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February 15th, 2015, 01:46 AM
Planning a Frozen birthday party for a 21 year old.

Looking through Pinterest for some ideas on cupcakes, snacks, and drinks.

Any ideas/suggestions on food (including specific cupcake recipe or cupcake decorating ideas) or party decorations are appreciated.

So far thinking of:

Bottled water (w/ Olaf pic and "Some people are worth melting for" label on each bottle)
Blueberry Iced Punch
Rock candy lollipops
Balloon Towers
Fabric Snowflakes (Shabby Fabric tutorial)


February 15th, 2015, 01:58 AM
Do you embroider on your machine? Theres a snowball somewhere that has faces embroidered on it. And it is made with fleece or flannel. Real cute. I seen a bucket of them somewhere. People could take one as a memento of the party.

Juliet Taylor
February 15th, 2015, 06:30 AM
Wow nice! I'm not the only grown up who makes her birthday Frozen themed :D

Since a have a folder full of inspiring pics and I also made a (kinda of ugly) Frozen Brithday Cake last year let me share with you something that could be helpful! :)

Notice the Carrots! Something healthy but still totally on theme! Plus I think it would be great to eat something refreshing after all the sweets! :)

Extra cool cookies with some sugar icing on them!

Frozen drinks! They look so cool! I guess the recipe should be in the link in the pic

My terrible looking cake :D but it was homemade and good. And I received the statuines as a gift!

This is Anna's birthday cake that will be seen in Frozen Fever, a corto that will be possible to be seen in movie teather before Cinderella's movie. Could be quite interesting :)

Btw I have a great chocolate cupcake recipe I'm willing to share if you want, just let me do some chores today and then I'll find it and translate it :) Hope to help you!

February 15th, 2015, 08:38 PM
Thanks, Juliet. Yes, I'd love to see your cupcake recipe!

I will be making some red velvet cupcakes, but wanting a variety.

Juliet Taylor
February 17th, 2015, 03:18 AM
I found the recipe, I even made two batches last night. But... I only have two ingredients in US measures! Argh! Darn! Of course you don't have a scale for grams, do you?

February 17th, 2015, 05:12 PM
I do have a grams scale! (Thank Gosh for homeschooling!)

I will pm you with my email address! Thanks!