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December 17th, 2014, 03:49 AM
I'm high on gingerbread fumes!

It was Mom's great idea to make all of these cookies. We just didn't have time to make the dough AND get them all baked yesterday. Day two of cookie baking and I'm STILL NOT DONE! I have 2/3 of batch of gingerbread and 1/4 of sugar cookies.
The sugar cookies are all melty at room temperature. Apparently, butter is a bit different now that it was 50 years ago when Betty wrote the cookbook that Mom insisted had the right recipe in it. (I was doing something wrong, or had written it down incorrectly, as they still turned out for her sister.) Well they melted on Mom this time! (HA!) I called her sister and made her confess. She's using butter flavor Crisco in place of the butter. (Double HA!)

One of you offered to help with the cookie overflow. That won't be necessary. I can't keep my husband out of them. I finally had to threaten to put up a hot wire fence if he didn't stop eating the cookies for Emily's teachers!

I haven't gotten to sew at all the last two days and I need to get back to the quilts!

Have any of you ever been suckered in to projects like this? Sounds good, and then you get left holding the bag, or in this case the cookie sheets!

December 17th, 2014, 04:05 AM
Still have no tree up....no cookies baked....no fudge cooked. Oh, no presents wrapped either!

December 17th, 2014, 04:32 AM
Before I hit the sack, thought I'd just say I was feeling just awful cause I don't have our tree up, no cookies baked, no presents bought or wrapped - the quilts are the presents; And here I'm not alone! Welll, my DD is picking up presents for the girls for me, I'll just have to wrap them and everyone over 18 is getting $$$ in a card. So I'm making good progress on the quilts, have 2 finished - just need to get labels on them and tomorrow I hope to bind the last 2. I'm feeling pretty good in the quilt making Dept!!! Oh yes, and today I used my new 'Stripology' ruler to cut binding for 2 quilts - and this ruler is a real keeper, worked like a charm! So, g'nite all!! :icon_sleep:

December 17th, 2014, 04:34 AM
As one of the cookies wanted only egg yolks, I had a brief flight of fancy that I might make a batch of divinity.


I can't even get through the danged cookie dough! There is no way I'll get candy done too!

The tree is still on the front porch. It is a live one (in the pot kind), so I can only be inside for a few days.
The other (non-quilt) gifts have arrived, but they need wrapping and some need shipping.
The cookies might have been done, IF I wasn't making double of all of them to split with Mom.

I did go get a hair cut today. My stylist also includes a scalp and neck massage. I needed that almost as bad as the haircut! She is one of my "thankful' things this year. I'm very thankful I found her and gave her a try. It's a little bit more than I'd pay at the "Cheap Cuts" place, but she does so much better with my hair and well, the massage just sealed it!

December 17th, 2014, 04:59 AM
She's the one out by the cement block place, right? It might be worth it for me to drive out there! Will I need an appointment?

December 17th, 2014, 06:50 AM
I too am glad to see I am not the only one who will be making a mad dash to finish getting the holidays in full swing. All purchased gifts for the little kids are here and awaiting the arrival of the present wrapping elf (there is one of those, right?).

December 17th, 2014, 07:04 AM
Well I confess our tree is up and most gifts bought but not wrapped, have to add I'm not making any quilts as gifts this year. Baking is another thing, given the pumpkin cranberry breads I've baked during the past 2 weeks as gifts or we ate them. Sending a package to DGD and family who live in CA and instead of the usual box of cookies included with their gifts there will be a small box of chocolates. Plan to bake cookies this weekend because like Cathy's DH mine will be helping himself to them before I make up my gift boxes.

Glad Cathy started the thread tonight because I've had a strange night as I think my Christmas preparations have done me in. Did usual household stuff yesterday morning, big food shopping in afternoon and after everything was put away decided to sit on couch with a cup of tea and read. That was about 4:30, woke up with a start at 7:30 and asked DH if we had had dinner, No but he had found some hot dogs in fridge and ate them so I went back to sleep until about 4:30 this morning. Sometime during the night I remember making myself a pb sandwich and also must have made a few potty trips but that's it. Going to pace myself better the next few days as 2 days after Christmas is my DGD C's bridal shower and her out of town wedding is 2 days after.

5am and I'm up for the day so maybe I have time to make DGD in CA cookies afterall. They can cool while I wrap the gifts and fill up the gift box. On 2nd thought maybe not as doing stuff like that is what wore me out in the first place.

December 17th, 2014, 07:43 AM
Got a homemade border template traced onto a baby quilt and am hand sewing it. I'm finally using the giant embroidery hoop I bought at Jo-Ann's. Had a moment of panic when I couldn't find my needle but it was on the table. I'm going to have to make myself a teacup pincushion and use it.

December 17th, 2014, 01:37 PM
You are doing fine Cathy, this is the time of season where we all lose our minds. I put our little tree up and plugged it in, all done. We wrapped the couple of presents we have and that is done. Off to do the Costco crawl this morning for the last time, anything we forget will be forgotten for the holidays no matter what. I guess my offer to pay for postage for the cookies will not work, so I will buy my husband more of those Mint Fudge cookies at Costco and call it good. I have to make some pumpkin bars when my son is here next week, but other than that, done. Finishing my Bargello quilt, but will not be going anywhere -- except on our wall , so no hurry. Hair cut, now that is something else that I will get done AFTER the holidays, not going anywhere to scare anyone, so not worried at this point. Remember to breath in and then out and continue, life will work its way out.

December 17th, 2014, 02:09 PM
Pat, Teagan now works two days at Studio Six in the UpTown shopping complex in Gig Harbor. That will save you about 30 minutes of drive time! If you want to come to her little salon in the woods, it's out Hwy 302 on your way to Allyn/Belfair. It's tucked in right behind the Drive Thru Feed store. She is truly a sweetie, AND she does a great job with my curly/wavy hair. I'll get her schedule and PM you with it.

OK May, You have me a bit worried. How about you take it easy the next few days? I am sure that your family will be thrilled to receive their gift box whenever it arrives. They would probably be very upset with you for running yourself into the ground just to get it finished and shipped.

Kim, A homemade border template? Boy aren't you adventurous? I am sure it will be fabulous! A pincushion is probably a good idea. I don't keep pins in mine, but my hand-sewing needles love to live there!

I'm going to get those blasted cookies done today! Since hubby's not home Whippitmom, I may be able to squirrel away a dozen gingerbread men. Maybe....