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February 10th, 2015, 04:39 AM
Well, I was too lazy last night to start a new thread. I guess I had better put up a fresh one tonight.

I'm not sure if the folks on the northern end of the east coast have managed to dig out from under the snow! We have less than 40% of our snow pack in the Cascades. We need 200% of the usual snow fall for the rest of the winter to catch up. Yikes! While we have had plenty of rain, that won't do much for our water supply this summer. I'm thinking those rain barrels will be essential for the garden this summer.

Not much sewing going on here. As a matter of fact I had a neighbor stop in and not much got done.
She brought over her dog, a pug mix, when she came. She let that thing run wild in our house. I figured she'd snorkel around and see if the kids left any crumbs, and generally check stuff out. I did not expect the dog to run through the house, over the furniture, up on the back of the sofa, across end tables, and generally any and everywhere she could. I finally snatched up her harness and made her sit on a blanket in a chair next to me. Her only comment was, "She really needs someone other than me to correct her and let her know what's OK."
Really? How about you snatch her up and make her sit when she starts to misbehave? Did you ask if it was OK that she run on my furniture?
I would never let my pets or kids behave that way! When you are in somebody's home, you are on your best behavior.

Am I crazy for thinking that this is poor pet ownership?
Oh yeah. Instead of sewing tomorrow, I'll be steam-cleaning the carpet where the dog pooped on the floor. And I got to clean that up too! With the grandson here on the weekends I don't want him running cars across there, even with it spot cleaned.
Sorry for the rant.

I need a zipper to finish a project, and might run and get it while the carpet is drying.

What's up in your world today? I'm hoping Kim still has some of the bacon & spinach quiche for a midnight snack!

February 10th, 2015, 05:16 AM
So sorry you friend treated your home that way. I agree with you totally. Good responsible pet owners keep their pets under control at all times. I had this conversation with an adult granddaughter recently. Her neighbors were complaining because she lets their lab pup out when she gets home and the dog runs their in town neighborhood. The neighbor kids are afraid of her even she is sweet natured. My DGD just thinks that's stupid and does nothing to restrain the dog. I tried but she had an excuse for every comment I made. We never let our pets or kids disrespect other people.

Nothing exciting today. We did go out for pizza and it was soo good. Hadn't had any for awhile.

This is the time of night that I like to sew. but lately haven't had the motivation to get much accomplished. Hopefully I'll find some soon! Things I should get done for sure.

Wishing you Sunshine and Laughter tomarrow!

February 10th, 2015, 05:38 AM
My dogs are well behaved and I never, ever take them to anyone's house!!! When we found that pug running down a busy street in the middle of a monsoon, we tried to find it's owner and failed. We brought her home and got her dried off and warmed up and then all hell broke loose! I swear that dog was part monkey! She hopped on the back of the chair, then MM tried to get her down, she hopped to the ottoman, to the couch (without touching the floor....about 4'!) across the back of the couch, then onto the love seat....across the back of that, onto the floor out to the TV room, onto the sectional I was sitting on, across the top of that and sat on my head! I was glad to see her leave my house! She lives with our daughter and her girls and is deeply loved and very protective of them.

I started getting a sore throat yesterday and all day all I've done is lie around under a quilt and slept most of the day away. It better be gone tomorrow because at 6pm is the quilting class MM gave me for Christmas and I've been looking so forward to it!

Can't believe I'm tired, but off to bed I go....

February 10th, 2015, 05:51 AM
Oh, sorry your neighbor did not show proper respect for your home.
Morning started off good then my niece needed us to watch her baby. I said fine so long as he is not sick. There is a measels out break her and as my grand baby is too young for shot her mom and I have her either here at home or at her grandmothers. Heck when her father comes home from work we make him shower and change before he can touch her. Anyhow, niece drops off baby and leaves. He's there all of five minutes before i notice he feels warm. 102 fever, niece is at job interview, his grandmother is at an appointment and his father is at work. Applied cool packs to cool him down and waited for his mom to come back.

I would probably have just let it all go except she walks in with baby daddy. Guess what he did not work today. Then he stands in my family room and says yea I told them he was sick yesterday and we should make an appointment at Dr. since he took my great nephew out a few nights ago and this measel thing ain't no joke. Grrrrrrrr why is he at my house then with another baby. Well grandma lost it. Then they back pedel and try to say they did not know he was sick. But then they say they gave him Tylenol 15min before they came over. So now I'm really upset so I look at them and say WHY? Didn't his daddy keep him at home if he wasn't working? Blank stairs. Grrrrrrr just told them to go home and call Dr. Then wiped down the areas with disinfectant.

Positive note......the family room is nice and cleaned.

February 10th, 2015, 07:11 AM
No worries, toggpine, there is quiche left over and you are all welcome to it! In fact I'm feeling a bit aversive to eating it because when I was eating it, I was watching quilting tutorials on YouTube for the kaleidoscope type of quilt. And oh boy, the camerawork gave me motion sickness....I had to stop watching and just lie down on the floor. I felt so nauseated. I don't like pain but there is just something about nausea that is even worse. I just feel despair from nausea. My eyes were about cross eyed after all that so I guess I'll never know how it all worked out for her....lol I'm guessing that she got that kaleidoscope quilt made! I guess she was filming it one-handed with her cell phone. It was the Blair Witch Project of quilt tutorials...lol

I am working on yet more baby bibs. When I started this project I had nobody in particular in mind to give bibs to. I thought it would just be good practice at quilting and learning how to work my new machine, and I would just give them to charity. Now I've been reminded that two daughters of my cousin Jim are pregnant. So they will have a purpose in the family!

I wound up at Walmart tonight and checked out their sewing department. Carrie J had alerted me that they have affordable fabric and batting there. Holy smokes, do I feel stupid for ever shopping at Jo-Ann's...they had some fabric at $2 a yard. I've never seen that at Jo-Ann's...I supposed it exists somewhere, sometime there, but I haven't seen it. :) I didn't buy any fabric, just a spool of thread. But I will sure look there again sometime.

Off to baste a seam...enjoy the night! @,@ Kim

February 10th, 2015, 10:53 AM
I was up around midnight but was too tired to start a post, arthritis is acting up the past weeks since it got very cold and I'm extra tired when the day is over.

Yesterday we had icy sleet, everything was covered with sheets of ice. Poor DH cleared off his van to go to 9am doctor's appointment and when he got there the building wasn't open. He waited around 20 minutes and then left as no one showed up, not even for any of the other doctor's in the building. He got a reminder call on Friday but nothing was said about the building being closed. .

DS#3 called last night, he's in MA near Boston and they were getting another 2 feet of snow. He said only the top of his dog's house and picnic table are visible in the backyard. Good thing he has 2 teen agers and a big snow blower to dig themselves out.

February 10th, 2015, 01:57 PM
Well, Anita had bigger problems than poorly behaved dogs that's for sure! My in-laws from CA have called to make sure the grands & great-grands have all been vaccinated. (Yes. We are all current with our shots.)
Rhonda, some folks have no idea that their sweet house dog can become a terror once on the streets. Even if he's still good natured, most folks frown on roaming pets. I am in the same boat with the "Meh's" at the sewing table! I have plenty to do, just no umph to get it done. I am hoping that with the purchase of the zipper today I won't have any more excuses to leave the current project laying there!
Pat, I hope you are feeling better today. No missing class! What is it you are learning to do this time? I'm sure it will turn out fantastic what ever it is. Maybe it's something about pug behavior that makes them do that. She was mostly pug, and my sister has a pug/terrier mix who will get crazy. Sis makes him mind much better, but lets him go goofy outside when they play. He will burn it off and then settle back down.
Kim, some of those tutorials are pretty sketchy. I could see where motion sickness could be a factor. By the time you are done with the bibs you will have all kinds of new skills! I will say that Walmart does have inexpensive fabrics. You need to watch the quality, but if you are paying attention, you can get some good bargains there. The coupons at J's often bring the price below Wally's price, but you have to find what you want when it's NOT already on sale for that to work!
May, I'm so sorry to hear about your arthritis acting up. Have you heard about some stuff called Two Old Goats Lotion? I'm going to say that the claims about what it can do sound like an old-fashioned snake oil salesman, but it really does work. You can look them up and see if there is somewhere near you that sells the stuff. Although you might not get out of the house for the next six weeks with all of that snow.... I'd send you a bottle, but I have given away all of my little ones and I'm just left with one. I asked the company if they would put together some sample packets (think small catsup packets) so I could hand those out instead. She said they were currently out of them. I'd gladly pay for a box, as it has to be cheaper in the long run than replacing mine out of my purse every few weeks!
Well, I had better get on with it or the day will be gone and I'll be wondering what happened to it!
Hugs! Cathy

February 10th, 2015, 02:19 PM
Cathy, Thanks for the Old Goats info - don't have pain but soreness and imflimation would Old Goats help with that? Seeing orthro Dr, on Monday to check things out.

DH just told me he knows why no one was at his doctor's office yesterday morning, the office moved! He sees this cod every 6 months or so and I guess they didn't think to inform all of their patients.

February 10th, 2015, 02:21 PM
Amazon has the Two Old Goats lotion. Just ordered it. Look forward to trying it. Thanks for the tip.

February 10th, 2015, 02:26 PM
Just checked 2 Old Goats and there are stores in Jersey that sell it and also can order at Amazon.

February 10th, 2015, 07:37 PM
It helps with all sorts of ailments! I use it on my hands, my tendon and down over my heel, knee pain, even across the bridge of my nose and over my sinuses. Sister uses it for her fibromyalgia and to help with migraines. Eric uses it for his knees & elbows.
Another friend got into a bad wreck with his dump truck flipping over a few years ago. (somebody tried to sneak in front of him at a round-about while he was fully loaded.) He has used it to reduce the pain in the smashed bones and joints. Over a few weeks of use, the swelling has gone down and he has been able to close his hands into fists again.
I know it sounds too good to be true, but I know what to does for me, and it works.
Another benefit is the smell, it is kind of minty-lavenderish. The scent doesn't last a long time after it's applied, and once you rub it in it's not greasy or sticky. I can rub it in and go back to my sewing without leaving marks on the fabric!
Most everybody got some for Christmas around here. As a note, the salve is just slightly thicker than the lotion. I thought it would be thicker and possibly more moisturizing (good for hubby's dry hands), but not so much.

February 11th, 2015, 12:26 AM
I wonder if I could rub that Old Goat lotion on my head to get my memory back...lol I have been awake for two hours now but felt so lazy. Well I just walked in the kitchen and discovered that I never drank my "morning" coffee...Duh! DH usually brings me a cup but he went to bed early! :0

I'm going to check the forum and internet for info on fabric glue. I had to cut a lot of bias seams for my Kaffe Fassett "Cayenne" quilt and although I've used almost an entire can of spray starch I will take any help I can get before I start. I also have double pins...not sure what they are called to Google them correctly but they are U-shaped and I was hoping they would also keep things really stable.

I'm almost ready to ship the bibs--I want to make one more and then I also need the addresses! :D After that, no putting off the Cayenne quilt!