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February 2nd, 2015, 03:07 PM
Last week I was fuming in frustration, and I thank those who were there to be the needed sounding board for me.

I'm not a typically negative person, so now that I am emerging from the fog of Flu-turned-Pneumonia that swept through the house this past week I want to share that indeed, I have much to be grateful for, even when it comes to my now notorious husband who really was just as sick and miserable as me!

Saturday morning I woke up almost unable to breathe, and my 3 year old was being a monster. We discussed the need to see the doctor and I got in the shower, I got out and DH informed me of the time of appointments, and the arrival time of the babysitter. He handed me clean, comfy clothes so I could get dressed without scrounging in the laundry pile, We debated wether or not to take monsterous child, and we attempted not, but in the end it was unfair to the poor 13 year old girl who would rather play with pleasant older child. DS screamed the entire way to the doctor and DH didn't flinch once, we arrived, DS was told to get his act together or he would loose all privileges ever. His angel halo came out and he was a pleasant child the entire time at the doctor and the entire rest of the day. I don't know how DH and I kept our cool through the largest fit ever thrown, I think we were too tired to fight it!

We stopped at pharmacies on the way home, and stopped for bread and milk. I forgot the bread. Oops.

I asked friends to bring us bread and apples... By noon on Sunday a bounty of groceries arrived and the now healthy kids were whisked off to play dates. What a glorious nap we had.

Sunday night I went off to school to craft lesson plans for the next 2 days anticipated for sick leave, a task I despise. Refreshed by the naps, break from the kids and the generosity of others, DH conjured up steaks and broccoli for me, an important, fortifying meal. I tend not to eat enough when I am sick and this is one meal that I can't resist!!

Tonight, a group of mom friends from home and I chatted online for over an hour, laughing with tears streaming down our faces. I miss them so, and am so thankful for the internet to sustain my connections with them.

Tomorrow, we will rest at home, hopefully our last sick day for a very, very long time.

I might feel good enough to sit at my machine again!!

Even in the chaos of sickness that swept through our home, I am so blessed. Blessed that it is short term and manageable, that none of it threatens to be anything more than a passing phase.

Four years ago this week we almost lost our daughter, and though I'm sad her 6th birthday was lost in this shuffle of the flu last week, I'm so so grateful that this is a temporary glitch, not the start of a 2 year battle. Did I ever tell you that my 6 year old is my hero?? She amazes me in so many ways!! Her feisty little brother isn't half bad either!!

February 2nd, 2015, 03:45 PM
What a lovely, lovely tale of healing. I'm so glad you're better!

February 2nd, 2015, 03:49 PM
Rockinlou, I don't think there is a parent alive (and honest) who wouldn't relate to your story of illness and meltdown. It happens or has happened to us all at times. I'm glad to got to the doctor and hope your pneumonia will soon resolve. And hey, a late birthday party can be a really cool fun time for kids. An unbirthday party.

February 2nd, 2015, 04:44 PM
Sounds like you are finally on the mend! Hope it continues!

February 2nd, 2015, 04:53 PM
Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you are all on the mend. It's so hard when mom is sick.

February 2nd, 2015, 05:48 PM
So glad you're feeling better :)

February 3rd, 2015, 02:52 AM
Glad to hear you are feeling better.

February 3rd, 2015, 03:14 AM
A heartwarming reflection of the 'struggle of a terribly trying week of illness' - the key being 'short term passing phase' . . thank heavens! Counting your blessings must be cathartic!

February 3rd, 2015, 03:51 AM
Rockin Lou will be Rockin again, maybe a bit slower for awhile but glad you and your family are doing better.

February 3rd, 2015, 12:37 PM
Nothing stinks as much as the whole family being sick at the same time,, been there done that!! As Midge says, every honest parent can relate. So glad this "passing phase" is passing..
Praying for continued & FAST healing. :)

February 3rd, 2015, 01:29 PM
so glad you are all on the mend...I'm sure as parents we've all been there. So sorry to hear you almost lost your daughter...that must have been terrifying! Our children surprise us so much with their resiliency...my son is my hero also..just because he's so much more emotionally stable than I am!

February 4th, 2015, 10:28 AM
You sweet post brought tears to my eyes because it is so full of gratitude. When we are so run down it is difficult to see the grace around us. I'm so glad your family is on the mend and your husband took such good care. Aren't they difficult and wonderful all at the same time?

And for those sub plans -- there is a reason teachers need immune systems of steel! Nothing is more difficult that trying to convey a quality lesson for someone else to teach! And I agree that the internet and the ability to talk with friends around the world all at once is the most amazing technology ever. My dear friend moved to New Zealand a couple of years ago and I would die without Skype or Hangouts!

I'm glad you feel better and that you feel the love you so deeply deserve.

February 4th, 2015, 02:12 PM
Lou, it is a blessing to have you with us. Oh yeah, I still dread even the cold season in my house. Nothing shortens tempers, fray nerves and wreaks havoc like a virus. Prayers for continued healing to you all. :icon_hug: