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August 31st, 2011, 06:47 AM

Happy Wednesday !

I am tickled to be sitting here this morning, sharing my first cup with y'all.

Rhonda, I am going to say again in this thread that I am proud of you for speaking up and thrilled you are getting a big fat raise. This has made my morning!
Miss Nancypants, I am very proud of how our country responded to the threat of Irene. Your state really took a big blow ~ I think like you, each state that Irene called on has such damage and the folks have been pulling together wonderfully. I can't believe all the damage I am seeing on the news. Love that quote, btw. I had no idea that Coolidge was from Vermont.

Much work to get done around the house today. I don't think sewing will be done. Plus, my Mom wants me to work in one of her little flower beds. I will check in later ~ love to sit down here and read good news, see lovely handiwork and giggle with my friends. If laughter is good medicine, then I should be eat up with good health! Smile ladies! You never know who needs one.

August 31st, 2011, 07:33 AM
Thanks Blondie. I am quite proud of myself. I just couldn't let this one go.Back to work today. Three more days and we will have a 3 days weekend. YAYYYYY!!!!! Happy dance.
Thinking about Barb this morning. Poor dear I recently had to go through this myself.My prayers are with her.
My DH is taking my Jeep to have new tires put on. I have been driving around on threads for weeks now.I will have to drive the old Kia. It has been wrecked and I hit a deer in it a couple of years ago. She be rough around the edges but she will get me to where I am going by golly.I told the bus driver not to be alarmed when I pull up in the morning.I could drive my DH truck but it is stick shift and I can drive it but I din't like it. I do drive it when we camp but if I have my druthers. I druther drive the Kia.
I better get ready for work. Yall have a wonderful Wednesday. Hugs

August 31st, 2011, 08:10 AM
Morning all! Rhonda, enjoy your first day of a richer woman! We're all so happy for you.

My van is at the dealer due to a recall. We went to pick it up yesterday evening and it wasn't finished. They gave us a rental, so today I get to run around in a brand new Chevy Impala. It's a nice little car! I don't even know what the recall was about, but at this point who cares? As long as I can get to where I need to get I'm happy.

I had a fun adventure yesterday. I went to one of my local quilt shops to start looking for fabric for the floral block swap, but the shop was still out of power. The shop "open" sign was out, so I had no idea. The owner was outside and handed me a large flashlight to shop with! That's a first for me. I didn't end up buying anything as it was just too hard to really see (the shop is in her basement and at best it's a dark area). I'll probably go back as she carries a lot of floral fabrics, but I think I'll wait for her power to come back on!

Well, I'm off to take my morning walk, and then to church for volunteer work. So you all have a great day!

August 31st, 2011, 08:39 AM
Hi All,

Blondie - Pres. Chester Arthur was also from our little state.

Rhonda & Martha - have fun playing musical cars today. Been there done that! But it's a good feeling when you get yours back with good tires and running well.

Our mechanic's business was flooded out and the ground washed away in front of his garages. Between friends and family they've got it all cleaned up (I'm amazed, I saw the pictures) and are openning today. I can't believe what they accomplished in2 days. My DH is so frustrated because he can't help because of his surgery last week. So instead he power washed our decks yesterday. They look good.

Have a great day. Like Blondie says, smile. It's contageous and you never know who needs one.

August 31st, 2011, 10:33 AM
Good morning all! Another gorgeous morning here in New Jersey. Thinking of Nancy and others still dealing with Irene. Just my little county here is facing almost ten million in damage from the storm, and we were very fortunate compared to Vermont.

Going to work until 3:30 then see DD off, she's back to college this afternoon. Will miss her, but admit it'll be nice to have a tidy house again. Paige is a messy person and leaves trails of belongings wherever she goes... hard on two neat freaks like Mike and I! But we'll miss her chatter and energy and am glad she's less than 2 hours away.

Have a lovely day, all!

August 31st, 2011, 11:14 AM
Good morning everyone.

Well can not believe that it is Wednesday already. Where did the beginning of the week go? I haven't done a heck of a lot these last few days. Our big fair starts tomorrow. I will be with the judges tomorrow and Friday morning I will be with the school kids as they get a tour. Friday night we are invited for supper at friends. My son and wife and the grandchildren arrive sometime Friday evening. WooHoo!! I get to see my baby. Can't wait.

I got my coordinating fabric for the block swap and I think I have decided on a block. So much to choose from. Mailed out the blocks for the Canadian block swap. No time for quilting this weekend.

Well back to cleaning. UGGGGGG!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Sandy Navas
August 31st, 2011, 12:18 PM
Good morning, everyone! Sure glad to see things are coming up roses where needed.

Feeling quite distracted this morning and not sure why. So, instead of rambling and making no sense I'm headed for the sewing room. Will say prayers for those in need and sending hugs to everyone.

Agnes' Momma called a bit ago to tell us that Agnes had gained a pound over the past week. She's finally deciding to grow a bit, we hope.

August 31st, 2011, 12:30 PM
Happy Morning to All!

Am glad everyone has survived the hurricane though property damage is horrendous. Prayers do work!

I've been working on my brother-in-law's throw that my sister asked me to make from his dad's shirts. His dad passed away almost a year ago. It's going well and though the colors that match are few it really looks like a guys quilt. I'll be tying it the old fashion way as I don't quilt and there's no time to send it to the quilters.

I'm grand-dog sitting one of my daughter's two dogs. The neighbor has workman out and Toby, the small rescue dog has been barking non-stop for 15 mins.!!! He will not stop, very territorial and it's strangers. He'll have a horse voice if he keeps going!

We're taking our nephew who lives with us out to dinner tonight for his birthday, #19. He's a joy to have around the house, is excited about life and all it's possibilities.

Hope everyone is well and will have a great day!

August 31st, 2011, 01:41 PM
Happy Wed. to all my quilting buddies! Tonight is craft night where a group of us get together and make stuff for our hospital Aux. fair in Nov. It is angels tonight. (thank you Granny Judy!!!)
Sandy, glad to hear that little Agnes is putting some meat on her bones! Hope the distraction improves. Sure it will, with sewing some. Enjoy your grandkids Monique. Aren't they wonderful??? Deb... I understand about leaving a trail behind! That is so common especially at that age. You go, Martha. Nothing stops us committed sewers!!! Rhonda, you sound chipper! Glad that the work situation has improved. As always, thank you Blondie for starting the thread and being so supportive.
Have a good day everyone.

August 31st, 2011, 01:45 PM
Sandy so happy to hear about baby Agnus.I Have been working out of town this past week...next week as well. With all our staff shortage I seem to be on the road way too much. Cooled down here so in the evenings I am up in my sewing room working on my heart quilt and doing a few of my fancy flower blocks to break things up. I should be cleaning like Monique...well I did vacum yesterday although you wouldn'yt know it if you saw the floor of my sewing room...lol
Have a great day all...big hugs!