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February 17th, 2015, 06:10 AM
OK, I'm back to digging up some movie & book titles for the Night Owl thread headers. I don't know what happened to the original list, but we'll just go with it.

Tonight I'm putting in some time in the sewing room. I have a project that is taking F. O. R. E. V. E. R.
I'm doing a bit more finishing than they called for, but it's either run a top stitch around the edge, or hand sew the opening closed. DUH! I can top stitch faster.
It has more assembly steps that putting together a car! Did I make just one of them? No! I have 7 of these danged things. They looked so cute in the pattern. I should know better. If you can't open the package to read the assembly directions, don't buy it!

Do any of you ever do that? Find an adorable pattern and figure they will make great gifts. Then cut several of them, just to find out that you might actually rather walk barefoot across the carpet after dropping your quilting pins, rather than fight the directions to finish the assembly of the project? Sheesh. I'm about there.
If I wasn't so close to having them finished I'd have tossed them into a ziplock with the pattern and left them at the next sewing get together.

I am going to pack it all in for the night and catch some Zzz's.
It's about 1 AM Pacific and I promised the little miss that we'd go to the Mall tomorrow and see if there are any Build-A-Bears that she might want to use her gift card on. I'm going to drag her to Best Buy first and see if I can find a cable to connect this PC to an unspecified projector for my presentation on Saturday. Whoo Hoo. Fun times for sure.

Catch you all on the sunny side!
Hugs, Cathy

February 17th, 2015, 07:24 AM
I'm up, couldn't sleep. Might as well get out of bed and do something and take a nap this afternoon.

Went to J's twice over the weekend. Big sale: 60% of notions. Bought pins, needles, machine needles, safety pins and Simplicity patterns were $1 each. I have a plastic rolling cart with drawers and need to re-organize/clean it out so that I can now find the things that I'm looking for.

Going to be another cold day here, so it's a good day to stay in and clean and re-organize my sewing area (again).

February 17th, 2015, 07:36 AM
A good morning to all the quilty peeps! Another bad night's sleep, so I figured I'd check out the DD and who is up on the forum. Another freezing cold day ahead for us. It's -1 degrees now, but the wind has died down, so it won't feel so bad when I have to take the dog out. Agree it is a good day to get some things cleaned out and organized. I am cleaning out the drawers of my big ole oak teacher's desk. When I moved I just put everything in boxes and told myself I'd worry about it later. Later is now. When the weather breaks and I can have the windows open i'm going to paint this desk with chalk paint, an undercoat and top coat so I can let some chippiness happen. A bit of sewing, a bit of phone chat, a bit of baking and I should stay busy. All you southern people just stay off the roads. You don't know how to drive in ice and snow, so don't try to be a hero. Have a great day.

February 17th, 2015, 07:41 AM
I also went to Jo-Ann's sale yesterday. Got some white fleece, four Simplicity patterns for craft stuff, and some bobbins that allegedly fit Brother machines but didn't fit mine great. It worked but the stitches were slightly zig zaggy. So I ordered some specific for my DZ2400 off of eBay. I've begun to work in earnest again on the Kaffe Cayenne quilt. Am trying a vinyl sewing edge to stop my fabric from drifting right. This does keep me at a scant quarter inch, so that is hopeful! Keeping a even 1/4" seam is difficult for me. Therefore, I never made anything that required matching seams. This is squares cut on the bias to I need to be accurate. But if it turns out I can't manage it I do have enough extra fabric to insert a lattice of sashing bars.

The cats want to know want I'm doing in that sewing room. They meow their displeasure at being locked out.

Enjoy the night, owls! @,@

February 17th, 2015, 08:38 AM
Good Morning night owls. I'm up not so early but it feels earlier because of all the snow. It's been a trick taking the Girls out to go potty the last two days. Olive copes well but it frustrates Dottie that she can't smell the ground without plunging her whole face into the snow. We are supposed to get several more inches today and tomorrow.

No sewing going on here since the first of the year. I will catch up sooner or later.

This is such a nice group. I hope you all have a stellar day!

February 17th, 2015, 03:12 PM
Paula, when I re-did my sewing space I made a point to label EVERTHING.
I even went so far as to buy the empty badge holder deals from the office supply store to tie to my wire fabric bins. Each bin is labeled with the colors or types of fabrics that are in that bin. I can change the cards depending on how my stash changes.
It really helps me to remember where things are now that I am farther out from the big clean up. I also found that I needed to label both ends of my fat quarter containers. I shove one back up on the shelf and it would be backwards.
The sewing space could certainly use another big sweep through. I've inherited some stash and I haven't gone through it as fast as I would have liked. I kind of want my floor space back! I'm not going to complain though, as it is good fabric and free.

Barb, you'll get that sewing mojo back. Sometimes we all go through a slump. I hope the girls are feeling better after their tummy trouble last week. Snow - some dogs love it, others, not so much! Hugs for you my friend while you deal with all that's on your plate!

Midge, that desk sounds like it will be a work of art when you are done. Have fun sorting through boxes. Maybe you'll find some treasures!

Kim, it sounds like you and Paula got some good deals! I went, but only left with the buttons I went in for. Yea for me! I might have checked out the patterns, but I had Em with me, and she wasn't going sit well for me dig through the books.

Well, we slept in a bit, and we have things to get done today!

February 17th, 2015, 07:23 PM
Missed you gals last night, I woke up and went back to sleep as it was a long day with household stuff, doctor appointment and shopping. Glad I did get out yesterday as it snowed overnight and half this morning. Spent time the past 2 days doing a little fabric reorganizing - made 4 doll quilts with scraps and decided what to keep, give away or toss. That was only the box with my
30's Repros and Sports fabrics as I'm doing just one box at a time.