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December 31st, 2014, 04:46 AM
Hubby watched that piece of cinematic garbage this afternoon. Ugh. I thought the first one was bad. This was worse.
To be perfectly honest, I have never seen either of them in their entirety, but I can say that about most movies. They certainly haven't captivated me enough to actually sit and watch!

I finished playing with the free-motion practice square. Not too bad, but I wish the darning foot would keep in constant contact with the fabric, or something. I am getting the bobbin thread pulling to the top even when I adjust the tension. The manual insists that there is a darning foot, so perhaps I'll try to track one down on the internet as the dealer says they couldn't get one.

I have three of the 5 hats cut out. I'm having to work through the directions as they are written rather randomly. I'll get it, but not tonight. I was not ready for bed until nearly 3AM and now I am paying for it. Not so much pep in my step tonight.

I'll leave it be for the night, lest I spend most of tomorrow frogging what I would sew tonight!
Sweet Dreams Night Owl friends!

December 31st, 2014, 05:00 AM
I've gotten distracted as usual. I was headed to bed an hour ago, but then I started with the googling about Dear Jane quilts. Now this was really silly to do since I have no intention in making one because I have far too much on my plate of half-cooked projects including one called Civil Wat Diary Quilts which is similar in that it has lots of small blocks.

The Civil War Diary Quilt: 121 Stories and The Quilt Blocks They Inspired: Rosemary Youngs: 9780873499958: Amazon.com: Books (http://www.amazon.com/The-Civil-War-Diary-Quilt/dp/0873499956)

I did one a couple of year ago as a block of the month called General Wives and they were fairly generous with their fabric each month so I have already started with what I'll need for the Diary Quilt. May in 5 years I'll be ready to start the Dear Jane. I certainly wish good luck to those that are starting that project.

Well I have an extra quilt on the bed as well as the electric blanket since it is currently a balmy -27 degrees outside. Yes, you heard that right - MINUS 27 Hope I can sleep


December 31st, 2014, 05:04 AM
Back again on the night time routine, was up in the middle of the night when away but so tired that I'd go right back to sleep again.

DH and I arrived home around noon today and we've been resting and eating very lightly all day. Have to get out food shopping tomorrow and also return some gifts that were damaged. Been reading the postings about traditional New Year's Day meals, we don't have any traditions but the pork and sauerkraut sounds good. Not a fan of meats in the crock pot as they do fall apart but the meat isn't tender so I think slow roasting pork with some sauerkraut underneath is the way I'll go.

Starting to put away Christmas stuff, started with our 'office'. Just went through Christmas card box and next I'll put the wrappings and gift labels away. Have a little tree with cute ornaments sitting on the window sill and guess that's next plus some vacuuming but they can wait until the morning - DH will jump out of bed if I start vacuuming at 3 am.


December 31st, 2014, 05:29 AM
how strange Shawnan, I was browsing through the Dear Jane history and all the baby Jane quilts today also. It is an interesting story, isn't it? One day I'd like to see the actual quilt; I'd really like to see the back of the quilt. It's wild that they only show the quilt a few weeks every year.

I also did some preliminary work on the layout for my 12 Sugar Block Club blocks. I had already decided to frame each block, twist it in a block, and finally sash them. That will make the quilt big enough for at least a double bed - or so I hope. I then picked out the colors for each of the frames and twisted blocks. It's gonna be a bright quilt.

Then I decided on my fabrics for a snow crystal quilt that I'll be making in an upcoming class on the 10th. I am actually coming to use fabrics from my stash! I've had this bunch of fat quarters for a few years now, and finally I'll use some of the set. I'm so happy. :D

December 31st, 2014, 05:52 AM
You mean the movie about MM's ancestors??? Here is a picture of his relatives....don't judge! We already do!!!!


These are some of his great, greats. His grandfather, whom I never knew, was very prejudiced against black people and from what I heard nobody ever knew why. Well, I guess this picture came to light after he died, and apparently his grandfather (they think it was him, could have been the grandmother) had a fling with one of their slaves. A few years ago, two of MM's cousins got their mom (MM's aunt) a DNA test kit for Christmas. She didn't need anything and they thought it would be fun. Turns outs MM's moms generation are 7% black, so MM is 3.5%, etc......I won't go further as to how he broke this news to me.

Anyway, I saw all the original Planet of the Apes movies, but none of the new ones.

I did get all 20 strip sets sewn today, some of them sub cut and 20 of my nine patches squared up and two rows of sashing sewn together. Maybe I will get the rest done tomorrow!

December 31st, 2014, 07:53 AM
I got an update from Amazon that my new machine is estimated to arrive on Monday, January 5th! They said February when I ordered it...I guess the elves worked overtime. It will be fun to start playing with it soon.

I was very pleased yesterday as the neightbors had their big pin oak cut down. Now my garden will get light again! :) The daylilies were leaning so much toward the sun. I think they will be a lot happier this year! :)

I baked two loaves of challah yesterday morning and we have plenty of leftovers to eat, so no cooking for me today! Wheeee! :D