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December 19th, 2014, 07:54 AM

Hello folksies!

No one needs to be reminded that by this time next week Christmas will be a memory. To add to other friends here about people coming to visit , I received a call yesterday from a cuz who is wanting to stop by with her parents on their way back to Florida. They would like to stay for about a week. My aunt is my Mom's baby sister. I am seriously thinking of saying, visit us a day and then drive on and stay with cousins in So. Carolina or Georgia. I know we will be having more "layovers" during the holidays. we are a mid way point for many in the family. Despite what many think, I am not the biggest party girl these days. oh heck, that isn't true. it depends on who is there to party with. I can drink coca cola and play cards or yahtzee for hours, laughing and carrying in a bowl of popcorn with the best. i don't think anyone will give me a drink for a long while after Thanksgiving.

THANK YOU ALL for such wonderful birthday greetings, messages, pm's and emails. My cup runneth over. I am saving up the big partying for the weekend, lol. I had plans to go to Mcdonalds for take out but changed my mind. and ate from Cook Out instead. Instead of a fried apple pie for my cake, I really was a bad bad girl and had a strawberry shake. that's okay because I shared it my Mom. She was waxing happily over my birth story last evening. Such fodder.

off to get ready for work. My work schedule is really spastic during the holidays and then goes Boom dead in January. So, must make hay while the sun shines.

Yak later kiddos. Blessings, prayers and hugs to each of you for making my days so filled with joy, smiles and in general goodness. You know how much I like to stay happy and smile, so thank you also for sharing that with me.


December 19th, 2014, 08:04 AM
Good morning Blondie. Have fun partying.

Dougie and I went shopping yesterday and I picked up the last of gifts. I bought hubby 6 different bottles of red wine to restock his cabinet. Of course he was home at the time and it was pretty hard to hide the box full of bottles. Oh well, he is not a child anymore anyway.

I got the quilt bound and sewed late into the night last night for hubby's cousin. I just thought I would finish it all for her, seeing as Christmas is coming.

What to do today. Hubby and his sister-in-law are going into the city today to finish up their shopping. I am not sure if today would be a good cleaning day with him gone or whether it will be a sewing day. I am kind of leaning towards cleaning.

Have a good weekend everyone.

December 19th, 2014, 08:11 AM

Good morning,

Hope today starts off better than yesterday :)

We have our annual Christmas lunch today and then get off work early. I told the receptionist yesterday that I have felt like the company's community organizer this week.

DH asked if we were going to the grocery early tomorrow morning....ummm...no, I'm going after work today. He is trying his best to get me to leave the house this week-end - I have tried to explain to him that I only have a few days and two quilts to get quilted and bound!!! My Christmas plans got changed so I have 2 less days to get the quilts finished up. I also told him the stores are going to be crazy this week-end and that if he needs to go somewhere, he'll have to go by himself.

Well I need to get ready for work...have a wonderful day! Prayers and hugs

December 19th, 2014, 08:25 AM
Good morning everyone.

The best laid plans of mice and men.....the plan was to spend the day at home, wrapping gifts......not gonna happen.

Got a call that my help was needed at church with our backpack program. Every weekend we pack and send bags of food home with 40 needy children from 4 different local schools. This week we are also sending beautifuly crafted wooden toys, donated by a local Wookworking Guild. I spent Wednesday afternoon getting all those gifts wrapped, labeled and sorted by school. So now this am I'm going to help with the packing of the food bags, and delivering everything.

Then - realized late last night that today is the birthday of a dear dear friend who is suffering with Alzheimers. So - DH is making a peach kuchen and I'm going out (after I'm finished at church) to get her a little gift and will spend a couple of hours with her this afternoon.

So the wrapping will happen tomorrow - hopefully!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

Simply Quilting
December 19th, 2014, 08:28 AM
Good Morning!!! I didn't feel real great yesterday (I slept for most of the day) but am feeling much better now. I did get a jelly roll quilt top together last night so something was achieved for the day. As far as the Christmas gifts go - the teacher gifts are done and the quilts are at the quilter and I have to go get more fabric for binding on two of the three quilts. I'm looking at the weather forecast and debating about which day to go as there is snow in the forecast. Sometime I do need to get back to the city to finish up the Christmas list. Not that there is a ton of shopping left, just what I need is not found locally and it was not worth the hassle of ordering on-line. I think that I might take in my Kenmore sewing machine and have it serviced while I'm in the city. I had looked into getting the children a sewing machine for them since they are always wanting to sew while I'm sewing. However, after Wednesday dental visit and finding out both dh and I have to have a root canals and some other dental work, the sewing machine idea is on hold.

Not sure what the game plan is for the day. Possibly a nap since I made the mistake of taking Excedrin Migraine too late in the evening so I've been wide awake all night. I have made it a productive night and worked on figuring out a quilt pattern and fabric.

Hugs and prayers to those who need them.

Have a great day everyone :)

December 19th, 2014, 08:37 AM
When I logged in this morning, one of my pictures (an in-progress shot of the Underground Railroad Sampler bed runner) was in the random pictures at the top of the main forum page. Good way to start the day.

Today I have a meeting with my new boss to approve the wording of a work contract for some greenhouse renovations, then I am helping a client who is being evicted because of a restructuring to move some trees to a residential greenhouse in Falls Church, VA. I've been up since about 1:30 AM and I suspect it is going to be a long day full of hard work but at least it is Friday.

I hope everyone has a great day!

December 19th, 2014, 08:53 AM

I will be off early this morning to see our attorney. I'm sure sick and tired of problems at the apartments.

Our snow from yesterday is almost gone but it's raining right now and it's cold enough to freeze...yuk. I guess I shouldn't complain, after all it's a Missouri winter.

I need to clean house today. The last time I planned to clean it didn't happen. We have to go to a viewing this evening quite a way from home, so we will leave early and get home late.

I hope everyone is winding up their shopping and baking. I want to make Jeff his favorite peanut clusters today if all goes well.

Have a blessed day everyone...

December 19th, 2014, 09:14 AM
We all are busy bees this week before Christmas with shopping, cooking, visiting and poor Ryan moving trees. I'm going to try to make up batches of different cookies to bake on Sunday, empty the dryer and wrap gifts. I say try because like many others something always pops up to make me change plans. I told someone yesterday if it wasn't bought, baked or wrapped by Sunday I say forgettaboutit!

Oh, Blondie, What to do about relatives who inform you that they plan to visit for a week?

Got quite a few small gifts yesterday at Target but nothing for myself, was looking for a new Christmas top or sweatshirt. Drove myself around the big store in one of their carts and had a few bumps - the aisles are so jam packed that I would get trapped in them and had to back my way out, no worry nothing broken or anyone hit.

Made a new to us soup last night, chicken with beans and spinach, and it's a keeper. No rice or macaroni in it but you don't drain the beans so their liquid thickens the soup. Also has a few minced garlic cloves in it that made it extra tasty especially with a sprinkle of grated Italian cheese and some warm Italian bread for dunking. Hit the spot with DH as he wasn't feeling good. He'll finish the rest today for lunch and I'll make some leftover broccoli into a bowl of soup for myself. Have a leftover breaded chicken breast that I'll slice for a sandwich for DH and I to share. Trying to clear the fridge of leftovers to make way for fresh veggies and the cookie doughs I hope to make today.

December 19th, 2014, 09:30 AM
Good Friday Morning!

Geez, where does the time go? I still have some Christmas shopping to get done today after working til noon. Then off to check on Mom and see how she is doing before Christmas. Curt's sister and family will get here from Canada sometime tomorrow so I'd better get everything done today. His other sister is coming in "sometime before Christmas" so not sure when they will show up but we'll be ready never the less. They are all staying until after Christmas so it will be busy.

Hugs, smiles and Christmas cheer to all!


December 19th, 2014, 09:40 AM
Good morning! Sounds like everyone has plenty to keep them busy busy!! Enjoy your day!!

December 19th, 2014, 09:43 AM
Mornin' all -
Felt like I accomplished something yesterday; really made a dent in organizing my living room - started sorting homeschool books and things. It's about time, since my daughter graduated in 2013 (and her last year of high school was spent at comm. college - so I really have no excuse...) My living room is actually nice enough for Christmas morning now - I'll take a pic of the tree later :) Still much sorting to do, as there are high school and college texts begging to be sold, but I'll jump on that in the first week of January, right before the new semester starts and all the college kids are looking for a 'bahgin' (as we would say in Boston). I did get my chemistry supplies up on Craigslist, so that's something done :)
Plans are still somewhat up in the air for Christmas eve - we may go to see my folks and take them out to dinner (I'd better check and see what will be open!) - we'll see.
Hubby has been asking me what I would like for Christmas - the good thing is that I don't NEED anything, and I am frugal at heart - so I don't like to spend money just to spend it. I think we've decided that he will put some money in my account (sounds so unromantic - I know, but it's how we roll) so that when I find a deal on a singer featherweight or a coverstitch machine, I can jump on it. That way, I don't have to rush and buy something 'now' just because it seems good - I'd rather take my time and enjoy the hunt! I did bid on a featherweight on ebay a few days ago, but someone was willing to pay just a bit more than I was ;) Mine is somewhere out there -
Hope everyone has a fabulous day - stay safe and enjoy this Christmas season :)

December 19th, 2014, 10:17 AM
When I get off work today I am off for the next two weeks. I have already informed both of my children that I will not be a babysitter during this time. I have told them that this is my time. My oldest grandson told me that he was going to be with me the two weeks and I told him that that was not going to happen. I hope to get some major sewing done while I am home alone. I have to get the pillow cases done to go with the quilts that I am giving the boys for Christmas. Then I'm going to be working on things that I need for April.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Jean Sewing Machine
December 19th, 2014, 10:34 AM
Good morning, all! One of these days I'll get those gifts wrapped! I have at least one more quilt project to finish, an Irish chain with matching pillow shams and dust ruffle for my sister's day bed. I think she is still covering her daybed with comforter and shams from the 80s, hey girl, time for a change! I have the quilt half quilted, hope to finish at least the quilting this morning. This afternoon, my daughter and kids and I are going to a nearby town that has Christkindlmarkts in the town square. We saw the booths last year while in Europe in November, but we were there several days before they opened so we missed them. I'm hoping this will be an authentic experience. The town we are visiting was settled by German immigrants 200 years ago, hoping to recreate the traditional German tradition.

Have a great day!

Amy R
December 19th, 2014, 11:24 AM
morning everyone!!!
Parents came in safely and soundly last evening. It was so nice to see them. We ate chinese food heartily and caught up on all the new stuff. It was fun to show mom the new fabrics I received from various sources, and show her which ones and the pattern I'm using to make my friend's little one a quilt- Her son is a week older than Sophie so we can commiserate together on the tortures their terrible two actions are wreaking upon us LOL.
She is expecting a second, was told was a girl, now confirmed another boy. She is really disappointed as she wanted a princess and as she stated to have what sophie and I have together. I know she'll love her little boy just the same. I'm going to make the baby a quilt too, but #1's comes first.
Not sure what today's adventure will bring. I need to get to the grocery store to stock up for the next week's food list and special yummies for Christmas. I know homemade pierogies are high on that list. Dad mentioned his mom used to make blueberry ones which I know soph will like. Not sure about this girl here :D

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the climb to the holiday. Try not to stress out too much.

Prayers hugs and happy thoughts to all

p.s. almost forgot to add..... sophie made it all night with big girl undies on, no diaper no accident!!!! Woke up to go potty then went back to sleep.!! This may be "it"!!!!

Sandy Navas
December 19th, 2014, 11:30 AM
Wish I was going to be with Jean today - sounds like so much fun. I, too, am hoping it is an authentic experience.

I sewed all day yesterday. Finished the top of the Sam I Am quilt, and then another top using the left overs from my Aunt Clara's quilt. Then started the Layer Cake/Jelly Roll quilt using Lexington JR and 'I can't remember the name' LC. I'm going to love the way this one comes together.

Nothing exciting going on - no visitors, no preparations, no cleaning, no baking, no laundry . . .

Carrie J
December 19th, 2014, 12:01 PM
Good Morning All!

Not much going on here, some FMQ, and cleaning. The latter may suffer a tad due to the FMQ ;). Otherwise, off to another dark and dismal sky, but that's ok, I think I"m getting used to it - hah! Christmas party tonight with the girls and then home. Hope everyone has a great Friday, Hugs and blessing to all, especially those that need them!

December 19th, 2014, 12:13 PM
Hey there... I guess I'm a B----... because we have reached the point,, where anyone visiting needs to stay at the nearest "hotel/motel"... even my own Sis... we are just such homebodies, and spoiled.. we are set in our ways...:(.. We go to visit friends in NH each year,,, we are 4 couples.. friends since HS... all stayed in the "cottage" , or their home,,we did it ONCE!!!...
from that point on,, thank God we have enough to stay an overnight in the little motel down the street... LOL

December 19th, 2014, 12:14 PM
My Christmas with extended family starts this weekend. I will work today & shop when I get off, then home to cook for tomorrow. I hope to get the shopping done for the most part today but what I am really looking forward to is a trip to the fabric store. I have decided to make the M* spool quilt for my sewing room. Wonder if I can get some cutting/sewing in between cooking??

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! Prayers & warm thoughts for you all, need it or not!!

December 19th, 2014, 12:15 PM
Your really cranking things out!!! Stay cool GF.... I'm posting a picture of my Cardinal quilt soon:)
Wish I was going to be with Jean today - sounds like so much fun. I, too, am hoping it is an authentic experience.

I sewed all day yesterday. Finished the top of the Sam I Am quilt, and then another top using the left overs from my Aunt Clara's quilt. Then started the Layer Cake/Jelly Roll quilt using Lexington JR and 'I can't remember the name' LC. I'm going to love the way this one comes together.

Nothing exciting going on - no visitors, no preparations, no cleaning, no baking, no laundry . . .

December 19th, 2014, 02:18 PM
Good morning or afternoon depending on your time zone...I've done some housework and laundry and I'm going out to the studio this afternoon to work on the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. That's my exciting day so far! :)

Happy Friday!

December 19th, 2014, 03:23 PM
Well, after the bus came early, and I had to run the kid to school, she left a half-full cup of chocolate milk in the cup holder of the car seat. As I pulled out of the parking lot, the cup tumped over and filled the car cup holder with chocolate milk. Along with spraying several other surfaces. Lovely. I hadn't really intended to detail the back of the car this morning. Ugh.

I have half a day to myself and then I have the hubby and daughter home for most of the next two weeks. Happiness and joy! It will be fine for the first few days and then it will be lucky if I can keep my sanity until school starts.

I had better get to getting!
Hugs & smiles to you ! C

December 19th, 2014, 10:39 PM
Good evening. Now I am off work for two whole weeks! Yay! Work is a monumental drag lately. Glad to be out of there. Party tomorrow night; DH's work buddies - boring as all get out for me, but he does stuff with me that bores him to tears so I will go. We have an annual New Years Eve Progressive Dinner with some neighbors. I got the main course this year. It is the "Year of the Stick" somehow, so I am going to make fondue. Each couple gives a little gift, so I am making some mug rugs. I am so looking forward to having downtime and just be quiet. Peace and quiet. Loverly. Sigh.

Ginny B
December 20th, 2014, 01:10 AM
It's been one heck of a week both at work and in holiday prep. And then today BOTH of our copiers/scanners were broken (actually, one still is and the other is minimally functioning). If something really needed to be scanned or copied we had to trek two buildings over. It was very frustrating since we are all trying to get our end-of year things done and files finalized.

But I did get my Christmas shopping pretty much finished between last night and this morning before work. We finally got our tree decorated tonight too! I was enjoying it just the way it was but I must admit, it looks really nice with the lights and decorations on it.

Tomorrow will be spent with some wrapping, cleaning, sewing, decorating, then repeat. Oh, and I need to fit in baking some cookies somewhere. But it's all good.

Tonight I'm going to go watch some tutorials and then get a good nights sleep.

Sleep tight everyone. See you in the morning.