer weather we've been having around here, I got some gardening work done and planted the bulbs that came thru the mail. Got the hot tub winterized. and worked a few pounds off the dogs and me. I forgot how much I enjoyed the dance exercise..with dogs chasing me around the room. NOT! It's called dusting to the tune of some Oldies.. They don't like the dust mop and so the game is on.. I won!! they finally laid down and just watched Me Groove!!

Still got meals to cook since DD's knee is pretty bad & sore after working all day. She has seen the Doc and needs to see another specialist...but Surgery is a comin'...just gotta find the right doc to do it.

Hugs and prayers going out to everyone... Granny

September 23rd, 2011, 12:05 AM
Cathy, Prayers for your Em. Hope she's ok. Love and Hugs, Jan L.