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February 7th, 2015, 09:33 AM
Good morning everyone. Still on the sick list. The cough is the worst of it all. I am starting to feel better but the cough just won't let up. I am only getting about 2-2.5 hours sleep at a time. It is getting very tiring. Of course, coughing makes me pee!!!! and by this time next week I should have a good 6 pack around my midriff, right? NOT!!!!

Oh well.

Have a great day everyone.

February 7th, 2015, 09:52 AM
Good Morning. So sorry you're still feeling so poorly Monique. I'm sending you some healing {{{{HUGS}}}}. Hope that helps at least a little bit.

I wish I could say I was going to sew all weekend....but not gonna happen around here. We're about to put the house back on the market and our agents are bringing a group of realtors through either today or tomrrow. So got to get up and put everything in order and get ready to head out the door when the call comes. I have so many things on my sewing to do list....I can't wait to get this all settled and get LuLu set up again.

Went to Mission BBQ for the first time yesterday - pretty good. However DH was up most of the night - sitting in the reading room. Since we both ate the same thing I'm doubtful it was the food...but I'm also doubtful he'll be wanting to go back there for quite a while.

Supposed to warm up a little here today and tomorrow - yippee!!!! I am so ready for spring.

Have a great day everyone.

Amy R
February 7th, 2015, 10:05 AM
Morning. Monique, I hope you start getting some relief from this soon.

Today is shop for quilting machine day. And Jungle Jim's. Soph is looking good no fever yesterday or today so we should be ok. i'll be bringing plenty of fluids for her to drink to keep hydrated etc. Also I need to dig in her closet for the shopping cart cover. We'll call it her princess cart and she'll probably go for it :P

The dog was so restless last night, kept moving. At 120# pounds of dog when he moves you hear it. UGH. If he continues we'll have to kennel him away from the room.
Of course Soph didn't spare an early alarm, we're up at 730 lol. Coffee, where art thou???!!!

Have a good weekend everyone. Hope all feel better, loved ones recover, our grief is comforted, and we find peace.

Hugs and prayers!

February 7th, 2015, 10:26 AM
Morning, quilty friends! Sorry you are feeling poorly Monique, I hope you feel better soon.

I have to get my lazy butt in gear to head north to pick up my Navy daughter Ashley and new grandson, Connor! It will be a long drive, but it will be worth it!

Sandy Navas
February 7th, 2015, 10:43 AM
Sending out a special request for a brand new back. Down most of the day yesterday with sciatica kick in the rear. Thought I'd be in ship-shape this morning but I'm not. Can't function if I kill the pain and can't function with it either. Urrrrrgggghhh!

Today, in addition to everything else, I ask for HARMONY!!

Amy R
February 7th, 2015, 10:58 AM
Ouchies Sandy, hope it clears soon. Sciatica is the pits.

Grandma Nan
February 7th, 2015, 11:03 AM
Good morning folks

I have been missing for a few days due to internet difficulties.

We arrived in Florida but there was a problem with the house internet. Found out the modum was broken, so we called Comcast and they very nicely told us where to come and pick up another one. We did that and still couldn't make it work. Phoned back and they decided we should have a technician visit. So waited for this nice young man for a day to come visit. Turns out the new modum we went and picked up was defective as well so then he had to go get us another modum. Just when we thought we were going to be set up and ready to go -and we did have the internet for about 1-2 hours- we again couldn't hook up. By now we know the Comcast people by first name, so we phone and find out "Oh all the TV and internet service is out in your neighbourhood until 9 PM tonight. So needless to say it has been a challenging week as far as hit and miss access.

As far as quilting goes, I have made 10 blocks of my Jacob's Ladder quilt and I LOVE it. Did have to rippppp a few stitches (and did not have the hunky ripper in my sewing kit). There is a bit of a trick keeping those JL block layouts in the right direction. I didnt know til I laid the blocks out on the bed last night. Had to rearrange blocks on 3 of them but it was relatively minor. I think this is my new favorite pattern.

Hope all of you that are still under the weather will get better fast-this is a rotten bug. Also everyone dealing with surgeries, recovery, sick children, family issues, bereavement, moving will be included in my thoughts and prayers.

February 7th, 2015, 11:05 AM
Morning everyone!

Monique - I hope you get feeling better soon! I know how that stuff can drag on and it gets old.

Sandy - darn girl! That's a real bummer. My Dad has that happen to him once in a while and it's no fun at all. {{Hugs}} and hope you get feeling better.

Hopefully will get some time in my sewing room today and tomorrow. Trying to get my Lattice quilt finished and start a new quilt.

Had a really crappy week complete with lots of drama (not mine). Work stuff and I think we had a full moon and it brought out all the crazies. Next week will be better and when this audit is done I will be much less stressed. It's amazing how fast people "think" things should get done when they don't have to do it.

Hugs and prayers for all who need them and have a great weekend. Btw, it's supposed to get to 72 here today. I'm so ready for Spring and warmer weather.


February 7th, 2015, 11:32 AM
Good morning, slow going for me today. Had a good time yesterday having some gals over for lunch, 3 had to cancel at the last minute to I had DH join us as I needed his help serving etc. He had a good time chatting with 'the girls' but he's tired also. Men never seem to know how much work goes into having a 'little' luncheon or dinner for family and/or friends. Big Plus for yesterday and it didn't have to be cancelled due to snow/ice or freezing temps.

Monique and Sandy - you both are having some bad days so Feel Better Gals and hope everyone else is doing good and their plans for the day go well.

February 7th, 2015, 11:44 AM
Morning and a big virtual hug to all of you on the sick list today. Amy, so glad your daughter is doing better. And of course when you are exhausted after a week of illness and stress the dog keeps you up and the kiddo gets you up way too early. That's just normal life, darn it.

Grandma Nan, I totally feel your horror at trying to deal with cable/internet providers. Comcast is notorious for having the worst customer service, but my new provider Time Warner is not far behind. What a nightmare getting the right equipment from these people! So far no outages, but for what they charge monthly, things should be much much better.

Lots of drama around me, too. A friend is ill. Spent time at her house yesterday after cooking a few things to take her. Her kids aren't reliable or attentive, and that hurts her a lot. She needed things straightened up and the dishwasher emptied, load of wash, etc. I walked her poor dog, who hasn't been out except to do her business and right back in the house for days. The daughter called while I was there, and she must have felt a little guilty, because she showed up 45" later. Then sat on her generously sized tushie (I am going for polite here today) and smoked. Her mom can hardly breathe!! Coughing ensued. I had to speak up. It wasn't pretty. Oh well.

My new area rug was delivered, but not the rug pad! So it is still rolled up in the corner. I'm not going through that twice. Hope it comes today...

Andrea F
February 7th, 2015, 11:51 AM
Good morning all!

Monique and Sandy, feel better soon. I'm sending healing and harmonic vibes over.

DH and the boys are very pleased with me since I baked their favorite cake today (well, two cakes). DS#2 still is at his school, writing one of his last exams. Poor boy. The test kind of ruined his weekend. One more test on Monday and he'll be done with his undergraduate studies except for the bachelor thesis.
The glimpse of spring we had seems to be over. The sky is grey again and the weather is supposed to get worse in the coming days with temperatures falling below zero. Compared to most of your areas it's still not so bad I guess.

Hugs all around and have a nice day!

February 7th, 2015, 12:04 PM
Monique and Sandy, sending you both healing thoughts. Right after the holidays I got that nasty cold thing. Sinus pain and coughing. Took mucinex and that helped quite a bit. Sandy, do you have a chiropractor? I love mine. Alternate heat and ice every 10 minutes - it does help. Busy times for all it sounds like. Today I have a hair appt then I get to finish up some aprons making for DD. These are for the Cattlewomen's group event. Last year I made two and they brought in $80 each! Hope they like these too. Hugs to all my quilty buddies here. Have a stellar day!

February 7th, 2015, 12:05 PM
Mornin' all -
Monique, hope you are feeling tip top soon - and everyone else who is under the weather as well :)
Sandy - OUCH - been there done that and girl I feel your pain :(
Amy - have fun and think of all of us drooling over whichever machine you decide upon ;)

Hoping to dive into some FMQ today! I bought the craftsy class by Cindy Needham - There is a link on her site to get it for half price; when I clicked through the link, it did not show up for the correct amount off (shoulda been $20), so I contacted Craftsy and guess what??? They put it in my cart for me at $15.00...... OH YEAH - that'll do. A wealth of info just on tension and thread alone. I'm learning not to be skeered of FMQ and I'm looking forward to trying something other than my little practice squares and the echo flowers on my recent baby quilt. Seeing that it's my first Craftsy class, I have nothing to compare it to, but it sure seems like a good one. I've been watching the whole thing just sitting on my couch; then I will begin to go back and try the various things.
Hope everyone has a great day - we're looking at more snow basically starting tonight and ending Monday night... my DD is not thrilled that classes might be cancelled again on Monday (they were cancelled last Monday, and the Tuesday before that!)

February 7th, 2015, 12:25 PM
Hello gals!! I spent the day relaxing at home with the kids. I quilted and bound a table runner between tea parties, fort building and hide-n-seek ... DH went out and did the grocery shopping,but came back winded and exhausted. I had hoped to go over to work for a stretch, but it will be tomorrow instead...

I'm glad the kids and I are feeling better, I hope DH turns a corner soon.

Wishing everyone a healthy, safe weekend.

Cathy F
February 7th, 2015, 03:04 PM
Afternoon all,
Late getting in today, we were out for breakfast with some friends this morning.

Monique and Sandy, hope your both feeling better quickly!
Amy, have fun shopping for that special machine.

Haven't been to the sewing room yet. I got sidetracked with a good book, The Nightengale. Once I started reading it I had a hard time putting it down!
Think I'll get a meatloaf made for dinner tonight that I can pop into the oven later then head up to clean my sewing room from my last project. My resolution was to clean up the room after sewing every day. Here it's only Feb. and I've already broken it!

February 7th, 2015, 03:21 PM
Sending out a special request for a brand new back. Down most of the day yesterday with sciatica kick in the rear. Thought I'd be in ship-shape this morning but I'm not. Can't function if I kill the pain and can't function with it either. Urrrrrgggghhh!

Today, in addition to everything else, I ask for HARMONY!!

Sandy, I sympathize and empathize. Have had a huge icepack on my back and right hip this morning. Could hardly walk from the bedroom to the kitchen this morning. After having two relatively good days, it was really disappointing to wake up to this. I've been through physical therapy and three spinal injections with no relief. So it's back to the surgeon on the 12th. I have three protruding discs in my lumbar area. I hope he can come up with a plan other than a fusion because I'm too old to go through that, but this pain is really dragging me down and limiting my mobility.

Some prayers would be most welcome.

Prayers for all who need them,


Ginny B
February 7th, 2015, 04:05 PM
Good afternoon all. Had a busy morning. A friend of ours is coming out to visit for a few hours and we were going to take him out for a late lunch. Instead I decided to cook for him instead. So dh and I hustled and got everything prepared for a "comfort food" dinner. We are having meatloaf, mashed potatoes and glazed carrots with tomato rice soup (which I had in the freezer) to start and brownies for dessert. Hope he likes it. DH is on his way to the train station to pick him up now so I had a minute to sit and relax for a bit.

Sandy and Monique, hope you are both on the path to recovery soon. And Amy, I hope you are having a super fun and successful shopping trip. Can't wait to hear the outcome.

Ok, time to check on the food. Have a great afternoon and evening everyone.